Get Hard Or Else

In her post yesterday, “Communicate Or Be Spanked“, Mrs. Lion made it clear that when she wants me hard and interested in an orgasm, I better be or face a spanking. She did write that she would accept a good reason for not wanting sex, she would have to decide on just what would be acceptable. She also said that she didn’t want to be unfair and would not require me hard and panting too soon after she had gotten me to ejaculate.

I suppose this is a logical extension of male chastity. If you consider that orgasm control not only includes preventing orgasms unless authorized, it also should include producing orgasms when expected or at least produce an erection. In the past, Mrs. Lion has been more than happy to put off sexual activity if I didn’t feel like it. I haven’t felt like it for the last few days. Okay, I get it.

This isn’t any different than me being very horny and bugging Mrs. Lion to get me off. It’s probably just as aggravating for me to pass up on the sexual activity. I know that Mrs. Lion isn’t saying that she expects me to ejaculate or get spanked. She is very happy teasing me and putting off ejaculation. Apparently, she is not that happy about this lack of interest in any sexual activity.

It may be that a corrective spanking will revive my interest in sex. She may have thought of that when she wrote her post. We both have come to realize that more frequent disciplinary spankings do us both good. I guess failing to become erect after reasonable stimulation makes sense as a new rule. A hard penis automatically cancels any objections I may have made about not being interested. My penis is the ultimate “interest meter”. Since I am always naked at home, she can check the meter anytime she wants.

I guess that since the normal male sexual state is horny, the concept of using orgasm control to insist on arousal hasn’t come up in the past. I admit it. I would’ve never thought of this. I think it’s a good idea. I also think that we both have a very good sense of when, after an orgasm, I can reasonably be expected to get turned on. This is currently the second day after I come. So, if I ejaculate on Wednesday I should be ready to be aroused on Friday.

From my point of view, it would be a good idea to establish some parameters. For one thing, it’s exciting to have this sort of rule. For another, it keeps both of us honest in terms of what is expected and what will happen if I don’t meet that expectation. I also think it is fair to require me to be able to get aroused when Mrs. Lion wishes on any day after that second day. Exceptions could be made for illness. I think it’s important to my mental health to make that the only acceptable excuse.

There are two possible outcomes from establishing this new rule: The first is that I will be much more actively interested in producing erections for Mrs. Lion. I will understand that there are no excuses because it’s late, etc. The second is that I will probably end up getting more frequent spankings. This is also good because we both agree that I need much more regular discipline. I wrote about this in my post, “Much More Than A Spanking“.

If Mrs. Lion spanks me immediately after deciding I wasn’t being responsive enough, it will set up an association for me. Also, if after spanking me she tries again, it should become interesting. If I can’t get hard after I am punished, does that mean I need to be punished again right then and there? Or, does it mean that I get a pass for the night? Mrs. Lion may have to experiment to decide which is better.

Meanwhile, her thinking moves us in a new direction. She is demanding proper “performance” sexually as well as behaviorally. This could be interesting.