I’m Part Of The Majority Now

I admit it. I have definite preferences in terms of body hair. I’ve always preferred no pubic hair. Mine has been gone since the late 1980s. Even in the hairy 1970s, while I had a lot of fur down there, I much preferred women with sparse pubic hair.

Long before it became fashionable for men to remove body hair, I’ve taken some of mine off. During the 1990s I actually got laser hair removal treatments to get rid of my pubic hair permanently. Most of it is still gone, some stubbornly remains and requires Mrs. Lion to wax it.

hairy and bald male genitals
While I’m not attracted to male genitals (I like the ones on the right because they’re mine), the hairless ones definitely look better to me. This is true whether they are mine or not.

It’s rare to see a photograph of a naked woman who still has pubic hair. It also appears that most of the male images are also sans pubic hair as well. I decided to find examples of both male and female genitals with and without hair. The image above on the left is a fair comparison of hairy and hairless male genitals. Aside from the anatomical differences between the two males (I’m the one on the right), I prefer the hairless look.

compare hairy and hairless pussies
In my mind, there is no comparison between a furry and hairless pussy. Female external genitalia are way too beautiful to hide behind hair.

When it comes to female genitals, I absolutely prefer a bald pussy. Even though Mrs. Lion doesn’t shave hers, it’s the sole exception to that rule. External female genitalia are beautiful to me. Pubic hair only obstructs it and turns its fine definition into a fuzzy mess.

I realize that pubic hair is a personal preference. However I think it’s interesting that there have been distinct trends in both male and female body hair removal. I’ve noticed that female hair removal has always been acceptable. Even in the hairy 70s, no one blinked at a shaved pussy. That wasn’t true of men. Men without pubic hair would be prejudged as gay or effeminate.

This was true in the 90s and even the early 2000’s. I was always a little nervous about strangers seeing my lack of pubic hair. Now, it’s absolutely commonplace for men to take off the fur. I’m glad. Mrs. Lion has been waxing virtually all of my body. The only hair that she leaves in place is on my lower legs and my arms. Everything else: thighs, pubic and butt hair, chest, pits, and back are hairless.

I think it looks good. Apparently, so do a lot of other guys. You can find ads for waxing studios that offer male hair removal services that include all of the areas Mrs. Lion removes and more. It’s an increasingly popular option for guys.

It used to be believed that men who prefer women without pubic hair were nascent pedophiles. They were accused of liking the hairless look of prepubescent girls. That’s just silly. I can understand where this came from. After all, only children are naturally hairless.

There are lots of theories about why we do or don’t have hair in various places. Underarm and pubic hair are believed to perform a sexual function. The story goes that the hair in those places retain pheromones secreted with sweat. These pheromones act as attractants for potential sexual partners.

There’s some science to back that up. More than one study has been conducted where men have worn T-shirts for a period of time that allowed them to catch those underarm scents. The T-shirts were put in airtight jars. Women at various points in their menstrual cycle were asked to smell the T-shirts. Most of the time, they found the odors offensive. However, when they were at the most fertile point in their cycles, they found the same odors sexy. Presumably, the same would be true of odors produced by the genitals.

This confirms that pheromones both attract and repel. It’s supposed that pubic and underarm hair would capture and retain those smells. Given that most of us bathe every day, the odor-keeping value of that hair would be negligible.

Given that the maximum fertility part of the woman’s cycle lasts for three days or so, it probably isn’t a good idea to send armpit smell the way of a woman a man is trying to attract. Fortunately, we have less primal ways to attract one another.

hairless and naked with chastity device locked on
I like the way I look without body hair. Here I am after a recent waxing session.

Nevertheless, a lot of us have visual preferences when it comes to body hair. Mrs. Lion’s says that she’s indifferent to whether or not I have hair anywhere on my body. I prefer myself without.

I’m very glad that a lot of people understand that the presence or absence of body hair says nothing about the sexual preferences of the person. I am solidly heterosexual and I prefer myself smooth. I know gay men who are turned off by guys without body hair. They like their men hairy.

I’m lucky that Mrs. Lion finds me attractive. I’m grateful she indulges my preference for smooth, hairless body.


  1. I have always preferred women who are clean shaven but they were a rarity in the seventies. The process of shaving became much more common in the 80’s and by the 90’s was perhaps the norm. Regardless, it has always been my desire to have a woman clean shaven. Fortunately my Queen has always left just a small landing strip—and for the past six months has been totally clean shaven for me. This isn’t something I can demand or even request (under our rules) so I’m grateful she has done this for me out of love.

    1. Author

      I’m with you. Mrs. Lion doesn’t want to take off her pubic hair.

  2. I should point out that I appear to be the only male at my gym who is clean shaven. So it isn’t that common in males yet.

    1. Author

      It’s common enough that no one comments or looks shocked when they see me.

      1. I have had some interesting looks (of disdain) but no comments. I did see a comment posted on the mirrors in the change room. It seemed directed at me as I’m the only shaved dude. I merely removed the note and recycled it.

  3. I prefer to have my genitals hairless because I find is easier and more comfortable to wear my chastity cage.
    As far as what my preference for women – I don’t care. Yet most of my sex partners are hairy, only one shaves every day.

  4. I also like the no hair look Mistress agrees, That was one of the first rules besides Chastity that She gave me 20 years ago. Like collaredmichael I am the only one at the gym hairless and in chastity that I know of. If asked I am always honest because I wear a collar and piercings with BDSM tats it is hard not to 🙂

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