We didn’t play Spankardy last night. Lion had been snoozing during Wheel of Fortune and I told him I could give him a play spanking any time he liked. We didn’t even wind up doing a spanking. It wasn’t necessary. After I’d gotten him a little excited I moved down to lick him and then asked if he wanted some real oral action. That’s always a silly question.

I wasn’t sure if he’d get to the edge or not, but I figured it was worth a try. I’ve missed sucking him. He’s missed it too. He was hard almost immediately. I got him pretty close if not to the edge. I could feel the sore spot as I sucked him. I guess it’s a scar now. Lion says it doesn’t hurt which is good. I would have sucked him longer but my sinuses felt like they were trying to drown me. As it was, I thought it was a very good first try in a long time. And now we know he will get excited even if he doesn’t think he’s in the mood.

Tonight, I’ll make sure I can suck him longer. Maybe we’ll even give a play spanking a go. Barring that, maybe I’ll bring out the rope or clothespins. I have many toys at my disposal to help get him super excited. It sounds like we can get back on track again. Lion will be frustrated in no time. Then it’s just a matter of keeping him frustrated until I decide it’s time for his orgasm. Now the question is whether I should start the clock from last night or back when he had his orgasm. This is absolutely an instance when he didn’t care about waiting for the first week or so. Since he hasn’t suffered yet, does it really count?

I guess I can answer right away. It absolutely doesn’t matter how long he’s been frustrated or even how long he’s been waiting. I just have to make sure he waits long enough and I get to determine that. If I say he’s waited long enough, I can give him an orgasm tonight. Spoiler alert: he hasn’t waited long enough. I will say that, when I decided he should have a short wait thrown in, I hadn’t foreseen his not caring about any sexual contact at all. With that monkey wrench thrown in, I don’t see how it could possibly be a short wait. It will take time to build him up to the level of frustration I require. Nope. He’s in for the long haul again. It may not be 20 days, but it won’t be 4 either. [Lion comments — Today is day 9, FYI in case you wanted to know.]

Last night is a prime example of why I stopped making promises about playing with Lion. Something is bound to come up and if it happens often enough, it’s like the boy who cried wolf. We ate a late lunch and by the time we decided to have dinner, it pushed everything back at least an hour. I didn’t get out of the shower until almost 9. I think Lion might have been open for oral sex if we’d gotten that far.

Tonight, he wants to do Spankardy. His feeling is that my whacking his butt is enough of a turn on and that might jump-start things. I’m all for that. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure we play Spankardy and have time to play. I can even take my shower afterward. Since the spanking won’t be a punishment, there doesn’t need to be a delay between it and play. [Lion comments — I didn’t actually ask to play Spankardy tonight. My suggestion was that when we hit these dry spells, jazzing things up with Spankardy or other spanking games, could jumpstart my sexual motor.]

I think he’s been waiting for about a week now. He hasn’t been horny all of those days. I’m not even sure he’ll be horny tonight, but we can see. I don’t expect to be able to edge him. I think it’s still too soon for that. We can certainly have some fun, though. I like sucking on my weenie even if I don’t get the cream filling.

We still have plenty of time for an “early” orgasm. I don’t see him waiting another 13 days. The only reason to make him wait is if he’s not horny enough to get anywhere near the edge. Of course, I’ll have something to say about that. He can only resist my mouth for so long. He’s bound to need an orgasm long before we get anywhere near 21 days. If I had to guess, I’d say he’ll get one on Sunday. I’m not planning it. I’m just predicting. I think he’ll need/want one by Thursday. And we both know he doesn’t get one simply because he wants it.

As promised, I ventured near my weenie last night. I think, although Lion didn’t encourage me, I might have been able to get more of a reaction if I’d suggested some oral activity. Even if it doesn’t produce an erection that leads to edging, it will be a step in the right direction. And I don’t think Lion can argue that oral sex doesn’t feel good even if you’re not particularly interested.

Today, the dog goes for a bath. She needs it. I’m not able to brush her as often or thoroughly as I should. She just does not want to sit still long enough. She also needs her toenails and the fur between her toes trimmed. Lion’s allergies will be better. And we’ll all live happily ever after. Why does Lion have a long haired dog if he’s allergic? We considered a poodle mix after we lost our last dog. Then I made the mistake of finding a litter of golden retrievers available nearby and the rest is history. It’s hard to argue with a sweet golden retriever. And Lion will say his allergies aren’t bad enough to consider not having his baby around.

