No Such Thing As A Male Orgasm

looking into underpants
Only three possibilities: soft, hard, and ejaculating.

Have you noticed that most of the language around enforced male chastity is exclusively from the male point of view? We refer to “orgasms”, “ruined orgasms”, “horny” and other expressions describing the male state of arousal. Certainly, from my perspective as a male, it makes sense because I’m describing what’s going on inside me.

Is this appropriate? Haven’t I given away any interest in my own sexual state? When Mrs. Lion took ownership of my penis, it meant that any sensations it provides me, are simply side effects of her using her toy. I’m not claiming she isn’t interested in how I’m sexually affected. She is. But it’s improper for me to refer to it.

Let’s start at the beginning. The penis has a limited number of activities it can perform. In the resting state, it’s soft and flaccid. In that state it allows my body to void urine. If stimulated, it can become erect and then be useful as my lioness’ toy. It can do one more thing: it can ejaculate.

That’s it.

It’s hers. How it feels to you doesn’t matter
Obviously, it feels good to me  when it gets hard. It feels really good when I ejaculate. Isn’t that nice? Of course, Mrs. Lion knows all this. I’m getting to a very important point. Since the penis no longer belongs to me, expressing the way it makes me feel is irrelevant. All that’s rlevant is how it makes my partner feel.

Our language often misses that. We refer to male orgasm, ruined orgasm, edging. All of those words describe male feelings. They have nothing to do with the penis itself. My suggestion is that we stop using them. If I’m horny, I mean that I want to ejaculate. It’s no different than me saying I need to pee. I’m feeling the urge to perform a bodily function.

I don’t think I should refer to myself as horny. I should say I would like to ejaculate. Chances are very good, that when I do say this, Mrs. Lion will say, “Too bad.” Still, it’s a legitimate way for me to refer to a bodily function. It’s completely inappropriate for me to say that I want to come or have an orgasm. That isn’t saying I don’t want to, but it is recognizing that referring to a function of my penis the same way a woman refers to her sexual satisfaction nullifies her ownership of it.

I believe that the only references appropriate to the state of my sexual interest should be limited to the physical properties of the penis. So, it’s fair for me to say I’m hard. Similarly, I can also say I’m soft. Last, I can say I want to ejaculate. That’s it.

lion's erection
Hard, not horny. Ready for her to enjoy.
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No such thing as male orgasms
By limiting myself this way, and hopefully Mrs. Lion limiting her references similarly, references to her penis remain physical without connection to sensations I feel or want to feel. Don’t worry, she knows it feels good when I get to ejaculate. She also knows I like to be hard. I’m absolutely sure she knows I enjoy being brought to the edge of ejaculation.

There’s really no difference in this way of thinking between what we used to call a male orgasm and a ruined orgasm. Both produce ejaculate. So, from the perspective of an owned penis, they are the same. Of course, my keyholder knows that if she keeps stimulating me after I begin to ejaculate, I’ll have more fun. She may find that amusing. But if your objective is to produce semen, how much fun I have is irrelevant.

If a woman uses her penis for intercourse, it’s reasonably likely that her partner will ejaculate inside her now and then. I suggest that when these “accidents” occur, they’re ignored. Of course, she may want him to clean up his mess. That’s just good manners. But, it’s no big deal that he produced some semen.

I want to ejaculate is no different than I want to pee
In cases like mine when it’s very unlikely I will accidentally ejaculate, the question arises whether my partner should induce ejaculation every now and then. Since there is no real use for the semen, making me ejaculate has no purpose. Of course, I really love it when Mrs. Lion allows me to ejaculate. I hope she will do it frequently. But really, it’s a very optional activity for her.

There is a special case when it makes good sense to unlock a man and manually stimulate him to the edge of ejaculation. This is when he has been in continuous lockup for more than a couple of days. Male physiology is such that the longer a man goes without ejaculating, the less interest he will have in doing it. I’m not claiming that this happens after only a couple of days. It could be weeks, even months for some guys. But an unteased penis tends to be less responsive when taken out and put into service.

