Mowing the Lion

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend here. I need to mow the lawn again and I need to get the camper ready for our trip in a few weeks. There are also the more boring tasks of cleaning and taking out the garbage and recyclables. I’m hoping we can also have some fun, in whatever form that takes.

Since it’s the weekend, Lion will ask if I want to wax him. No. I never want to wax him. He wants to be hair-free so I wax him. Or shave him or whatever else we’ve done over the years. I’ve never given much thought to whether he has hair or not. I realize hair can get tangled in the cage and on toys so it makes a certain amount of sense to wax him. I’m not sure why it became a near full body wax. I guess Lion likes the clean look and feel. I suppose if I’m mowing the lawn, the next logical step is to mow the lion.

For the record, I don’t normally see things I do for Lion as chores. When we play, it’s certainly not a chore. Even if it takes longer than normal to arouse him and get him to the edge, I don’t consider it a chore. Washing my weenie is not a chore. Putting drops in his eyes and taking care of him is not a chore. Waxing, to me, is a chore.

One could argue that I don’t get much out of many things I do for Lion. Sex is one-sided. Chastity is one-sided. FLRD is mostly one-sided. But I do these things because it brings us closer together. I love the closeness. Are there other ways to find that same closeness? I assume there must be. Not everyone practices what we practice. I would bet my life that my aunt and uncle, who always told everyone how happy and close they were, didn’t spank each other or tie each other to the bed. There are many avenues to the perfect marriage. And I’m not saying we have the perfect marriage. It’s 99 44/100 percent perfect, but only if you remember Ivory soap; which is too caustic for mouth-soaping so don’t try it.

I just think Lion and I are reacting differently to his seemingly unending health issues of late. He wants to get back to normal and I want a break. His way gets us back on track for normalcy in the bedroom. Mine gets us back on track for not having a doctor visit every few days. Give us some breathing room. Can we just have a week of not seeing a doctor? I guess that’s what the Memorial Day trip is for. Break the cycle.