While it’s usually Lion looking forward to an orgasm, I find myself looking forward to one, his, of course. I edged him once last night and I was going for another but he petered out. Damn! I need to get him horny enough for an orgasm.

No, he hasn’t had a long wait. It’s only been fourteen days. It isn’t even a long wait over the past few months. However, I was going to try for three orgasms this month, for no other reason than because I wanted to. Lion’s average last year seemed a bit lacking so I was going to up my game. I can’t do that if Lion isn’t cooperating.

In his defense, his shoulder has been hurting and we went to Costco yesterday so his legs were sore. Since he doesn’t leave the house very often, he’s not so used to walking. I was thinking of that last night and I realized that he never understood why walking through Costco would make me so achy and tired I couldn’t play with him. I guess that’s the problem with not understanding other people’s health conditions. Some people will tell depressed people to snap out of it as if they can really control their depression that easily. Hey, snap out of your breast cancer! Nope. That doesn’t work either.

All I can do is keep playing with Lion and hope that eventually he’ll be horny enough for an orgasm. Maybe that’ not entirely true. He may very well be horny enough for an orgasm already. It’s his body that may not be playing along. After all, the other night he was horny but his shoulder was hurting. We’ve got to get the planets aligned for an orgasm. Maybe he needs a nice play spanking to get the juices flowing.

I’ll keep working on him. We’ll get there.

Not only did we not play any earlier last night, but we also didn’t do anything anal. Lion was snoozing while I took care of the dinner dishes and he didn’t like the idea of having a butt plug inserted while he was still groggy. I can’t say I blame him. I know a butt plug isn’t exactly comfortable for him, but you’ve got to want one to “enjoy” it.

Despite not having anal activity, Lion was ready for action. I’m not quite sure what changed from one night to the next (I guess I never am), but he was definitely horny. He made it to the edge fairly quickly. I got him there twice before I had to stop.

I seem to be having a problem when it comes to sucking Lion. I think when he’s excited he tends to roll his hips and that changes the angle. It strains my neck and I’m not able to continue for long after that. I’ve tried moving up a bit, figuring that might change the angle back, but I’ve had limited success so far. It doesn’t happen all the time. Last night I was thinking maybe I needed to be on a pillow to elevate myself, but I’m not sure it’s about my being higher. This afternoon I wondered if it’s the angle of Lion’s body that does it. That might explain why it happens sometimes and not others.

Maybe if Lion is in more of a sitting position it would help. I’m not suggesting he sit up. If his head and back are elevated, if he does roll his hips they might not move away from me. It’s worth a try at least. Not only would I be more comfortable, but I’d also be able to suck Lion longer. Of course, he doesn’t care about longer necessarily. He just needs me to suck him long enough. He talks a good game, but I know he likes being frustrated. I guess it makes the orgasm feel that much sweeter when it finally happens.

When Lion is due for a punishment, I usually give it to him before I take my shower. I figure he’ll have that long to recuperate and a while later we can have some fun. However, last night he was snoozing off and on through Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. He was also snoozing when I went to take my shower. I decided to let him snooze. Obviously he was tired. I can always whomp him today.

When it was time to play, I decided to have some clothespin fun. Of course, Lion doesn’t necessarily consider it fun. That’s because I find all those “good” spots that he’d rather I miss. And, when I know I’ve hit a good spot, I flick and pull the clothespin so it hurts even more. He usually gets pretty hard so I know he’s not really in too much pain. Besides, the wincing just makes it more fun.

Eventually, I yanked all the clothespins off and asked if he’d rather be sucked or have me continue with my handwork. He opted for sucking. I figured he would. Initially, he said I was sucking too hard. Is there such a thing? I backed off and he seemed to be doing better. As soon as I got him to the edge, I took a peek at his whiteboard where he shows his wait time. He was at 14 days. I debated in my head whether I should just edge him or if 14 days was enough of a wait. Then I was trying to remember how many orgasms he had last year. He wrote a post about it but I can’t remember. [Lion — I had 33 orgasms in 2020. I’ve had 272 in the last 5 years. This is an average of 54/year.] Then I was trying to figure out if two orgasms a month (on average) would match last year or if that’s too few. Lion would probably say it’s too few. And I was trying to decide if he’d be upset about getting an orgasm so soon, given the fact that he’s only been pretty horny for the past week or so.

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In the end, it was taking him so long to get there, I almost gave up. Everything was hurting. I was determined. I needed him to make it. I also needed to stop. I pushed both of us on. I knew he was close. I just had to get him closer. And finally I did. Finally. I got a nice mouthful of yummy goodness and he got less frustrated. And now the count starts again.

Last night I was able to get Lion to the edge. I knew I hadn’t the other night but I thought the previous nights I had. I’m not sure now. At any rate, he got there last night and I guess that’s all that matters. Although, he did miss a key part of something I was doing.

While I was sucking him, I was squeezing his balls lightly. At first I was only using my left hand. The right wasn’t in a good position to do it. When I was sure I was on the right track, I shifted to allow my right hand in on the fun. Now each hand had a ball to squeeze. Again, I wasn’t doing it hard and he seemed to be responding to it. I think I edged him three or four times before I gave my weenie a little kiss and left him to recover.

A little while later, I asked him if he liked my squeezing his balls. He said he didn’t notice. Hmmm. He said he was otherwise occupied. Yeah. I get that. But I know he knows when I tickle his balls. You’d think he’d notice when I squeeze them. Maybe he did notice on some level and that’s why it seemed like he was responding. Maybe his brain, depleted of blood flow, couldn’t register it. That’s what I choose to believe.

The other night I was thinking about using clothespins on him. When I started to snuggle with him and test the waters, he bounced right out from under the covers, ready to be sucked. I certainly wasn’t going to discourage him by my need to use clothespins. I don’t have a need to use them. I just figured they’d help him get excited. No harm, no foul. Maybe I just want it on the record that I was prepared to use them. We talked about needing more BDSM. Perhaps Lion has turned a corner and is getting back to his horny self. I like that. But there’s nothing saying we can’t use those clothespins even if he is a horny boy.