A Lamb To Slaughter

I discovered that many things that are hot to think about are way less fun in reality. I imagine a lot of guys have learned this. The crazy part for me is that even though I know I hate the practice, the idea still turns me on.

The best example of this is diaper wearing. The idea of being made to wear a diaper and to pee in it is arousing to me. It’s not that I want to be a baby who has to wear a diaper. I am turned on by the sheer power Mrs. Lion has when she makes me wear one and pee in it.

Every time she makes me wear one, I hate it. It’s hot and uncomfortable. Sitting in a wet diaper is humiliating. The extra weight and bulk added by the urine contributes to making it even more unpleasant. You’d think I would get rid of every diaper in the house. That would make perfect sense.

I don’t. There is a package of them on the floor of our closet. Another package is in our camper.For the first hour or so after being told to wear one, I am aroused. It’s downhill from then on. I can’t wait until Mrs. Lion lets me escape.

When she makes me wear a wet diaper until I have to pee again, then put on a dry one and immediately wet it, things are even worse. I am always wearing a heavy, wet diaper. Thinking about that situation doesn’t fill me with dread. Oh no! It turns me on. I even like the idea of being made to wear one when out and about as well. I have plastic pants to wear over a diaper to prevent public leaks. I actually like that idea.I know I will hate actually having to do it.

The same incredible lack of logic applies to spankings. I get visibly aroused at the prospect of a spanking even though I know I will want to hide under the bed almost as soon as it starts. No matter how many times I’ve been spanked, I still anticipate4 it with excitement.

I once read that it is this insane anticipation that makes it possible for a woman, obviously not as strong as her mate, to get him to bare his ass and accept a beating. He actually gets turned on thinking about the spanking. Reality doesn’t set in until it is too late and he is being swatted.

You’d think that little trick would only work once. After that, he would realize what is coming and avoid it. You would be wrong. With me at least, I never learn my lesson. I willingly lie across the bed for a spanking. I promptly don my diaper when told. I never learn.


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      It’s ironic that we know it!

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