Lion’s boner juice worked yesterday. He showed me Mr. Weenie and proudly said, “What do you think of this!” It was nice. He said he wasn’t quite hard enough. In my opinion, the injection just needs to get him most of the way there. When we play or I suck him, I get him the rest of the way. I don’t think that’s much different from “regular” sex. He needs to be turned on. Isn’t he the one who said just because the penis is hard doesn’t mean he’s excited?

I don’t know how many days it was since his last orgasm [Lion — 11]. I wasn’t sure he was going to have one yesterday. I was working away when the timer went off for the dog’s birthday cupcake. He wasn’t close then. He’d gotten a tiny bit soft, but boy, when I got back to sucking, he was at full attention. Clearly, he liked what I was doing. (Me too!) And just to prove it, he had an orgasm. I toyed with the idea of edging him, but I don’t want to get too creative until we really figure out the dosage.

The only problem with his orgasm was that I didn’t get any cream filling. Or so I thought. There was some in the back of my mouth. He must have shot it straight down my throat. No fair! At least I got some. I asked him if I needed to make him wait 30 days to have that wonderful mouthful of cream filling. Neither one of us wants that. I’ll take what I can get.

Today, I’m mowing the lawn. I’ve been out twice so far. I have one more patch to go. I’m not sure if I’ve done it in thirds or not. Anyway, it shouldn’t take more than another hour. All of this lawn mowing adds steps to my step counter for a challenge I’m doing for work. I know I need to walk more or be more active in some way. Joining the challenge was a way to make myself do it. Along the way, I may lose some more weight. I’m down 39 pounds so far. We still have lots more bland Nutrisystem food to go before I hit my target. We’re both getting there.

Lion has not been having much luck with the boner shots. He hasn’t had a good erection since his orgasm. The other day, I told him his penis looked red on the side. It wasn’t bruised. It just looked like his butt after a few good swats. Ordinarily, these are things he wants to know. This time, however, it seemed like I’d created a barrier to his getting hard by alerting him to a possible issue.

Yesterday, after I waxed him and he took a shower, he upped the dose. He was in his office quite a long time after the timer went off. (After the injection, he has to hold pressure on the injection site for a few minutes.) I assumed he was waiting to see if anything was happening. When he came into the bedroom, he asked me to look for the spot to make sure he’d hit the right area. I’ve never seen the actual needle mark, even when the skin was red. This time there was a small red dot. Maybe there had been some bleeding in the immediate area. It was nothing I would consider a bruise.

We’re going to try again today. He asked if I could give it a try. Maybe he’ll decide to do it again. I know he doesn’t like to give up on things. Apparently, difficulty with the dosage is why many men stop trying. I can understand that. First, you have to admit you have a problem. Then, you get your hopes up for the wonder cure. If it doesn’t work, maybe it will never work. It’s frustrating.

I have no idea how close we are to the bottom of the vial. Each injection is such a minute amount, we must not have used much yet. I am hoping we get the correct dosage in the right spot soon. I don’t want Lion to get more disappointed.

Come on, weenie! You can do it! (A little encouragement can’t hurt.)

I decided to mow the dog’s lawn last night. By Saturday, we’ll be in the 90s which may be too hot for mowing unless I do it early. I was sweaty and tired when I was done. Lion was ready to try the boner juice again, but we put it off until today when I can give him my attention.

I think we’re going with the same dosage to see if it holds up. Pun intended. I don’t know if Lion will be horny enough for another orgasm. Blaspheme! I know. He probably will be. However, I’m interested in finding out how that boner holds up to play. Maybe I’ll tie his balls. Maybe I’ll use Velcro. Maybe I’ll try IcyHot. Theoretically, it shouldn’t matter what I do to him. The boner juice works mechanically. It will make him hard even if he doesn’t want to be.

On the other hand, if he’s horny enough, we might go for an orgasm. The two activities are not mutually exclusive, of course. Tying his balls can make him hornier. He says he doesn’t like Velcro or IcyHot, but I suspect they make him hornier too. Part of it is the loss of control. Part of it is that he likes pain. He claims not to be a masochist, but I think we know the truth.

He’s got a doctor appointment tomorrow, so I have to work a little later tonight to make up time. By 6 o’clock we should be well on our way to Bonerville. We’ll take whatever activity ensues as we go. The main thing is to keep trying the boner juice to get to the correct dose.

Lion increased the dosage of his boner juice yesterday. I don’t know how much he’s up to, but he may have hit the right amount. He was hard very quickly. Of course, that was encouraging, but we didn’t know how long it would last.

The challenge for me was to do some sort of foreplay without taking too much time away from the erection. Sure it was hard when we started, but it could potentially have fizzled shortly after. I didn’t go right in for the kill. I licked him and sucked lightly to get him interested before I really started sucking him.

Technically, his wait was over a month. Of course, that assumes that I was consciously making him wait. And that I was edging him along the way. This wait had nothing to do with male chastity. I don’t know which kind of waiting is more difficult for him. It’s not like I never touched him during that month. Things seemed to be working a few times. They just didn’t last long. I didn’t frustrate him by edging him and then stopping, although I’m sure he was frustrated by the situation.

Last night’s dose of boner juice lasted quite a while. Long enough for me to get him excited. Normally, I keep my eyes closed while I suck him. There isn’t really much to look at. When I peeked, I saw his legs moving. He was trying to buck into my mouth. It wasn’t working, but it was definitely encouraging. Not long after, he shot yummy cream filling into my mouth. Apparently, he’d been saving it up. There was a lot.

He was still hard when we were done. I thought he was losing it, but it came back a little. I assume if I’d continued giving him attention, he would have gotten hard all the way again. Now we’re trying to figure out if that dose was correct or if he should increase it another notch. I’m thinking we try the same dose to see if we can replicate the effect. A possible problem with that is he won’t have over 30 days of pent up sexual energy. Still, we have to do our due diligence. Just maybe not tonight.