The Early Bird Gets My Worm

peniswormIt’s nice that the weekend is here again. Mrs. Lion and I can be together all the time.  I’ve been wild all week so there is no device to take off for the weekend. I wonder if the Jail Bird will be going back on Sunday night. There’s no physical reason it can’t. Of course, when I wear it it’s extra work for Mrs. Lion to remove when she wants to snuggle and play.

I’ve written a lot about the declining usefulness of my chastity device. At this point, its only sexual value is that it prevents any spontaneous erections. The very short 1-inch-long cage suppresses even the smallest expression of arousal. I like that. Well, I like it in the same sense that I like spanking. It’s exciting to think about that level of control but it isn’t so much fun when I really, truly want to get hard.

Julie, of strictjuliespanks has been collaborating with one of her readers to write a book-length story featuring a wide range of kinks. (Click here to begin reading.) A new chapter comes out every month or so. She’s just published chapter 5. It’s the story of a college-age boy, his sister, and two of her friends. I find it very hot. I don’t normally like Internet sexual fiction, but this story, while uneven in spots, is generally a very hot read. Check it out. I find myself eagerly awaiting each new chapter.

We’re still not entirely back on track. With all the extra things she has to do, Mrs. Lion has a lower-than-usual energy level. Also, it’s always been a challenge to get started. Maybe the Box O’Fun needs to come out again. This is one of those good-news-bad-news activities for me. A majority of the activities I can draw from the box are painful. They are supposed to be.

Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, that some of the things she does for me can be chores. One activity that we’ve just started: bathing me, seems to be something she likes almost as much as I do. After dinner tonight I get the first of my weekend showers where she spends extra time making sure her weenie is nice and clean.

She isn’t as fond of waxing me. I’ve offered to go to a professional and save her the trouble. She said that even though it’s a chore removing my hair, she still wants to do it. In fairness to her, she’s neutral about whether or not I have body hair. From the day she met me, I had no pubic hair. Even if I wanted to grow it back, only a little patch here and there would show up. Almost all of it is permanently gone.

I’ve enjoyed losing my chest, shoulder, back and leg hair. I think they look better that way. For one thing, my hairless pubes don’t look so starkly different from the rest of me. In any case, I like being hairless. It’s neater and cleaner. If it becomes too much trouble for Mrs. Lion to continue, I think I can find a commercial studio that can get rid of the hair for me. Since I only need waxing every four or five weeks it’s not too bad.

What time we do things seems to impact my enjoyment of the activities. The later it gets, the less likely I am to get aroused and get to the edge. I think I’m getting tired earlier because a lot of things are still more difficult for me to do. I would like to try afternoon play during the weekend. We used to do that. Mrs. Lion would tell me to go down to our dungeon and she would strap me into the sling. She would then do anal play some CBT, followed by lots of teasing and a possible orgasm. I really loved that.

During the week, it’s difficult for her to do anything sexual before dinner. She comes home from work tired and wound up from the frustrations of the day. She needs time to decompress and relax. I wonder if starting our activity before 9 PM is possible. I guess the early bird gets my worm.

We have a long history of successfully adapting to changes and new situations. We talk and write about how we feel and through trial and error find solutions that work for both of us. I have no doubt that we will adapt now.