Dangerous Storm

I completely forgot about writing a post for today. I didn’t have anything to say anyway, but I got caught up in the hurricane mess heading for North and South Carolina. I have family in North Carolina and I’m trying to figure out what sort of wind speed and how much rain will hit them. It’s a massive storm so it’s bound to hit them fairly hard and for a long time. They aren’t on the coast so that’s a plus. I’m just hoping they’ve battened down the hatches and have enough food and water. What more can you do?

This morning, Lion talked about maintenance spanking in his post. I have to say, I’m a little confused. Wouldn’t it be good to follow the rules so well you aren’t being punished? I understand he likes to feel my power. I mean, I don’t understand it, but I realize he likes to feel my power. Do I have to swat him for him to feel it?

Maybe what I need to do is find more things to punish him for. He made the floor creak when he walked across the room. Swats! He didn’t turn off the kitchen light when he left the room. Swats! There was an extra pair of socks in the laundry. Swats! I know these are silly reasons but at least they’re reasons.

We did have need for maintenance spankings at one point. When we tried to institute them again a few months ago, Lion would have wound up getting swatted whether he was being punished or not. That’s not fair. I don’t want him to break a rule on purpose just to get punished. I don’t have an answer at the moment.

If you’re in the path of the storm, please be safe.

[Lion — I made the same point about maintenance spankings. But I also said that we need practice, hence batting  practice]

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