Wash Between Your Teeth

Last night I had to punish Lion for being a know-it-all. When he was in spanking position I asked him why I was punishing him. He told me and I started out slowly. When his cheeks were rosy I asked how it felt. He said it hurt. Good. I started in on the punishment phase.

He did better at holding still. He wiggled a little and I had to pause to let him get back in position but it was nowhere near as bad as when he rolled completely away. Then I stopped and asked if he was done. He thought he was. Nope. I whacked him harder for a little bit. But even then he wasn’t done.

I called him into the bathroom where I had a mouth-sized piece of soap all lathered up for him. It was one of the remnants of the soap we use in the shower. I knew it would come in handy for something. I didn’t time it so I don’t know exactly how long he held it in his mouth, but he rinsed and made funny faces for a while afterwards.

A while later I edged him. I didn’t want to do a ruined orgasm this time. He hadn’t been horny for a few days after the last one. I don’t know if there’s really a direct correlation or if he just wasn’t interested. No big deal. I can repeat the experiment in the future.

What I did want to do is leave him as frustrated as possible. Mission accomplished! He was not a happy boy. He said he really wanted to come. Perfect! For me, that is. Not so perfect for Lion.


  1. That sounds like a punishment night !

  2. He is learning. He will be tasting soap for a couple days.

    1. The flavor didn’t last long at all.

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