clothespins on lion's balls

It seems Lion didn’t know he was the one who had to decide when to do a boner shot. Have I not been saying it for at least a week now? I even mentioned that it might be difficult for him because he has a hard time initiating. It doesn’t make any sense for me to decide when to do it because if he’s not in the mood, there’s no reason to waste the boner juice. Could he get in the mood if I make him do one and then tie him to the bed? Of course. However, I don’t want to take that chance. [Lion — No risk there! That would be big fun!]

Once again, he forgot to do his workday email. I didn’t even notice. I’ve been learning yet another new thing at work, and I guess I’ve been preoccupied with that. When I read his post for today, I realized he had forgotten. We both forgot. Last night, I wasn’t in the mood to spank him. I was waiting for him to do a boner shot after his shower. For a long time, he said one problem with his not being able to get an erection was that we played too late. He wanted sex earlier. I guess now that he can have a boner on demand, we don’t have to play early.

After dinner, when our bellies were full of minestrone soup, he asked me to bring him the Edex. I hadn’t planned what I was going to do to him. I still haven’t looked for the restraints. But clothespins and rope are usually easy to find. I picked clothespins. He did the shot, and I did the clothespins. In between yanking on the clothespins, I yanked on the weenie. And when I’d pulled all the clothespins off, slowly over time, I asked if he wanted me to suck him. Silly question, I know.

I admit it. I was mean. I got him going, and I stopped when he was getting close. Meanie. He was surprised. I’ve been somewhat afraid to edge him again, but since we’re back to playing, I figured edging is back on the table, too. I considered doing it a second time, but I really wanted him to have an orgasm, and stopping again might have made that less possible. So, he had his orgasm, and I had my cream filling.

Remember yesterday when I said I wasn’t going to make any promises for the weekend? Yeah. This is why I don’t do new year’s resolutions. I never keep them. I’ve decided we’re playing after lunch. Now, it may not be right after lunch since it takes a little bit to digest, but not long after lunch, we’ll play. Nope. I haven’t found the damn Velcro. I haven’t even looked yet. But Lion wants attention earlier and we do have the football game later, so early attention he’ll get.

Lion has been talking about masturbation lately. Does that mean he wants to masturbate? I’m not sure he can anymore. I may have trained it out of him. Of course, if he wants to do it, I can try to train it back into him. As far as I’m concerned, unless I’m not doing enough for him or if he wants me to watch him do it, there’s no need for him to masturbate. He did it because I wasn’t giving him enough sex. I may not be now either. Sometimes he feels it’s never enough. On the other hand, there are times I want to give him sex and he’s not up for it. He insists I should do it anyway. I haven’t had much luck with that.

A while ago, I decided to give Lion an orgasm every time we play. Is that rational? What if it’s one of those cases where he’s just not horny enough for an orgasm? Maybe he’s not going to get anywhere near the edge. He’s horny, and he wants sex, but the planets have not aligned. I was never very good at reading whether he wanted to be edged or really wanted an orgasm. I’ve been positive he wanted an orgasm, given it to him, and then he says he wanted to wait longer. The opposite has been true on occasion too. These are the “can’t win” times.

Another scenario is that I think he’s never going to get near the edge so I stop only for him to say he was near or getting there. This, I guess, is one of the problems of his not talking during sex. I mean I don’t want him to say, “oooh baby, oooh baby.” That’s not him. It’s just difficult for me to tell where he is on the horniness/nearing-the-edge scale. You’d think by now I’d know. Nope. He’s still a mystery.

[Lion — I don’t always know either. Sometimes I go from 20 to 100 in a few seconds. I wish I had more warning. I guess I can try to signal when I feel something happening. On the subject of masturbation, I’m not sure I can do it anymore. I don’t know if it matters. It’s just something that I haven’t done in nearly a decade. I prefer Mrs. Lion doing it for me, anyway.]

I actually followed through with what I planned last night. Lion told me when he was getting ready to take a shower. I was able to sneak away from my desk for a few minutes so I could spank him. When he came out of the shower, I had the massage table all set up, and we moved on to that. I tied his balls up to get him excited. I teased him almost to the edge and stopped. And then I did it again. I’m such a bitch. To make matters worse, I sucked him just before I told him I was done with him. Yup. A bitch.

Afterward, he asked if he was harder this time. I’m not sure I can answer that. There are fluctuations in his hardness. He was nice and hard this time, but was it different from times before? I don’t know. He’s looking for confirmation that the penis pump is helping. I just can’t give him an answer. I do know that I’m looking forward to sucking him tonight. I liked doing it last night. And now that my dizziness seems to have stopped, I want to do it tonight.

I’m hoping we’re both done with whatever illnesses we may have had. We missed a lot of spanking and sex for a few weeks. Maybe we can get things back to normal. We’ve got one night under our belts so far. Let’s go for two tonight.

We did some more reconfiguring of our audio-visual area of the bedroom and, as often happens, needed new parts in the process. I went off to buy them while Lion configured things on the remote. The whole process took a few hours, and I didn’t get a chance to write a post yesterday. Lion also, as you probably noticed, did not write a post this morning. I’d like to say we’re back on track, but I never know what’s going to happen next.

The one thing I can be sure of is that Lion had some fun last night. I asked him the silly question, “Do you want me to suck you?”. He responded that it was, indeed, a silly question and moved across the bed. I don’t know how many days it had been since his last orgasm. I don’t know how many days it was since we last did anything sexual. I just knew that I wanted to suck him. I was prepared for him to say no since his post the other day was about telling me no when I asked if he wanted to do anything. If he had said no, I was going to tell him it was too bad. I wanted to suck him, and that’s what I was going to do. Happily, we seemed to be on the same page.

I had no idea if we’d get to the edge. I was just playing it by ear. Literally. I was listening to his breathing to know when he was getting closer. Just to be sure he knew who was in charge, I stopped once he got reasonably close to the edge. I figured it was about the time he might be thinking he was going to go all the way. Then I started again. When he was closer but still not quite there, I stopped again. He was breathing faster. Would I start again or leave him hanging? He had no idea, but I’m sure he was happy when I started again.

I wasn’t even sure if I’d stop again. I didn’t have a plan one way or the other. My desire to make him happy won out. I kept going right on over the edge. It seemed like a big orgasm. He said it was when I asked. However, no cream filling for me. Poor me. Lion thinks he’s broken. I’m glad he had such a wonderful orgasm, even if I didn’t get any bonus from it. I love giving him orgasms.