Yesterday I decided Lion should have a maintenance spanking. It’s been such a long time since I’ve spanked him I thought we both needed a refresher course. It didn’t last all that long. I alternated between quick swats and slower, but slightly harder, swats. And I only went until his cheeks were rosy all over. He still complained a little bit.

When it came time to unlock him, I brought out the Box O’Fun. His first pick was for spanking. Nope. Already done. His second pick was for Velcro. If I could have found the Velcro on Sunday I would have used it then. Nope. Strike two. His third pick was figging. I wasn’t in the mood to look for ginger much less peel it. Nope. Three strikes. You’re out.

It certainly wasn’t a problem. Lion was still going to get attention. He still had the memory of his fading rosy cheeks. And he wasn’t going to argue with my hand playing with my weenie.

He was hard almost immediately although he wasn’t as horny as last week. That’s fine. I think last week was an anomaly. He’s rarely that horny. In some ways I’m glad. I could barely touch him without going too far. I need a little bit more wiggle room when I edge him.

I’m trying to abide by Lion’s desire to be locked up right away. He usually asks if I want him to put the ring on when we’re done. Last night I told him to put it on when he was soft enough. Last week he was hard again as soon as he put the ring on. Last night, not so much.

I think I may have cracked the code as far as putting the nylon cage on without pinching him. I have to put my fingers under the ring as I slide the cage on so there’s a buffer between my weenie and the cage. Live and learn. It’s what we do best.

Sunday’s orgasm was the first vaginal one in over 18 months. Mrs. Lion barely mounted me when I ejaculated. Last week was exceptional for me. I was in heat almost all the time. Mrs. Lion and I have both speculated on why I was so different. I initially thought it was the boner pills, but I’ve had those for months without anything similar happening.

I can’t believe it had anything to do with the kidney stones. They are pure misery. So far it’s a mystery. I’m not complaining. I love it!

We’re returning to the Box O’Fun. I pick a card from the box. Mrs. Lion has written something to do to me on each one. I don’t know what she’s written nor how many dupes of any particular item are in there. Given her most recent “play” behavior with me, the box should be much more interesting.

For reasons she hasn’t explained, her play has turned decidedly more painful. Again, I’m. Not complaining. I don’t like the pain much, but I love the idea that her direction is toward making what she does something I will most definitely feel. After all, these things are supposed to hurt. If she focuses on maximizing the pain, I will feel much more controlled than if she does things because they turn me on.

Is this Lioness 2.5? Maybe. Or perhaps it is a fuller expression of 2.0. The label is unimportant. The fact that I am getting truly challenged is what counts the most.

I’m settling into wearing the nylon cage. I am carrying a Q-Tip in my pocket to adjust the position of my urethra for peeing. The wider shape of the front of this cage allows things to “drift”. Since the bars are wide, unless I am properly centered, the stream is either blocked completely or becomes an unruly spray. The Jail Bird’s superior design avoids this entirely for me.

The plan is for me to continue wearing this cage at least for this week. We want to be sure that I can wear it when on a business trip. My trips are generally four nights. I started wearing it this past Thursday (5 days ago). It’s working out well. There is no bad smell or red marks on my skin. I can expect to wear it on my next trip.

Meanwhile, things are much more interesting around here. Mrs. Lion continues to grow in her role. I’m very happy about that. Maybe my increased horniness is related to her increasing control. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that isn’t the case.

This morning I teased Lion about how horny he’s been. I said maybe it had something to do with all the people touching my weenie during his operation and stent removal when I’m supposed to be the only one touching it. May be my weenie was reacting to some “strange”. I’m just interested to see if he’s as horny after his orgasm yesterday.

Of course, I don’t really think my weenie was affected by other people touching him. I suppose it could be an unconscious occurrence but I doubt it. Lion was under anesthesia for the kidney stone removal and when he had the stent removed he didn’t report any erection to me. And weenies don’t really have minds of their own despite some evidence to the contrary.

Lion has been super horny before but that usually translates to a harder erection and possibly more urgency to have an orgasm. He does not usually have a hair trigger until he’s been edged over and over again. Even after a lengthy play session I still have work to do. This time around I almost didn’t have to be in the room. It was yet another side of Lion. He’s just full of surprises.

