My fully aroused Edex erection. Click image to view full size.

I always assumed that an erection is the normal expression of being horny. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Before ED got serious, even when locked in a male chastity device, I would still try to get hard when I had horny thoughts. Mrs. Lion could always gauge how desperate I was by observing how quickly she could get me hard. That’s not true anymore.

For whatever reason, I have trouble producing an erection, and my interest in sex hasn’t diminished. The normal rules of male sexuality have changed for me. For example, Edex produces an erection every time. Whether or not I’m sexually aroused has nothing to do with its effectiveness. I think an Edex erection sans arousal is about 80 percent as hard as a fully aroused one.

I remember that a female top who used a similar injection before doing CBT mentioned that to me. Now I understand it. That 80 percent erection feels a bit odd to me. It’s flexible enough to bend a little but hurts if I try to bend it back against my stomach. A full erection doesn’t hurt if I do the same thing but resists the attempt to flatten it. I guess that the extra blood in my penis changes how it bends. The 80-percent erection is most comfortable, pointing down between my legs.

That unaroused erection is still functional. It’s hard enough to successfully insert into a hungry orifice. I suspect that I could get more inflation with a stronger dose of Edex. Right now, I’m injecting 50 percent of the solution. If I increase the dose, the unaroused boner would probably be harder and last longer. Since the current dose p; produces a two-hour boner, there is room to increase the dose. I’m just not sure why I would try.

If Mrs. Lion had an interest in using my post-ejaculation penis, it might make sense to add more boner juice. Since she doesn’t seem to want to go beyond some pre-ejaculation CBT, changing the dose makes no sense. The combination of Edex and my arousal produces a great erection. It’s every bit as hard as it was when I was in my twenties. It feels great.

It’s taken us a while to figure out the right drug and dose to get me to this point. Now, we’re learning to use and abuse my newly renovated erection. I’m very happy we both decided to take the time to fix it.

I finally waxed Lion last night. We got caught up with setting up the new sound bar and I thought it was a bit too late to do it on Monday. Since he’s lost weight, he can get up and maneuver around on the massage table much easier. He asked if there was less of him to wax. I know he has a smaller tummy, but I didn’t notice a change in the area to be waxed. It might have been because the hair was longer since we waited long between waxing, and I was concentrating on that.

When he was done with his shower, we tried another boner shot. I’ve been helping him find a good location for the shot. Well, I should say I’ve been helping him find a location. Last night it was not a good location. He says it was too close to the head. Maybe he should select the location from now on and I’ll be in charge of missing any veins. He didn’t get hard and told me I was holding him too hard. I was barely touching him, so it could have been the injection site causing the problem. We can try again tonight.

That was my oopsy. His oopsy was forgetting to send me an email this morning. Of course, I didn’t look until after noon, but that means he was super late. He was busy trying to get this site fixed. I could be nice and forgive him, but I think he should abide by his rules unless there’s a good reason for not doing so. It’s not like he was sick.

I should strap him onto the spanking bench before his shower so he’ll have some time before the boner injection. I don’t want to cut it too close. I’d say we can wait until after dinner for the shot, but he tends to take an after-dinner snooze, and then we never make it to sexy time.

Assuming we hit the right spot and the boner shot works, this may be the last test before I do some BDSM with him. Up to this time, I’ve been concerned with how long the boner will last and whether there would be time to torture him. The other concern was whether he’d ever have another orgasm. I think torture will only enhance his ability to orgasm.

It took me about an hour to run my errands last night after work. Lion was on the bed waiting when I got home. I asked if he was going to do a boner shot and he said he thought we could try without it first. I was game.

The other night, when I snuggled close to him, I didn’t dive right in for my weenie. I rubbed his chest and stomach. I pinched his boobies. I let my hand wander oh-so-close, but I didn’t touch it. I did the same thing last night. By the time I got around to his balls, my weenie was almost at attention. Nice!

I hadn’t planned on spanking him if he did a boner shot. If he didn’t need one, I still wasn’t going to spank him. I did, however, swat his balls a little. Well, I told him he’d be spanked every day. I just didn’t specify where. (Actually, I never said I would do it every day. I only wondered if he needed it.) [Lion — I think I do]

To my surprise and happiness, my weenie was even harder. He never got to super hardness, but I had enough to work with. After jerking him off for a while, I asked if I could suck him or if he was good doing what we we doing. He wanted to be sucked. Nice!

By the time we got settled in for his blow job, Mr. Weenie had faltered a bit. He needed mouth to cock resuscitation. It worked, and off we went. I thought things were going well. He seemed to be enjoying himself. A while later, however, he seemed to lose some of his erection. He was still hard enough to continue, so I soldiered on.

I don’t know how long I was sucking him, but I was determined to make him come. I didn’t care if my entire body went numb or fell asleep. He was having a damn orgasm. Except he wasn’t. He didn’t. His erection was less. There was nothing in his body language that told me he was close. Or even far. When I finally stopped, he said it felt good, but nothing was happening.

He just needs more swats. Swats are the answer. Luckily, I’m pretty good at delivering them. I’ll spank that orgasm out of him yet.

Long, long ago, in a house far away (I think it was the other house. I’m too lazy to look back at earlier posts), we did an experiment involving Lion getting 300 swats. I can’t remember how often he got those swats, but I think it was designed to get him used to being spanked more and to get me used to spanking him more. I can’t believe I gave him that many swats on a daily basis. However, doing it only on punishment days seems like too few times. Maybe we need to do that experiment again. [Lion — It was about five years ago, and I received the “experimental” swats about five times a week. Mrs. Lion didn’t worry about the condition of my bottom. She may be right about repeating it.]

While he was showering, I decided I would swat his buns when he came out. Then I wondered if he’d be cold or tired. Well, cold. If he were tired, a spanking would certainly wake him up. I gave him the choice of being spanked then or after dinner. I figured he was out of bed, and I was thinking about it. Then seemed like the best choice. Lion agreed.

I don’t know how many swats I gave him. I didn’t think about the 300 until this morning. I do know his butt has seemingly returned to virgin status. The slightest swats make him yelp. He really does need to be spanked more. I mentioned he might get swats every day. I’ll have to figure out how the 300 swats fit into an everyday thing. Maybe it doesn’t. There’s nothing wrong with doing a different experiment.

This morning, as I was thinking about things that need to be done, I decided I need to get rid of a few returns back to Amazon we have laying around here. Since I’ll be close to the grocery store, I can pick up the winning lottery ticket and a few things we need. More importantly, I want Lion to do a shot of boner juice. The other night, the injection didn’t work at all. It’s possible he missed the mark. We need to try again. If I time it right, I’ll be back not too long after he gets out of the shower and we can give that boner a workout.