Frilly Panties And A Wet Diaper

liom in thong panties
Here I am in a pair of panties Mrs. Lion picked out for me..
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Our move is almost complete. Yesterday, Mrs. Lion picked up the last of our belongings and left our keys in our old house.

You come across the darndest things when packing to move. I discovered that I have at least a dozen pairs of panties. They were jammed on one side of a drawer. I had no idea my collection was so extensive. We’ve made more shopping trips to buy panties than days I’ve actually had to wear them.

I’m not complaining. Women’s panties don’t turn me on to wear and are much less comfortable than my men’s boxer briefs.

We also turned up a ton of diapers. It’s been a very long time since Mrs. Lion made me wear one. That too is another example of something that is way more exciting to think about than to actually wear.

Obviously, I don’t have a panty or diaper fetish. It is hot to think about being made to wear either under my clothes. Of course, since I’ve been working from home, I don’t wear clothes most of the time.

Given that we both seem to have forgotten about diapers and panties, that doesn’t mean I won’t be wearing them in the future. Mrs. Lion likes to mix things up sometimes, and will instruct me put on a pair of panties or a diaper. When it’s a diaper, she knows that wearing a dry one feels pretty much like wearing regular underwear. To make sure that I am aware I’m wearing a diaper and not underwear, she makes me wear a wet one until I have to pee again. Then, I can change it just in time to wet the new one.

I am wearing a dry diaper in this image. It will stay on me even after I wet it. I can only change it when I am ready to pee again.

Wet diapers don’t smell bad (they have some sort of odor preventing stuff in them), but the absorbed liquid is heavy and the diaper becomes swollen and sags. So, I spend my day pulling up a wet diaper that keeps trying to fall off.

Panties just don’t feel right when I wear them. I can’t forget I’m wearing them because of that. I think that’s the entire point of wearing them. Either diapers or panties are uncomfortable enough to remind me who is in charge. It isn’t so bad that I am desperate to get back to either being naked or wearing my own, male underwear.

When I’m required to wear either, they stay on even if we go out. It does feel a bit odd going out to dinner wearing panties or a wet diaper.

For us, that’s the entire point. It isn’t the excitement of a fetish. Instead, it’s the constant reminder that I am not in control. I suppose it’s a good thing to remind me of that every so often by making me wear frilly panties or a wet diaper. If I enjoyed wearing either, making me put one on would just be feeding my fetish.

I definitely have a bondage fetish. That’s why I like wearing a chastity device. It’s 24/7 penis bondage. When I wear one I don’t necessarily feel the power Mrs. Lion has over me. However, when she takes me out and edges me repeatedly, then locks me back up without an orgasm, I feel her power.

She brings me to the point when I start humping air and whimper when she let’s go just before I can get relief. She’s become an expert at this. I just know that this time she’s going to let me ejaculate.

Oh no!

She stopped just a couple of strokes too soon. I’m left panting and humping air. Then, when I calm down just a bit, her hand returns and gives me just a few quick strokes. The first few times she does this I’m excited but not ready to blow. It doesn’t take long after she begins this rhythm that I’m on the edge again. I’m so close, she sometimes accidentally gives me a ruined orgasm. Most of the time she stops just millimeters before I can come.

Mrs. Lion generally repeats this cycle three or more times before stopping. Sometimes, she continues doing it over and over until I just can’t have an orgasm even if she masturbates me continuously. We say that I’m broken at that point. Apparently, you can’t edge a man indefinitely. Eventually, he just gives up on a physical level. That’s its own special kind of hell. Mrs. Lion can keep stimulating me. I’ll stay hard and feel excited. No matter how long she does this, I never get close to ejaculating.

A lot of women’s enjoy post-orgasmic torture (POT). Just after ejaculating most men experience extreme sensitivity on the heads of their penises. It doesn’t happen to me every time, but it is frequent enough to make POT a fun activity. It’s extremely easy to do. Immediately after the orgasm, vigorously rub the head of the penis. You better hold onto the shaft tightly with the other hand because he will work very hard to try to get away. I generally have enough control to stay in position, but I can’t help squirming trying to get away from that horrible feeling.

Now that we are beginning to get moved in, I expect Mrs. Lion will have some surprises in store for me. Stay tuned.