He did have to wait a while for this orgasm. In all fairness, he wasn’t consumed with sex while he was battling the kidney stone. But I decided to make him wait so we’d have time to play before he got to come. Most weekends I screw it up by giving him an orgasm Friday or Saturday and then he’s not ready for another one. We miss out on Sunday play.

I don’t have any plans on how long the next wait should be. I want to see how horny Lion gets. I also want to get back to the Box O’Fun (which may very well determine how horny Lion gets). I’m sure Lion is looking forward to choosing the card that puts tiny clothespins on my weenie.

My 2018 scorecard. Click image to enlarge.

After I completed my post yesterday, I asked Mrs. Lion for her comments and reaction. She agreed on my reporting but commented that I made too much of what she felt was a small thing. That thing was her changed behavior during BDSM play. When we played with clothespins, instead of putting them all over my balls where they hurt a bit but are arousing, she clamped them on areas near the penis where she knows it’s pure pain. (I have no idea how she knew that)

More significantly to me, when I complained she continued on and disregarded my reaction. She didn’t think that was a very significant change.

It was for me.

She plays with me because she knows I need it. And, her reasoning has always been that because she is doing this for me, it should be something I “like”. She has also applied that principle to making me wait for ejaculation.

I can’t argue with her logic. There are things she has always done that turn me on, but I hate. Icy Hot on my balls is one. Velcro tightly attached to my soft penis and then allowed to “choke” it when she makes it hard is another. But, complaining notwithstanding, it is sexual fun for me. Sounds ideal.

There’s only one problem in my mind: I’m actually in control.

Enforced chastity, FLRD, and our BDSM play has always been a service my lioness delivers for me. What happened on Saturday night was profound because the “service” changed its nature. The change may seem subtle to her, but for me it’s nuclear.

I was happy she was going to use clothespins. It gets me very hot when she does. Here’s a picture of the last “classic” session. You can see the conflict of pain (my face) and my enjoyment (erection). That’s what I expected Saturday0. When that first clothespin when on, I said,

“Ouch! That really hurts.”

Mrs. Lion paused a bit and then removed it. She put it back very close to where it was before. I complained again. She was silent. Then, slowly, she put on a few more in equally painful spots. Not one went on my balls.

I wondered if she realized she was really hurting me. Later, I asked her. She said that she knew. Mrs. Lion is a lioness of few words on the subject of Lion torture. I commented that this was a “first”. She agreed. There were so many things I wanted to discuss. I’ve learned not to try. The edging that followed was amazing. She’s overcome my so-called hair trigger.  I asked her to lock me up as soon after I calmed down as possible. You know why.

I’ve been really horny since then. This is unusual. I may be easily aroused when I’ve had to wait and I’ve received regular teasing. Between teasing sessions, sex isn’t on my mind too much. This time, all I can think about is being masturbated by Mrs. Lion. I asked her when we will play today. She didn’t know. I asked for some warning so I can take boner pills. She agreed she would.

The reason Saturday’s play affected me so profoundly is that even though she was doing what I asked, she took it further than I wanted. She made it clear that she is in control. Another example of this is spanking. I frequently get hard thinking about being spanked. For the first minute or two of a spanking, I am aroused by the activity. As the intensity grows, I want to be somewhere else. I hate the beating. But yet, I come back again the next time she wants to spank me. I know I will hate it; but I return.

This is the same as the clothespins. Even though I know the outcome will not be something I enjoy, I’m aroused by the idea of her doing things to me. I try as hard as I can to shape the activity. For example, I react strongly even to the mention of the tiny, dollhouse clothespins. I’m generally effective in convincing Mrs. Lion to put them away. I also try to limit how much Icy Hot ends up on my balls and perineum. I’ve been pretty successful in limiting my discomfort.

If Mrs. Lion has decided to up the intensity, I imagine that I won’t be as successful keeping her ministrations inside my comfort zone. I will hate it at the time, but I know I will always come back for more. It’s what I really want. Crazy Lion!

Yesterday afternoon, as promised, we played. I was blindfolded and my balls were tied tightly. That was followed by more clothespins, this time on my perineum. Then I got a surprise. Instead of a blow job, Mrs. Lion climbed on and did some reverse cowgirl lion riding. She had teased me so much that I lasted just a few seconds. She was surprised. I was too, but it felt great. It was my first vaginal orgasm since mid-2016.

A little while later, I showered (no cage!) and was locked up again.