The Punishment Fit The Crime

If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that when Mrs. Lion makes a BDSM fantasy of mine come true, it rarely feels the way I imagined. That’s not entirely true. It starts out feeling exactly the way I expected. Then, as time goes by, reality changes things.

Take mouth soaping. We’ve only done it a couple of times. Thursday night, after my punishment spanking, Mrs. Lion called me into the bathroom. She fished a small piece of soap out of a glass with other pieces of leftover soap. She wet it thoroughly, rubbing it in her hands under running water until it softened. She pointed to my mouth. I opened wide. She put the entire bar in my mouth.

It was Dove unscented soap. As it sat in my mouth, I could feel the soap slowly dissolving. It was surprisingly tasteless. I tried hard not to swallow and to keep the soap in one spot. It wasn’t pleasant, but not nearly as horrible as having tho hold a bar between my teeth. When I had to do that, I couldn’t stop my tongue from rubbing the bar, effectively soaping my mouth, make me droll suds.

I didn’t enjoy holding the Dove in my mouth. I felt foolish standing naked with that soap in my mouth with Mrs Lion looking on with a faintly amused look on her face. I only had to stand that way for a few minutes. She told me I could rinse my mouth. She held out her hand and I spit out the soap. She carefully returned it to the glass with the other soap. I stood at my sink rinsing out the last remnants of the soap.

It could have been a lot worse. She could have rubbed the bar on my teeth to assure a lasting aftertaste. She could have used the dreaded Ivory. She has a bar of that in her glass as well. We both learned that soaping can’t continue too long. The last time she did it, I held a bar in my teeth for about fifteen minutes. It gave me a slight alkaline burn. The inside of my mouth and my throat were sore for a day. Mouth soaping is safe but only if it doesn’t last more than a few minutes.

Even though she didn’t say so, while that soap was in my mouth, I thought that it was a just punishment. After all, it was my mouth that made the comment that offended her. A sore bottom and a soapy mouth may end up as a good way to remind me to watch what I say. The punishment fit the crime.