I think we need to think about a scoring change for Spankardy. Currently, Lion gets two swats for a wrong answer and one if he fails to answer at all. Additionally, he can wager swats for Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy. He did answer a lot of questions right, but he only wound up with 50 swats. That’s hardly worth breaking out the paddle. Lion did suggest adding swats for an incorrect answer for Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy. However, how do I keep the smarty pants from answering so many questions correctly?

It stands to reason it will even out over time. He’s bound to hit more categories he doesn’t like. I’m not sure how often we’ll play. We could either plan on a specific night per week or play it by ear like we’ve been doing. Of course, it’s all for fun. Lion likes to be spanked and this gives him an opportunity to get non-punishment swats.

I gave Lion the option of playing or not playing last night. Many times, he’s uninterested for a few days after an orgasm. I don’t want him to feel pressured. He was hard fairly quickly. And he stayed hard for quite a while after I started sucking him. I thought he might even start bucking a little bit, but I guess it was just his way of telling me it felt good. I think it was about ten minutes later when he told me he was done.

The fact that he was hard almost immediately is a step in the right direction. I can’t say it proves my cage theory. I can’t point to any specific reason for it. It just happened. Obviously I’m not going to let him roam wild just because I can’t say the cage did it. I’m sure it helps. Knowing you can’t get hard goes a long way toward making you want to get hard. I never wanted spicy food so much as after I was diagnosed with an ulcer many years ago and told to avoid spicy food. It stands to reason my weenie would want to get hard while locked away.

The question now is how long do I want to make him wait this time? Twenty days again? Ten? Thirty? The possibilities are endless.

Today is day seventeen of Lion’s wait. If anything, he’s getting hornier. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the cage or not. He was doing pretty well before the cage arrived. My guess is that it has more to do with us snuggling and touching beforehand. Tying his balls, Icy Hot and even those lesser tiny clothespins may help, but I think Lion is just in a super horny phase. I’m certainly not complaining. I love it when my weenie is very hard.

It takes almost no time to get him to the edge. Every little move seems to make him gasp. I don’t think I’ve gotten him close enough to be in danger of giving him a ruined orgasm, but he’s certainly having fun. Sometimes he tells me ahead of time that I have a horny Lion. Sometimes he lets me find out for myself. Either way, I’m happy.

I’m not sure if I don’t push him far enough to get to the bucking stage or if he’s just not horny enough. He tenses his pelvis and that sort of thrusts up in the air, but it’s not like bucking. That’s more urgent. I wonder if he’s holding back from bucking. I don’t mind it. I might have to make a few adjustments to accommodate it. I don’t want to risk biting or scraping him with my teeth. From time to time, I do pretend to nibble on him but I don’t try to do damage. If we hurt my weenie, we might not be able to play with him. That’s no good.

At some point, Lion might lose his horniness. He’ll hit a plateau where it will be a little more difficult to get him excited. At least, that’s what’s happened in the past. I’m not sure if we’re at that point or not. If we’re past it already, maybe it won’t happen. Maybe it’s yet to come. Whether it happens or not, we’ll press on. I don’t think Lion’s done waiting just yet. If Lion wants to wait 45 days, so be it. (He hasn’t told me if he has a wait time in mind.) Maybe I’ll even make him wait 46 days just to be cantankerous.

There are a few givens when you live in the Pacific Northwest: approximately nine months of the year are cloudy/rainy and there will be wild fires in eastern Washington. Occasionally, that smokes blows to the west. It can create some beautiful orange sunsets and sunrises, but it can also lower the air quality dramatically. I’m certainly not detracting from the suffering of the people in the immediate area of the wild fires. A coworker had a close call on Saturday with fire very near her house. It’s just unusual for us to feel the effects and we’re not equipped for it.

Needless to say, we didn’t sleep well last night. Between the smoke smell and having the windows all closed, it was a difficult night. We had the portable air conditioner going so that helped a bit but also pulled some smoke in the house. By morning, the sun was bright and the wind was gone, but the smoke stayed settled in for a few days. Lion had some trouble breathing last night. My eyes, sinuses, and lungs are not happy. I hesitate to say it’s the cherry on the crap sundae that is 2020, so I’ll just say it’s at least the whipped topping. I’m sure the year still has some sprinkles, if not the cherry, left to go.

Lion was already tired before the smoke rolled in. There was no joy in Mudville. I’m fairly sure there won’t be any sex happening until the cage arrives. I realize the irony of that statement. The cage, instrumental in male chastity, will restart our sex life; well, Lion’s sex life. I realize it’s still just a theory, but I believe Lion needs to be caged in order to be horny. Sure, he’s horny much of the time, but in order to be horny enough to make it to the edge consistently, he needs to prevented from having random erections. The very thing that outwardly signals a male is horny needs to be prevented.

It’s really not that simple. The cage doesn’t just stop an erection. The fact that it’s locked on is, I theorize, what contributes to making him horny. It’s a bondage thing. It’s a power thing, or lack thereof actually. He has no power over his penis. I’ve taken it away by locking it up. I guess, if you want to know who wears the pants in the family, you have to know who wears the cage. Yes, we split things fairly equally in most aspects of our marriage. We both decide what’s for dinner, when we need to go to the store, where we’ll go on vacation, etc. but when it comes to sex I am in charge. Assuming neither of us is ill or tired, I decide when Lion gets play and/or sex. It may not always go well. Depending on his horniness level, he may not make it to the edge. He might not become fully erect. I think this is where the cage helps.

I’m sure there are other factors, but I bet once the cage goes on, Lion will be hornier. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’m anxious to put my theory to the test again. This time we’ll make sure the dog doesn’t chew Lion’s cage.

It may come as no surprise that Lion is very excitable since he’s been locked up again. He was well on his way to an erection once the cage came off. Unsurprisingly, the erection didn’t progress to edging. That wasn’t the point of the experiment. I wanted to see if he’d be hornier when he was caged after an orgasm. Question answered.

Unfortunately, that means the cage is here to stay. I say “unfortunately” because I’ve grown tired of putting it on and taking it off. I thought those days were behind us. The cage is no longer needed to keep Lion from masturbating. I, stupidly, assumed that was the sole purpose of it. Well, I guess a part of me also knew it was a form of bondage, which Lion loves. For that reason alone, I should have known that the cage was still important.

I’m not done with the experiment. I still need to know if Lion’s horniness will continue as the days go on. It makes perfect sense that he wasn’t able to be edged last night. The fact that he was able to get an erection at all is amazing. I assumed his long refractory period was just a function of age. I think Lion did too. I also think he was very worried, from time to time, that he was losing his sex drive. It turns out, he just needed Mr. Weenie locked up again.

I guess it makes sense, especially in the current pandemic age. You never want to go out and do things more than when you’re under stay-at-home orders. (Not me, of course. I’m perfectly happy staying home.) When Lion is allowed to be wild, it’s no big deal. His penis is free to stretch out and enjoy life. When he’s caged, it’s a different story. Straining at the bars of the cage lets his penis know he’s trapped. Unlocking him finally allows a taste of freedom. Yes, this is all overstated. He’s usually unlocked every day. My weenie can’t possibly feel too trapped. Or can he? Getting erect as soon as he tastes freedom suggests otherwise.

I don’t know if we’ll continue with the current cage or not. It’s comfortable and allows Lion to pee without spraying everywhere, but if I know Lion, he’ll want to test out other cages. Unfortunately, we’re leaving Wednesday for a six day camping trip. Any cage is difficult on camping trips. I’m going to advocate for its removal. Lion may plead to keep it on. He’ll probably win.