99 44/100% Pure

ivory soap
This bar was inserted in my mouth after first soaping my tongue and entire interior of my mouth.

It finally happened. On Monday night Mrs. Lion washed my mouth out with soap. I had interrupted her over the weekend and on our Monday punishment night she decided to do something about it.

She started by spanking me. She used a very mean paddle. However, she used it with great skill. She started with lighter swats and built up. She used a steady rhythm, building up force quickly. She was great judging how I took the pain. When I was just about to yell, “Yellow!” she backed off. I didn’t have to tell her. She could have gone much further, but apparently didn’t want to bruise me.

Once done, she went into the bathroom, turned on the water in the sink and started rubbing her hands on a new bar of Ivory soap. After she softened the bar a bit, she told me to join her. I knew what was coming and I got hard. At that point I hadn’t been locked back in my cage.

She noticed my erection and reached down and played with it a bit. She commented on me being hard when about to be punished. I couldn’t help it. I had erotic thoughts about mouth soaping for a long time. Mrs. Lion went back to the sink and got her hands very soapy. She then rubbed the soap on and under my tongue and all through my mouth. She went back for more and repeated the process. She did this one more time. Then she took the wet, softened bar of soap and put it into my mouth. I held it there.

The soap had a surprisingly mild-but-unpleasant taste. My tongue couldn’t help but rub against the bar I was holding in my mouth. I looked into the mirror and my mouth was surrounded by soap bubbles. I didn’t want to swallow soapy saliva. After a couple of minutes, she took the bar out and let me rinse my mouth.

I took cup after cup of water, swirled it in my mouth and spit out soapy water. I finally got most of the soap out, but the taste lingered for hours. The combination of the spanking and the mouth-soaping dessert made an impression on me. I will try harder not to interrupt my lioness.

This was our first attempt at mouth soaping. I learned a couple things about the technique. First, Ivory isn’t the best choice for this application. It is very alkaline and burned a bit in my mouth. I’ve read that a hand soap is better for this task. Many are Ph balanced and have added ingredients that make the soap more pleasant for bathing and, I’ve read, make them taste much worse than Ivory.

Mrs. Lion said she will use her bath soap next time. Here’s the part where I make things worse for myself. I suggest that Mrs. Lion get my mouth much soapier before putting the bar in my mouth. Some dominants rub the bar against the victim’s teeth to force some soap between them. That makes the flavor stronger and last longer. My other suggestion is to make me hold the bar in my mouth at least 10 minutes.

I know that these suggestions will make the experience a lot worse for me. But I can’t help myself. I have to suggest what I’ve learned about effective mouth soaping.

Mrs. Lion will use soaping with spanking for offenses she thinks are appropriate for this combination. She’s informed me that she is working on other punishments that will fit the crime. I think the combination of spanking and something else is sending a much stronger message to me.