This will be Lion’s underwear. He will be wearing it at least from Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Lion may make him wear them longer.
At 8:32pm last night Mrs. Lion asked me if I forgot something. Oh crap! I forgot to remind her it was punishment day. Every Monday and Thursday are punishment days. I have until 8:30 pm to remind her. It looked like another spanking, the third in a row this week. She decided not to spank me again. Instead, I had to wear a diaper from the time I got home from work on Friday until the same time on Saturday. 24 hours in a diaper.

I’m allowed to change it after sitting in the wet diaper at least an hour. At least I won’t be sitting in a wet diaper all the time. For the record, I don’t enjoy sitting in a wet diaper. I’m not very fond with wearing a diaper for more than a few  hours. I really dislike wearing a wet one.

Anyway, we exchange emails all day when we have a free minute. I let Mrs. Lion know I will be in a diaper when I get home. Her answer was interesting:

“Spanking or diaper – your butt pays for your mistakes. ;-)”

There it is. At least part of every punishment is going to involve my butt. Fair enough. Spanking is the premier butt punishment. A diaper is a close second. Anal penetration is the last frontier for this, I suppose.

I know that Mrs. Lion is rethinking her punishment options. I’ve suggested that a punishment could have at least two stages: the butt stage and then something else. I described some of these options in my post the other day. Wearing a diaper is a very good punishment “dessert” too. It extends the punishment well beyond the spanking.

Something else is brand new: Mrs. Lion has tied sex in with her punishment. In her post yesterday, she wrote:

“Oh, and an unintended consequence of the punishment is that I don’t want to play with a stinky weenie so he won’t get any action until he’s out of the diaper and showered on Saturday afternoon/evening. Fair warning, Lion. We’ll snuggle, but no weenie rubs.”

That was her cute way of saying that part of the punishment is no sexual contact until at least 24 hours have passed. Other times I was in a diaper and she wanted to do something sexual, I would excuse myself and wash off. She never had to deal with a stinky weenie. Last night at dinner, I asked her about this new twist. She said that she had been thinking about taking sex away as part of a punishment for a while. She finally decided to give it a try.

In the past, I suggested that other disciplining wives included withholding sexual activity as part of their punishments. Mrs. Lion told me that wasn’t her style; one thing had nothing to do with the other. Apparently, now it does. I have to admit that it stings. I was very horny last night and even though I had no expectation of an orgasm, some edging would have been very nice. I have to be less forgetful and avoid punishment if I want any sexual stimulation.

We went out to dinner last night. Fortunately, I was in a dry diaper. Mrs. Lion told me that it didn’t show under my jeans. I managed to wait until we got home to pee. I’m not sure if anyone could see the extra bulge of my wet diaper. I’m glad I could avoid finding out. That doesn’t mean I won’t get a chance to learn today. It’s early yet.

For me, at least, the idea of wearing the diaper is arousing in the same way thinking about being spanked turns me on. The excitement about wearing a diaper (humiliation can turn me on) wears off after a relatively short time. I think that Mrs. Lion is absolutely right about making me wear it without a break. It doesn’t make sense to me to remove it to go out or to sleep.

To be precise, I am wearing “briefs”. They are built like a standard underwear brief, just thicker. I can pull them down and back up just like standard underwear. We also have true diapers with tape closures. These look like baby diapers and need to be changed. I just can’t pull them down and pull on another one. So far, we haven’t used the classic diaper.

I’m about to get myself into trouble. I don’t think 24 hours is enough time to make it unpleasant enough to make a strong point. An entire weekend would assure that I have to wear one when we go out. If Mrs. Lion wants me to use one during the week, if they don’t show under jeans, she could make me wear one to work as well as when we are home. That is new, scary territory.

Anyway, that’s Mrs. Lion’s decision. Right now I will be in a diaper all afternoon today and most of tomorrow. Life is nothing, if not interesting, around the lions’ den.