I can’t tell you how good it was to get home last night. The dog went nuts. She couldn’t run around fast enough to show me how much she missed me. I think it was on my layover, when I was talking to Lion, he put me on speaker and she looked for me when she heard my voice. But nothing compared to the chaos of actually walking through the door. Lion tried to come out of the bedroom to greet me, but decided it was better to wait for me rather than have the dog knock him over. She wouldn’t have done it on purpose. She almost knocked me over a few times in her frenzy.

I stopped and grabbed dinner for us on the way home. I didn’t think either of us would want to cook or even figure out what to eat. Burgers and fries sounded good. It wasn’t the food that mattered. It was the company. I was tired. I’d been up since 7 am, which is 4 am west coast time. Obviously, whatever time it said on our bedroom clock, my body said it was three hours later. Despite that, I managed to make it till after 11 before we went to bed. And we woke up at 7. And then we went back to sleep again. I’m still tired but it’s more of a normal tired.

Based on Lion’s post from this morning, I’m not sure if he wants an orgasm or not. Maybe he wants an orgasm, but he doesn’t want me to tell him when he’s getting it. I was going to give him an orgasm whether he wanted it or not just to “reset” the clock. I don’t think he wants that. So what do I do? If I try to arouse him and it doesn’t work, do I just give up for the day? He seemed to like the idea of being tied to the bed, but seems to want more than that. He doesn’t want wham bam thank you ma’am. I can understand that. He also said he knows he’s a chore, which I’ve told him a million times he’s not. But if I think I’m not doing wham bam thank you ma’am and he does, we’ve gotten our signals crossed again.

I’m pretty sure he won’t tell me what he wants, except that he wants me to be in charge. I guess I’ll just do what I think I should do and see if that lines up with what he wants. Yeah. That won’t end poorly. I’m going to cross my fingers and go in with a positive attitude. We’re going to have fun. I’m going to get Lion excited, he’ll make it to the edge, and he may or may not have an orgasm. It’ll be my little secret.

[Lion — I think Mrs. Lion was very tired when she read my post from yesterday (Link). I said that a businesslike jerkoff is an expected activity. I also didn’t say I would be unhappy if I got to ejaculate tonight. I think it would be very nice. Perhaps a re-read of the post is in order.]

I asked Lion if he was horny. He said he might be. Why do I bother? I just went around and unlocked him and told him I was going to suck him. I know he likes it better when I tell him what I want, but I’d like to know if it’s got any chance of working before I order him across the bed. I mean, if he’s not interested at all, it makes no sense for me to do it. From his point of view, I guess the mere act of ordering him might be the thing that flips the switch. I hope he’d give me a genuine head’s up if he wasn’t feeling well or knew it wouldn’t work.

However, last night it worked. Of course, Lion didn’t think it worked completely because I didn’t give him an orgasm. I knew he wasn’t getting one. I’m pretty sure I said in my post that he wasn’t getting one. A lion can hope. I got him very, very close a few times. I think that’s a big win. He was very excited and very disappointed he didn’t get his happy ending. I’d say tonight is another night, but there’s the matter of punishment to deal with first.

As I said yesterday, Lion didn’t sleep well Tuesday night. He was tired yesterday and slept after his shower. He blames that for forgetting to set up the coffee pot. If I was going to fall for an excuse, that wouldn’t be it. The problem is that he fell asleep after his 5 pm deadline to set up the coffee pot. He walked past me a few times. My desk is in this sort of not-a-hallway, not-a-real-room area between the bedroom, his office, and the rest of the house. I wasn’t paying attention to where he was going, but he had ample opportunity to do his job. The other excuse he tried was that he was writing. Yup. And I was making dinner when I took a minute to put the pieces together and put water in the reservoir between stirring this and not burning that. Life goes on.

Maybe a sore butt will turn him on more. Let’s see how sore I can get him tonight.

I did a Costco run yesterday and then mowed part of the lawn. I was tired and achy, but not as tired and achy as I usually am after doing that much. Maybe it’s because I’m normally more tired and achy now anyway. When I was ready to settle in after my shower, Lion suggested watching a documentary series about New York City that we started last weekend. I don’t know how many parts there are, but we’re learning a lot even though Lion lived deep in the heart of Manhattan for most of his life. We were snuggled in for the night, and we didn’t do anything sexual.

Assuming the stew meat thaws enough (I just took it out of the freezer a few minutes ago), we’ll be filling the house with yummy stew smells. Most of the work is letting it cook on the stove or in the oven, so there will be time for Lion attention. Even if he has to wait until after dinner, he’ll get some action. I should have looked for the restraints over the weekend when I had more time, but I didn’t. I have a rough idea of where they are, so finding them may not be too hard. I don’t want to promise I’ll be tying him down tonight.

Part of me wants to entice him with talk of an orgasm. The past few times we’ve played, he hasn’t been able to make it to the edge. I wonder if he’d go charging up the hill with the knowledge that he’d be king of said hill. Perhaps he needs me to find those restraints first. Nothing seems to turn him on more than being tied up. I guess I’ll need to make time to find them for tonight after all. Spread-eagle and blindfolded. Who needs stew when you have a yummy Lion?

Lion had an MRI yesterday. Now we wait for the results. I hope they let him know the outcome on Monday, but I don’t know how realistic that is. He may have to make an appointment to go over them. I guess it depends on what they find. Waiting may be worse than the actual test.

I don’t know if Lion was in the mood for anything last night. I played with my weenie a bit. He didn’t get very hard, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t enjoying himself. The angle is wrong for any lengthy play. My arm started to hurt so I didn’t try very long. For a while I’ve wondered if there’s a nerve in the arm that’s similar to the sciatic nerve in the leg. It turns out there is. If it flares up like a sciatic then it should be letting go soon. I’m not saying we can’t play until then. I’m just saying the mystery has been solved.

At some point today I’ll bring out the spanking bench. We have no appointments. I’m not working. I just have the regular old weekend things to do. There’s no reason I can’t whomp a Lion. If I do it early enough, I can even play with him. I don’t know if it will be as adventurous as anal play or tying him to the bed, but we can certainly do something. It’s been a while since his last orgasm. I have to edge him to prime the pump and maybe tomorrow he might get lucky. Of course, one could argue that he gets lucky every time I give him attention. It depends on what you consider getting lucky.

Now that his MRI is behind him, there’s no need to worry about metal accessories. I can lock him away again. The first step is remembering to do it. Spanking, edging, locking. Spanking, edging, locking. That will be my mantra for the day.