It’s been three weeks since Mrs. Lion gave me a Brazilian waxing. No hair seems to have grown back. I spotted a couple of longish hairs, but I think they were missed when I was waxed. Unless there is a fuzzy explosion, I think that it will be at least five weeks before we have to consider repeating the process.

This is good news. Over the years, I’ve tried pretty much every technique for pubic hair removal. It all started over twenty years ago when my first BDSM partner shaved me. She didn’t like pubic hair at all. I grew to like being bare. When we broke up, the bush grew back and stayed for a few years. Then, another partner shaved herself and me just for fun. At that point I realized that I liked the fur-free look.

Shaving, contrary to urban myth, does not cause the hair to grow back thicker and coarser. It grows back exactly the same. After a week or so the hair would be visible again and a new shave was in order. After a while I realized that I had no desire to get furry again. Partners liked me in a hairless state. I decided that I needed to find a better way to remove hair.

My next step was with an epilator. I bought a Braun Silk-epilator. The first time I tried it, the full bush was back. It hurt horribly. I was only able to do a small amount on the top of my pubes. Every day, I gritted my teeth and did a bit more. It took more than a week, but I finally had no hair from my perineum to my belly button. The balls were particularly difficult. Unless the skin was stretched tight as a drum, it would catch in the device and make me bleed. I persevered and really liked the results. Epilation doesn’t produce any stubble. The hair that grows back is thinner and soft. Each successive use of the device was less painful. If it weren’t for the difficulty treating my balls, I might have just stayed with it.

I decided to go to the next level. I had read about laser hair removal. The results were claimed to be permanent. I got out the phone book and looked for someone to zap me.  After a lot of calls, I found a doctor, a pediatrician who moonlighted doing hair removal, who would do my pubes. The device was enormous. It was a powerful ruby laser. I would need a treatment a month for eight to ten months in order to permanently remove the hair.

The reason for multiple treatments isn’t that the follicles that were zapped come back. They don’t. The laser sends heat down dark-colored hair into the follicle, which is effectively killed. No dark hair, no energy gets to the follicle. As the doctor explained it, follicles don’t always produce hair. Some are dormant for a while and then sprout a hair. According to him, the full cycle of follicle activation takes about nine months. That’s why the full set of treatments is necessary.

Each treatment was expensive, but I could manage the payments each month. At the first treatment I discovered that zapping my scrotum hurt a lot. The doctor prescribed a lidocaine cream. At the time it was by prescription only. Now you can buy it from Amazon and others. I put it on thickly, covered my pubes with Seran Wrap and drove to the doctor’s office. It takes about 30 minutes to activate and has to be kept moist until the treatment. That’s why the Saran Wrap.

The lidocaine did the trick. The pain was much reduced. My entire upper pubic area stayed bald. Even now, that area is hairless. A small number of hairs at the base of my penis came back as did hair on the shaft itself. You can’t zap the penis safely. My balls were a different story. The laser got about 90-percent of the hair, but there was still visible hair there. Some was grey and immune to the laser. The rest probably were saved by the nature of scrotal skin. My perineum wasn’t lasered, it turned out.

Another permanent hair removal technique is electrolysis. This process involves a needle being placed along the side of the hair into the follicle. Then a small electrical charge is applied. This effectively kills the follicle. This is a very slow and expensive process. Each hair has to be individually killed. I tried it for about five treatments and decided it wasn’t worth the time or expense.

While the amount of work was much reduced, hair remained that needed attention. For a long time the epilator was the tool of choice. Mrs. Lion did her best not to butcher my scrotum. I then got a body shaver. This worked well, but caught the skin on my scrotum and cut me. We decided to look for a better way.

We purchased an IPL hair removal system. This uses Intense Pulsed Light to heat follicles in much the same way a laser does. We got one by Silkn. You use this by shaving and then applying the pulsed light to each area. This is painful in spots. I purchased an over-the-counter lidocaine cream and used it the same way I did with the laser treatments.

This is a slow process and over a few months removed more hair permanently. But it was clear that the initial shave, my balls in particular, as well as the slow process made this impractical for us.

I got a Venus woman’s razor. This worked very well; no cuts and a very smooth shave. Of course, stubble appeared shortly after each shave. I liked the comfort of the shave and lack of blood, but it really wasn’t the best choice. Then I thought about waxing.

I’ve heard horror stories about the pain of sensitive, pubic hair being ripped from the body. My long experience with the epilator made me very familiar with the pain of hair being ripped out. It was intense the first time, but diminished each time I used it. I reasoned that waxing couldn’t be any worse. So, I set out to do some research.

YouTube has how-to’s on anything you may want to learn. A British esthetician, Jack Dunn, has made some excellent step-by-step male waxing videos. I watched his Brazilian video twice. I asked Mrs. Lion if she would like to try waxing me. She agreed. She also watched the video. To do this correctly, some supplies are needed. Bear in mind that a salon will charge about $145 for a male Brazilian. Most won’t do them, but the ones who will charge that much and more. Here’s what I purchased:

waxing supplies
Mrs. Lion’s waxing supplies. Left to right, cleaner, no-strip wax warmer, wax applicators, waxing strips, strip wax warmer, and mineral oil. Click to enlarge.

This is enough for many waxings. The total investment is $144. This is less than one professional treatment. Based on my research, this setup gives you the same advantages of a professional. Yes, Veet makes pre-waxed strips for a lot less. We tried a small box and it worked but looked like it could cost a lot to do much waxing. The “hot” wax kit I listed above works very well.

After Mrs. Lion gave me a Brazilian, I asked if she could try other areas. She ended up waxing my legs, chest, pits, shoulders and back. It wasn’t very painful and Mrs. Lion, with the help of Jack Dunn’s videos, did a great job. The kit still has a lot of wax and supplies left. Compared with the cost of Venus razor refills, waxing is probably a little less expensive. In my opinion, it’s a lot better.

A Brazilian is more than just removing the front pubic hair. It also includes the bottom, crack included, as well. While I can’t see it, I really like having that hairless crack. It’s much easier to keep clean. It also presents Mrs. Lion with an unobstructed target for spanking and pegging.

When I got that first pubic shave while tied spread-eagle to the bed, I never imagined hairless balls would be a lifelong pursuit. All in all, my Brazilian adventure has been big fun.



  1. ONce again, you have set a goal for me to strive for. I have been shaving my cock, balls and ass for several years now. I also find that I much prefer to be hairless and hope that someday my wife will be willing to wax me.

    1. Author

      In the meantime you might want to find a local waxing professional. I love the results of being waxed.

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