We use Alexa to set timers for Lion’s eye drops. Sometimes she says she sets the timer, but then it never goes off. We also use Alexa to time spanking. Luckily she always goes off then. I think it may be an issue with subsequent timers. She rarely misses the first one. I decided to use Alexa for the edging timer. She cheats.

First of all, we played earlier in the day. It may only have been by an hour, but it was earlier. I started with a dildo. It was a big dildo, but I thought I would make him nervous after he questioned how I could continue playing with him if I don’t get turned on by it. I didn’t really think it would go in, at least not very far. When he suggested a smaller dildo, I found one and got that one in quite far. We haven’t done any anal activity in a long time, so I knew we wouldn’t get very far, but I wanted to try to get Lion more turned on. He also seemed excited by the timer idea.

I made sure Lion was well on the way to being hard before I set a five-minute timer. I wondered if Lion would think ten minutes of sucking would feel longer than ten minutes of spanking. We’ll never know. Alexa went off after five minutes. I continued to suck and set her for five more minutes. I was wondering if Lion would make it to the edge or not. He didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Then, every so often, he made a little noise that seemed like he might. Of course, there was no reason I couldn’t set another timer if he didn’t get there in the allotted time.

It became clear that he was getting somewhere. His noises increased, and soon I had my cream filling. The odd thing was that he wasn’t all that hard when he came, and it didn’t seem to be a big one even though there was a lot of semen. There really doesn’t seem to be any correlation between how long he waits, how big an orgasm it is, and how much semen comes out. The timer hadn’t gone off, so I thought he’d gotten there before the five-minute mark. A few minutes later, I asked Lion if he had stopped the time after we were done. He hadn’t. There was no timer set. Alexa had cheated so he could have his orgasm.

I just know the two of them are working together. Be wary of artificial intelligence. Just sayin’.

Wishful thinking, but I thought it was Friday. I’m so tired. I want to say I’ll be able to rest this weekend, but it looks like I’ll be doing more fencing. The Houdini dog climbed through the lilac bush and got out yesterday. It’s not like it’s a waste. She needs more room to run. I have to figure out exactly how to do an effective fence that doesn’t cost too much.

Even with all the reconfiguring of the current fence and assorted other chores, I still had the energy to play with Lion. We didn’t get very far, but I tried. He says he’s stuck. I’m using all the tricks I know to help. Good thing I’m persistent. I may have to give up each night, but I come back for more the next night or a few nights later. Eventually, I will prevail. Lion will have an orgasm, and we will continue as before.

Sometimes Lion sabotages himself by worrying about things he can’t necessarily control. He worries about his job. He worries that I’ll get tired of him. He worries that he’s selfish. Now I’m sure he’s worried about the puppy. She is a handful. I’m not sure if he’s worrying now. I mean, I know he’s worrying. I don’t know if that’s what’s keeping him from getting to the edge and beyond.

Regardless of the reason, I’ll continue to give him every opportunity to get to the edge. Whether I let him have an orgasm or not is another matter. We can’t cross the finish line if we can’t get the car started.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Lion is trying to keep me from giving him an orgasm. About a week ago, he said I probably wanted to give him one so I wouldn’t have to deal with him again for a while. I did indeed want to give him one, but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to deal with him. I thought he was due, and I wanted to do it. I tried the night before we picked up the puppy. He couldn’t get to the edge.

Since the puppy got here, we’ve been tired. It’s like having a baby. Worse, actually. Babies are confined to a crib for most of the first few months. The first few months of having a puppy consist of asking, “Have you seen the puppy?” and saying, “Don’t chew that! Don’t pee there! Put that down! Get out of there!” There’s also a lot of “No!!!” As you can imagine, this doesn’t leave much time for sexual activity. Well, there’s time. There isn’t much energy.

I’ve wanted to give Lion an orgasm for over a week. I have to remind myself that I changed my mind when he said I wanted to give him one just to be rid of him for a while. The point is moot because I can’t seem to get him to the edge. I know he doesn’t have much say in the matter. I’m sure he could sabotage himself and not get hard, but I don’t think he can make himself get hard without going to the edge. I’m also sure it’s not me. What I mean by that is I’m not thinking I don’t turn him on anymore. None of the “poor Mrs. Lion” stuff. I know he goes through slumps, and maybe this is one of them. I’m also pretty sure it could be the inconsistency of things lately. Will we play tonight? I don’t know. He’s tired. I’m tired. We’re tired. Maybe we’ll play tonight but not tomorrow night and then maybe not the night after that, but Wednesday will be a good day.

It also occurs to me after I’ve been sucking him for a while that I should have brought out the rope or the clothespins or shoved a butt plug in to get the party started. I know that helps sometimes. I won’t say it’s a cure-all, but it can help. I’ll try to remember one of those playthings tonight, so my plaything can get more turned on. And maybe I’ll give him that orgasm I’ve been waiting for.

This paddle is surprisingly painful.

Mrs. Lion kept her promise to spank me on Thursday night. She is good that way (humph!). She used a variety of paddles. As agreed, she started with the heavy slapper (see her post from yesterday). It’s big and heavy with five layers of thick leather. She had some difficulty using it. It will take practice to whomp with it. It is extremely thuddy. It almost feels good.

She also used the heart-shaped paddle. That stings like hell. I hate it. Then she gave a couple of swats with the paddle guaranteed to cut me. It has sharp edges on heart-shaped cutouts. I have no idea what possessed her to use it. She knows that each swat will draw blood. Could it be that Mrs. Lion has a liking for drawing blood? She set the spanking timer for ten minutes. She stopped at about seven minutes. The puppy was licking my hand and trying to make me feel better. What a sweet dog! I think that and the blood influenced Mrs. Lion’s decision to stop.

The points on the hearts draw blood with each swat.

I learned something. That heart-shaped paddle is *very* effective. It stings like hell. I suspect that because the face is fairly large, it delivers an even red. All I know is that I was yelping from the first swat. I do not like it one bit.

Mrs. Lion also teased me. She gave me a long session of oral attention. I didn’t make it to the edge, but got close. I’m not sure why I’m having trouble getting all the way, but Mrs. Lion is willing to keep pushing. She’s made it clear that an orgasm isn’t forthcoming soon. I’m OK with that, he said gritting his teeth.

Work on my second novel is going slow. I’m in my third reading of Stein on Writing. It’s an amazing guide to writing good fiction. I’m working very hard to improve. I re-titled my first book. It was Fan Mail. That title didn’t get much reader reaction. It’s now called Vacation with a Stranger: She liked his picture and invited him to spend a week with her on Maui. If you can, please read and review it. All of the reviews for the old title are lost. I would appreciate your help.