Which is More Fun ?

I was so distracted yesterday I misrepresented Lion’s thoughts on maintenance spanking. I should have reread his post before I offered my tarnished two cents.

Today, however, I’m more on the ball. The hurricane is weakening and it has changed its course a little. The winds may not be as strong but my family will probably still get a lot of rain. Overall, a better scenario than they were looking at yesterday.

I decided to use the Magic Wand on Lion last night. It’s only been a few days since his last orgasm and I figured he could use the boost. He got hard fairly quickly and eventually made it to the edge. Had he made it to the edge again I was considering another orgasm. Alas, the Magic Wand was too much for him and we stopped. I’m not at all disappointed. We’ll keep trying till we get it right.

While I was edging him the second time, I was trying to decide if I like frustrating him or giving him an orgasm more. Each has its merits. Keeping him frustrated does not mean he’ll bow at my feet or give me back rubs. He doesn’t turn into my slave when he’s horny. Getting an orgasm doesn’t mean he ignores me until he’s horny again.

I think the best part of keeping him frustrated is that he’s usually so quick to attention when we play. Sometimes it seems like a gentle breeze will do it. Giving him an orgasm generates my favorite snack. And Lion makes such great noises when he has an orgasm.

There’s not really a down side to edging him. He will make silly little comments about being horny. For example, if he drops something on the floor, he might say he wouldn’t have done that if he wasn’t so horny. Similarly, the only downside to giving him an orgasm is that he might not be ready for action for a few days. Neither are major things.

I guess it all depends on my mood. Do I find it amusing at the time that he’s so horny and wants to come so badly that I just let him suffer? Do I see how hard he’s working to hump my hand for that orgasm that I let him achieve his goal? Yes, to both. And no, to both. One night I might think it’s funny he’s working so hard, knowing that I won’t let him finish. Another night I might see that beautiful penis that’s waited so long for an orgasm, even if it’s only been a few days, that he’s so hard and the tip is so full, that I let him come.

At one point in our journey, I’d ask him if he wanted to come. Of course he’d say yes. I’m not sure what I’d have done if he said no. But then Lion got to the point that he wanted me to decide. He’d tell me it was up to me even if he was desperate. So I stopped asking. Now I just stop and tell him it doesn’t look like his night. Unless, of course, I start in again and let him come.

You just never can tell what I’m going to do when it comes to orgasms.

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