Lion has been mumbling about being tired. I’m not sure he’ll make the trip to drop off the dog. I’d rather have him home resting so he’s able to have some fun later. If he snoozes now, he won’t have to snooze later. He may very well snooze later and that won’t mean he’s missed his opportunity for snuggling or whatever else might happen.

Friday morning I woke up late. I started work a half hour late and needed to get a project done. I took a break to have breakfast with Lion and didn’t get the breakfast dishes taken care of till after 1. On Saturday morning, Lion went into the kitchen and put the coffee pot together then. Should he have been in trouble for not doing it on Friday? Well, he did get in the kitchen before I tried to make coffee. And he said he tried to put the pot together twice but I hadn’t taken care of the dishes yet. It’s true he had most of the afternoon and all evening to do it, but he never went back into the kitchen. I decided to give him a pass.

Yesterday, however, he was in the kitchen several times after I took care of the breakfast dishes. He had ample time to put the coffee pot together. Did he? Nope. I wasn’t going to remind him. I was going to let him earn his punishment. We had more trouble getting to sleep last night and I guess having trouble sleeping reminded Lion about the coffee pot because off he went after midnight to do his job. I guess he didn’t want red buns today.

We have an osmosis filter under our kitchen sink. I hate it. The water is great. There are no nasties in it. But: a) I’m always afraid it will leak, and b) when I changed the filters – with lots of grumbling – something happened to the feed for our ice maker. Since Lion can’t crawl around on the floor, I have to do it. I hate anything associated with home improvement. My ex-husband and I did a lot of home improvements. We fought constantly while we did them. We fought constantly anyway, but particularly when we did home improvements. Thus, I don’t want to crawl around on the floor while Lion offers suggestions as to what the cause of the ice maker’s problem may be.

I started writing this post before we attempted to fix the kitchen light. It’s a fluorescent fixture with four bulbs, two of which worked, and a ballast that buzzed like crazy. The other day, for some reason, all four bulbs came on and the brightness was cut in half. Lion decided we needed to fix it. He’s done electrical work in the past, (I have too in the home improvement hell of my first marriage) and he was sure it would be an easy fix. Ha! I believe in Murphy’s Law. However, Lion was right. The only problem was that he kept telling me to tuck wires that didn’t seem like they’d be in the way and there was nowhere to tuck them until I put the shroud back up anyway. Wires stripped. Wires connected. Shroud up. Wires tucked. Bulb in. Bulb tested. Repeat three times. Cover up. Done. Dare I say it was easy?

As we ate lunch by the light of the newly wired kitchen fixture, Lion conceded that the ice maker is working fine. It may have slowed down, but there are no crimps and there is nothing to do. Is that my second win of the day? I’m getting light-headed. The only chores left today is maybe some laundry and watching our football team attempt to look like they know how to play the game. Yesterday’s chore was much more fun. [Lion comments — Spanking me is also on her list.]

While I dislike waxing Lion, there are some fringe benefits. Number one is, of course, having a naked Lion in front of me. Since he’s normally naked, that may not seem like a fringe benefit, but he’s not normally on full display on a waxing table. And part of the waxing process is oiling him up so the wax doesn’t stick to his skin so much. The obvious fringe benefit there is that my hands don’t stick to him so much either. As in, they glide ever so smoothly over my weenie and the boys. There may not be a lot of hair on my weenie but I made sure the wax wouldn’t stand a chance of sticking. A little side trip to hand job-ville is always fun. You might say he got more of a benefit out of it but I’m not keeping score. I was distracted from the chore of waxing for a few minutes. I think we both took advantage of the situation.

Sometimes Lion thinks playing with him is a chore. I suppose, when it takes a long time to get him to the edge, I might see it as more of a chore than other times. In general, it’s not a chore. Besides, if playing with a hard weenie and making a Lion squirm is a chore, sign me up. It’s as much of a chore as giving a hand job to an oiled up weenie. I’d much rather play with Lion than do a load of laundry. Some chores are obviously more fun than others.