A penis toy should get hard quickly when it’s owner desires it that way. Regular, frequent edging sessions sets up the physiology to make arousal quick and easy. It’s like turning over a car engine when it’s left in the garage for a long time. By doing it, you keep the fluids circulating in the systems ready for a drive. The same is true with your male.

Rules for the change in ownership
This may seem like small stuff. It’s not. By forcing references to the penis to be based exclusively on its external manifestations, over time the man will be conditioned to think of his penis as your toy and not something intended for his pleasure.

The changes required are really small:

  1. Eliminate all references to male sexual feelings. No more references to male orgasms of any kind. No use of “hot” or “horny”. No discussion of wanting sex in any form. Making such a reference could be a punishable offense.
  2. Only refer to the physical states of the penis. For example, it’s hard, it’s soft, it ejaculated.
  3. The man can refer to his sexual interest in terms of his desire to ejaculate. It’s not acceptable to say that he’s horny, but it’s perfectly okay if he says that he feels like ejaculating. After all, it’s no different than him saying he has to pee.
  4. You should never make a reference to how activities make you feel. Every woman knows that playing with a hard penis feels good to a man. She also knows he likes to ejaculate. There’s absolutely no reason to make any reference to these associated feelings. If you are collecting semen from a bull, you would know that he enjoys the process. But you would never have a conversation with him about it.
  5. References to orgasms, horniness, and states of sexual arousal are only appropriate when referring to the woman

The idea of all this is to focus the male’s attention on his partner. He gave away his penis. Along with that gift went his right to express his sexual needs in terms of his feelings. These aren’t big changes, but they have a lot of ramifications. I’m going to ask Mrs. Lion if we can try this.

My job is to refer only to the physical condition of her penis. She could have no particular interest in how I feel about it. This doesn’t mean she can’t do penis play. I’m sure she’ll continue putting clothespins on my cock and balls, she’ll rub hot liniment into them as well. She has fun torturing me this way. She also knows that I like it too. But, of course, that’s beside the point.

It turns out that it’s not as easy as it seems to surrender ownership of the penis. Yes, locking it in a cage is pretty easy. Controlling when it can ejaculate is also simple. But, detaching my emotional investment in it is much more difficult. I think the key first step is to force me to refer to it only in terms of its physical state. Any fun it gives me is incidental to the fact that it belongs to Mrs. Lion. She of course, can do things that she knows I like. I can’t ask for them beyond saying that I would like to ejaculate.

Let’s see what happens.

In other news
As Mrs. Lion reported yesterday, she took me to the doctor. I’ve been having trouble walking. My right leg feels weaker than my left. The doctor we saw is a orthopedic surgeon; the same guy operated on my torn rotator cuff. After x-rays, poking, and prodding, he announced that my ACL is torn. He doesn’t want to do surgery (good thing!). I will have to use a cane and wear a knee brace when I’m out and about. Needless to say, I’m not happy with the situation. It’s one more thing to get used to.

One more thing:It still hurts when I sit.


  1. Whatever did you do to tear your ACL? In a sedentary lifestyle that should be almost impossible to do. I know I would want mine fixed, so why is he saying not to do it for you?
    On the main topic of your post, my Queen wants to hear me talk of being horny. She loves it when edging me and I’m squirming with desire. We always finish any sexual activity with her bringing me to the edge over and over. Then when she stops, she says she has me where she wants me!

    1. Author

      I think it happened this past fall. I tripped on the sidewalk and my leg bent under me. It wasn’t terrible and I ignored the pain. The pain subsided in a bit. It hurts if I walk more than a few hundred feet. The surgeon feels I don’t need surgery since I can get around without much pain. I don’t want to go through another painful recovery.

      Mrs Lion likes to hear me tell her how horny I am. Grrr

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