We finally played Spankardy on Saturday night. Mrs. Lion wrote about it in her post yesterday. I ended up getting 34 swats at the end of the game. Mrs. Lion used her conveyor belt paddle to administer them. It wasn’t bad at all. I guess my hide is toughening up from disciplinary spankings. I admit that during the game I was a bit worried about paying the price. The NFL game swats were quite painful. One way or another I am sure that Mrs. Lion will make Spankardy swats more memorable.

Saturday was a canning day. We made two batches of blueberry jam and a double batch of bread and butter pickles. We had a lot of cucumbers left over so we made another double batch of bread and butter pickles on Sunday. Now we have enough for Christmas presents as well as for our own consumption.

This is uncharacteristically domestic behavior for us. The last time we made jam was over a decade ago. Back then, we also tried canning apricots. That didn’t work out very well and a couple of dozen jars ended up in the trash when we moved. This year we have been much more successful. Our blueberry and raspberry jam is too good to share. The pickles are fine too. Still, I doubt this is the beginning of a trend. We are not domesticated, just hungry.

I wasn’t interested in sex on Saturday night. I’m not sure why. When this happens I always worry that maybe I’m losing interest for good. Mrs. Lion’s loss of interest spooked me. If she can lose interest, so can I. That would be sad and make our blog a lot less interesting. I have limited tolerance for homemaker discussions.

The reprint of my Evotion Orion male chastity device is shipping out on Tuesday. If Donald Trump’s postal service isn’t too screwed up, I might get it next week. Mrs. Lion let me know that I will be going back into it as soon as we get it. She wants to continue testing her theory that I am much more interested in sex if I am kept in a male chastity device. Before the dog chewed up my pink Evotion, it looked like she might be on to something. I’m not sure. It could be the novelty of being back in a chastity device that is turning me on. I will have to wear it for more than a month before we can get a real idea of whether it works as Mrs. Lion thinks.

There is logic to her thinking. I like bondage and a male chastity device locked on my penis certainly counts. So far I really look forward to being locked up again. We will have to see if I stay that interested. It doesn’t really matter if I want to be locked up or not. That is completely up to Mrs. Lion. In the recent past, she has let me decide, within reason, if I come out or not. Lioness 3.0 may not be so willing to do as I wish.

That brings up a new question: Will being “forced” to stay locked in a chastity device after I ask to get out charge my sexual battery? It very well might. I like feeling Mrs. Lion’s control. This is another experimental parameter for her to explore. Meanwhile, I can look forward to some long-term lockup.

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