Right Over the Edge

We slept late this morning. The dog woke me up at 6:30 to go out and then I slept until 9. The dog woke Lion up at 9:30. We ate amazingly huge donuts from a local bakery very similar to Voodoo Donuts in Portland. They have ridiculously named donuts like Conan the Bavarian. Then we watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Just like most older movies we watch, I’ve seen parts of it but never the whole thing all the way through. I’m still not sure I’ve ever seen Casablanca end to end.

According to our weather station that sits in the blazing sun, it’s 96 degrees outside right now. Alexa assures us it’s 77. If I were to mow the lawn right now I’m betting I would broil. Perhaps that’s a chore better left till tomorrow morning. We have some errands to run and I have a lot more inside chores to keep me occupied.

Last night, I half-heartedly tried to arouse Lion. It didn’t seem like it would work at first. It’s been about a week since his last orgasm but our minds have been on other things. I must have hit just the right spot because suddenly he was hard. I stayed snuggled where I was so I wouldn’t scare his erection off. When I was sure it was here to stay, I sat up and started his hand job in earnest.

I had no idea if we’d get anywhere. He’s been difficult to read. As long as he was game, so was I. When I started to hear his faint moans and saw his toes point, I knew I was onto something. And then he was at the edge. I was afraid I’d already gone too far so I started up again very quickly. I didn’t want another ruined orgasm. He didn’t produce much semen but he definitely had a full orgasm.

Afterward, he told me I wasn’t really as close to a ruined orgasm as I thought. I could have edged him again. I’m just glad I was able to get him there. And he seemed like he got there more quickly than in the past few weeks. Maybe now we really are getting back to normal.