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Yesterday, Mrs. Lion wrote that she was no longer going to soap my mouth. She predicted that I wouldn’t mind her dropping it. I don’t. I hope that the reason isn’t that when she tried it a few weeks ago, I held it in my mouth long enough for it to burn me a little. Soap is alkaline. That’s what helps it to clean. The alkalinity over 15 or 20 minutes was enough to make my mouth burn for a day.

I wasn’t very troubled by this. It was a valuable lesson and a problem that is very easy to avoid. This sort of thing is bound to come up as we explore new techniques.

It’s not that other things she does to me don’t have lasting effects. Spanking can produce bruises that last for several days. CBT has bruised my penis on occasion. We’ve been doing these things a long time and Mrs. Lion frequently sees marks like this as symbols of her success. I agree.

Neither of us received much, if any, traditional corporal punishments as children. The entire concept of physical punishment is very new to us both. We have done lots of BDSM play over the years. But that was me bottoming because I like/need to bottom sometimes.

Now that we have adopted domestic discipline, corporal punishment is required. We have slowly learned that spanking me is not necessarily as memorable as it should be. Even very severe spankings are less impactful than I expected.

Adding punishment “desserts”: activities after the spanking that not only add additional painful stimulation, but also offer some humiliation and time to consider the consequences of my offense. Corner time is associated with punishing a naughty child. Other than the fact it is humiliating for a grown man to be placed in the corner, it also emphasizes the authority of his partner.

Mouthsoaping is also a traditional punishment for a naughty child. Typically, the naughty child’s mouth is thoroughly soaped with a washcloth or the adult’s hand. He then has to hold the bar in his mouth while receiving a lecture on the error of his ways. After the lecture, he can remove the bar and rinse his mouth. The taste of soap lingers long after the rinse.

You can see why this seemed an appealing concept to me. Actually experiencing it was no fun. I didn’t get lectured, but had to hold the soap in my mouth while sitting in the corner. It’s messy with soap and saliva running from my mouth.

I wanted to try it, and I did. The fact that Mrs. Lion has decided not to do this any longer is certainly her prerogative. I’m not going to argue. I hated sitting there with the soap in my mouth.

The concept that punishment should be spanking plus something else is very effective for me. Based on my reading, this is true of many other disciplinary couples. Perhaps doing something after the spanking serves to underline the significance of breaking a rule. The idea of a sore bottom and something that is truly unpleasant and lasts much longer after the spanking sends me, at least, a clearer message.

In that respect, mouthsoaping may be less of a desert than an appetizer. Soaping me after the spanking actually distracted me from the pain in my bottom and focused my attention on the yucky taste in my mouth. If I were soaped first, the pain of the spanking would overwhelm the bad taste in my mouth, at least while I was being beaten.

I think that one of the key concepts I’m discovering is that there are three things that effective punishment needs: First, it has to be very unpleasant/painful. Spanking covers that nicely. Second, it has to last long enough to make me really sorry I did something wrong. The corner time or other “dessert” fulfills that. Third, there should be lasting aftereffects. A sore bottom that hurts for days is an excellent reminder to behave.

Mrs. Lion is very inventive. She certainly can come up with all sorts of things I will hate. Soaping my mouth was something I suggested. It was effective in one sense, but didn’t really work for her. I’m sure she can manage punishing me without my creative input.


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    Ha ha! Rookie mistake! No need to completely cut soap out of the punishment diet. We too had the same experience. Now I just soap into a lot of suds, very brief lecture holding bar, then I allow him to rinse. No damage anymore, but very fitting punishment for lies or salty language. The fact that lion is so ok with dropping it means you should double-down (but without the caustic burns)!

    1. Author

      My objection is not only to the burns. I just don’t like the idea of mouth soaping. For now, at least.

    2. Author

      Mrs. Lion doesn’t even like seeing pictures of mouth soaping. Needless to say, I support her decision. 🙂

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    Have you considered cod liver oil instead? Tastes horrible but has the added bonus of being healthy. Just a thought.

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    Have you considered cod liver oil? Tastes horrible but ha’s the added benefit of being healthy.

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    An option I have found that works wonders is to hold a book or something in his hands at eye level. I myself have been given a book, with a notecard on it that read, “Who’s the boss?”
    My bottom burned and my arms were burning after about 5 minutes. When I was done my arms hurt to reach around and touch my glowing bottom.

    Just a thought. I like the idea of holding the book at eye level, ( one or both arms ) and and reading either a note or a sentence “I will not curse.” or “I will follow directions.”

    You would be surprised how that will be the dessert that could be added to your stool time.

    Good luck…

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      That is awesome! Thank you! Don’t know about Mrs. Lion, but FOR SURE Strict Julie is deploying that one!

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    May I ask what emotional and spiritual issues do you and you wife have that fosters such behavior? Why do you want to be hurt emotionally and physically by her? What happened in your past that makes you believe you deserve such treatment. What is going on in your wife’s world that she takes pleasure in hurting and humiliating the person she says she loves? What happened to the two of you that you now define love in terms of pain, hurt, humiliation, and suffering? How can she respect you when you want to be spanked like a child subjected to such humiliating and gross things like standing in the corner or sucking on soap like a baby? How does she deal with the fact that she achieves sexual satisfaction from hurting people? I find it difficult to believe this is all normal because you have such a demanding job in real life and that this is all good because its about sex.

    1. Author

      If you find us so perverted, why spend your time reading our blog?

      1. Author

        Look at his choice of words. Wayne is a little perv himself, of course. Beats his meat thinking about how “humiliating” it must be for you.

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