The Wind Is From The East — Change Is Coming

Yesterday was punishment day in the lions’ den. I sent Mrs. Lion an email reminding her of the day. I also suggested that since I had so much trouble holding still for my punishment on Monday, that a maintenance spanking might help me learn. I know what you are thinking, “That lion is truly stupid!”

Mrs. Lion replied immediately that she would be happy to do it. I sent back, “Poor lion.” She replied that she remembered I acted like a know-it-all on our anniversary, Wednesday night. She had visited a sleep specialist and I provided unwelcome information (also probably incorrect). She went on to say that it wasn’t too serious…but. I wrote back and asked if that means it won’t be a maintenance spanking. She agreed.

Even though she was a day late discussing it, Mrs. Lion took a bold step. She called me to account for behavior that actually bothered her. This is the second time. The first was last week when she caught me interrupting her. I was punished for that on Monday. She spanked me and then made me sit in the corner on the punishment stool. That was very uncomfortable.

That’s when I tried to roll away from her paddle. At the time she told me that rolling away just increased the spanking. I couldn’t detect any change and she didn’t point out when she would have stopped if I had held still. I think that would be valuable. I would have then felt the pain of failing to do what I am supposed to do. As it stood, the pain all blended together into a most unpleasant spanking.

Lioness 3.0 is more and more visible. Apparently, her evolution is shared by other disciplining wives. Julie, of Strict Julie Spanks, wrote a comment suggesting she evolved along similar lines as Mrs. Lion. I never considered that our experience with spanking and punishment followed a common path with anyone.

Most of the blogs I read that are written by disciplining women, talk about current experiences. These women have very evolved disciplinary relationships. It doesn’t matter if the reason they spank is for BDSM or for punishment, they’ve always been much more severe than Mrs. Lion.

Of course that’s changed. Lioness 2.0 is in the big leagues now. She may not be as severe as Julie, but I have no doubt that she’ll get to that point soon enough. Mrs. Lion appears to be adding extras to punishment spankings; at least she did on Monday. The punishment stool is no very easily accessible in the guest room. She’s occasionally mentioned mouth soaping and diapers as well.

Between “play” and punishment I expect to experience a lot going forward. We managed to get out of practice. It’s just way too easy to veg out in front of the TV. I think the wind is now blowing in a different direction.


  1. “It’s just way too easy to veg out in front of the TV.”
    In the case of my wife it is the damn cell phone and endless Facebook crap to keep her attention.

    1. Author

      I know what you mean! Mrs. Lion is making a strong effort to spend quality time with me. I’m grateful for her attention.

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