The other day, while I was waxing Lion, he got very excited when I started jerking him off. I had a lot of oil on him. Things were very slippery. I noticed that he seemed to be at the perfect height. My back wasn’t hurting. However, I had another side of Lion to wax so I couldn’t dawdle.

That night, he said he was amazed at how excited he’d gotten. He theorized that it was a combination of the oil and the angle that did it. I decided to see if we could recreate it in the bedroom. It wasn’t really a surprise when we couldn’t. First of all, I wasn’t using oil. It was a water based lube. I’m not sure if silicone based would have worked better or not. Maybe it really does have to be oil. The second problem was the angle. I was sitting next to him. I was twisted and my back was starting to hurt. Standing next to him was worse.

I’ve suggested we could use the waxing table again to see if we can recreate his excitement. Getting oil all over the place isn’t an issue and the angle will be better. I also realized I don’t know which hand I was using. Lion wondered what the difference was. I think it depends on whether my fingertips are on the bottom or top of his penis. On the bottom, they can hit all the good spots.

Aside from the oil and angle, I wonder if the change of scenery made him excited. Maybe it was the fact that I was touching him all over when I applied the oil to get residual wax off. It could be any number of things. It will be fun trying to figure out what works. I love experimenting on Lion. He’s such a willing test subject.

The reason the new anal trainer was on the bed is because it just arrived yesterday. I didn’t have any plans to use it. Lion’s legs have been bothering him so I didn’t want to put any stress on them by making him kneel on the bed to shove something up his ass. It is very pretty though.

I started out with snuggling. I was debating whether I should use some clothespins or a rope on his balls. The only evidence that I was making Lion feel good by playing with my weenie is that he’d make encouraging noises. When I asked if he wanted to come out from under the blankets, he moved like the dog does when she knows there’s food around. Get out of the way!

Lion stopped taking boner pills the other day. Having no knowledge of these things, I wondered if his troubles might be from the pills or maybe the pills had stopped working. If nothing else, it would provide a clean state from that point of view. So it was all Lion last night. No enhancements. And, for a while, I didn’t think we’d get anywhere. He was semi-soft. He’s had orgasms when he wasn’t very hard in the past so I kept going. I wasn’t going to stop unless he threw in the towel.

At some point, I decided to use my thumb and finger to trap his balls like I’d tied them. He seemed to like it. I know he likes it, but it seemed to help. Over the course of the next ten minutes or so, I went from trapping his balls and tugging or massaging both trapped and loose balls.

I can’t be sure, but I swear I tasted precum. Of course, I didn’t want to stop to tell Lion. That would have broken the spell. And I swear he started to get harder as we went along our merry way. I could tell by his movements he was getting closer. He hasn’t been that close in a while. I was just hoping it would last. I really wanted him to have an orgasm. As he got closer, he got harder and then he finally made it over the edge.

I have no idea why last night was any different from the last time we tried. Maybe it was sheer determination on both our parts. Maybe the moon was in the right spot in the sky. I’m just very glad it happened. Lion thinks it’s not the end of his troubles. I think we’ll take it one day at a time. I figure he won’t be horny for another day or so, but then I should get right back in there. I’m a stubborn old fool and I won’t give up.

While it’s usually Lion looking forward to an orgasm, I find myself looking forward to one, his, of course. I edged him once last night and I was going for another but he petered out. Damn! I need to get him horny enough for an orgasm.

No, he hasn’t had a long wait. It’s only been fourteen days. It isn’t even a long wait over the past few months. However, I was going to try for three orgasms this month, for no other reason than because I wanted to. Lion’s average last year seemed a bit lacking so I was going to up my game. I can’t do that if Lion isn’t cooperating.

In his defense, his shoulder has been hurting and we went to Costco yesterday so his legs were sore. Since he doesn’t leave the house very often, he’s not so used to walking. I was thinking of that last night and I realized that he never understood why walking through Costco would make me so achy and tired I couldn’t play with him. I guess that’s the problem with not understanding other people’s health conditions. Some people will tell depressed people to snap out of it as if they can really control their depression that easily. Hey, snap out of your breast cancer! Nope. That doesn’t work either.

All I can do is keep playing with Lion and hope that eventually he’ll be horny enough for an orgasm. Maybe that’ not entirely true. He may very well be horny enough for an orgasm already. It’s his body that may not be playing along. After all, the other night he was horny but his shoulder was hurting. We’ve got to get the planets aligned for an orgasm. Maybe he needs a nice play spanking to get the juices flowing.

I’ll keep working on him. We’ll get there.

Lion thinks you may have taken me seriously in my post yesterday. I think you understood that I was just teasing him because he always says “poor Lion”. I know he feels bad that he doesn’t contribute as much as he used to in terms of household chores. I wasn’t even thinking about how much money he is or isn’t bringing in. I never equate a person’s worth as a person with their financial wealth. I’ve known quite a few people who had a lot of money in the back and I still wouldn’t want to be around. And I know writing is hard work. That’s why I used quotes. The funny thing is when I was in high school and my first stint in college, I wanted to be a writer. I never thought I’d write the Great American Novel, but I thought I might make a living at it. Lion is a thousand times better at writing than I am.

This morning Lion discovered that my truck registration was expired. Oops. I just drove it on Sunday. We never got the renewal notice and, let’s be honest, who was thinking about truck registration when we’re trying not to die during a pandemic. I remember being with my parents a long time ago when my father got pulled over for speeding. His registration was expired. I guess my mother looked sufficiently surprised because the cop only gave my father a warning for both speeding and expired registration. If I’d gotten pulled over, I probably would have had the same surprised look on my face. Luckily, our local motor vehicle department is open so I renewed it right away.

We didn’t do any anal play last night. I pulled out my trusty rope and tied Lion’s balls up. I stretched and separated them and had bouncing balls while I jerked him off. Eventually, I had him move into the sucking position. With his balls tied, I could tug on him when he tried to roll his hips away from me. I don’t think he intentionally tries to get away from me. It’s a reflex. Anyway, when he started to move, I tugged a little and corrected the issue. I got him to the edge once and was trying for a second when he lost his erection. Maybe I tied him too tight. Maybe he didn’t like being tugged. Maybe it was 41 degrees outside with the wind from the west. The point is, there isn’t always a reason for his losing an erection. And he doesn’t always even have to have an erection to have fun. There have been a lot of times he said he wasn’t going to get anywhere but sucking him felt really good. I consider that a win.

I think today is day twelve of Lion’s wait. So far he hasn’t been incredibly horny or frustrated. Sometimes I’ve used that as a gauge for when to give him an orgasm. Other times I give him an orgasm as sort of a reset button. Clear out the pipes and start over again. I don’t know what I’ll do this time. I tend to do it on a whim. Lion doesn’t usually argue with my system, or lack thereof. He’s just happy to have attention.