One of the most frequently asked questions about male chastity is whether the penis can shrink from being locked in a chastity device? The simple answer is that it probably won’t. That doesn’t mean your penis stays as proud and tall as it did when you were twenty. It won’t.

Time is the enemy. As we age, our bodies change. One unfortunate change is that erections lose stiffness. Penis shrinkage isn’t so much a change in the physical structure of your cock. It’s less blood flow filling the spongy tissue that makes a penis stand tall.

There are other factors. Smoking and obesity also strongly impact erections. Both change the hormone balance that controls getting stiffies. I’ve read that being fat reduces testosterone levels, making the penis lose some stiffness.

Even if you hit the gym and live a clean, tobacco-free life, you will still lose stiffness with age. None of these factors include wearing a male chastity device. As far as I can tell, there have been no studies on the effects of long-term wear of erection-suppressing hardware. Lots of bloggers have theories that boil down to “use it or lose it.” There is absolutely no hard evidence that is true.

Common sense dictates that periodic erections do let the ol’ weenie stretch. It can’t hurt to let it grow hard every so often. Bear in mind, no evidence staying caged will damage your ability to get it up when needed.

Mrs. Lion has made it a habit of unlocking me every other day for exercise. She teases me to the edge a few times and then locks me back up. She does this to keep me horny. It also gives the weenie a chance to stretch.

I’ve noticed a loss of stiffness over the years. When Mrs. Lion gets me very aroused, the stiffness increases (along with the length). Boner pills, like generic Cialis or Viagra, help a lot. has coupons for these drugs that make them very affordable. You need a prescription, so consult your doctor. Stay away from the so-called “natural” boner pills. They are untested and potentially dangerous.

I take 20mg generic Cialis and get absolutely great results. I may have lost a little stiffness and length, but the fun remains the same.

We started out last night with snuggling. I asked Lion if he wanted to do anything and he said he could go either way, but snuggling would be nice. I started out on top of the blankets because I was warm. He was under the blankets because he was cold. That’s not exactly conducive to snuggling. After a while I decided the compromise was for me to pull back the blankets on my side and snuggle under his side. Eventually I enticed him out with promise of oral fun.

For whatever reason, Lion has gone back to his old ways of not being very excited (at least from my point of view). If you recall, he was very horny and excitable before his recent orgasm. We thought something had snapped him out of his long lead up to becoming horny. I guess last time was just a fluke.

It’s not that he’s not horny. His mind may say he’s horny. His body may say he’s horny, but somehow the message doesn’t get to my weenie. He’s slow to respond. I don’t need him to respond quicker. I’m certainly not timing him. I just wonder what happened last time. The only issue I have with his taking longer is that my shoulders hurt last night and I had to stop. Clearly that’s my problem and not his. Well, it’s his in that he didn’t get to the edge and he was having fun. I think, in addition to snuggling, we might need to use the rope or some clothespins. These “marital aids” might get him more excited right off the bat. [Lion comments — A paddle works too :)]

When he was super horny last time, I was wondering if jumping right into oral attention would cause a problem. I didn’t want him to think I was rushing him as he’s thought when I jumped right into playing with him other times. I guess there was no reason to worry then. Now I think we do need a bigger buildup. His mind might be willing but we need to take our time so his body gets caught up. I just don’t want to be accused of rushing him if I start out by tying up his balls. We’ll get there when we get there. I have no time limit. My only goal is to get him to the edge and as frustrated as possible before my shoulders give out. I’ll take some preemptive Tylenol to help the fight.

Lion got his punishment spanking yesterday afternoon and then he got his haircut. I didn’t shave his head. I was just as careful this time as I was last time and he said it looked good. Excellent answer. I mowed the lawn for the last time this year. I was tired afterward but managed to do everything I needed to do, except for the last load of laundry. I can’t figure out how I could start the laundry in the morning and still have the last load sitting in there at 10 pm. In my defense, we started watching the Apple TV series Brave New World and I snoozed a bit so I think that threw my day off.

It was around 9 when I asked Lion if he wanted some attention. He’d hinted at it while we were eating dinner. He doesn’t usually turn down attention anyway. He took a little bit to get hard, but I didn’t think anything of it. I looked for my rope to tie his balls up before we started. I thought maybe he was taking longer because we don’t play before I suck him. He didn’t need it for the most part, but just before his orgasm, it was taking him longer.

Eventually (it was less than five minutes), Lion got hard and we were rolling along when he seemed to lose it. No problem. I can usually entice him into getting hard again. Then he said he thought he was done. He didn’t know why. I said it was only two days after his orgasm. He said he thought it was the big dinner we’d eaten. It could also be that he needs some playtime. I’ll have to look for the rope again. I was sore from mowing the lawn so I didn’t do an exhaustive search. I will tonight.

Lion will either get his balls tied up or I’ll bring out the clothespins. Maybe we need to bring out the Box o’ Fun again. But then he might get something evil. I predict he will opt for the rope.

We didn’t play Spankardy last night. Lion had been snoozing during Wheel of Fortune and I told him I could give him a play spanking any time he liked. We didn’t even wind up doing a spanking. It wasn’t necessary. After I’d gotten him a little excited I moved down to lick him and then asked if he wanted some real oral action. That’s always a silly question.

I wasn’t sure if he’d get to the edge or not, but I figured it was worth a try. I’ve missed sucking him. He’s missed it too. He was hard almost immediately. I got him pretty close if not to the edge. I could feel the sore spot as I sucked him. I guess it’s a scar now. Lion says it doesn’t hurt which is good. I would have sucked him longer but my sinuses felt like they were trying to drown me. As it was, I thought it was a very good first try in a long time. And now we know he will get excited even if he doesn’t think he’s in the mood.

Tonight, I’ll make sure I can suck him longer. Maybe we’ll even give a play spanking a go. Barring that, maybe I’ll bring out the rope or clothespins. I have many toys at my disposal to help get him super excited. It sounds like we can get back on track again. Lion will be frustrated in no time. Then it’s just a matter of keeping him frustrated until I decide it’s time for his orgasm. Now the question is whether I should start the clock from last night or back when he had his orgasm. This is absolutely an instance when he didn’t care about waiting for the first week or so. Since he hasn’t suffered yet, does it really count?

I guess I can answer right away. It absolutely doesn’t matter how long he’s been frustrated or even how long he’s been waiting. I just have to make sure he waits long enough and I get to determine that. If I say he’s waited long enough, I can give him an orgasm tonight. Spoiler alert: he hasn’t waited long enough. I will say that, when I decided he should have a short wait thrown in, I hadn’t foreseen his not caring about any sexual contact at all. With that monkey wrench thrown in, I don’t see how it could possibly be a short wait. It will take time to build him up to the level of frustration I require. Nope. He’s in for the long haul again. It may not be 20 days, but it won’t be 4 either. [Lion comments — Today is day 9, FYI in case you wanted to know.]