It’s Mine. All Mine

This morning I teased Lion about how horny he’s been. I said maybe it had something to do with all the people touching my weenie during his operation and stent removal when I’m supposed to be the only one touching it. May be my weenie was reacting to some “strange”. I’m just interested to see if he’s as horny after his orgasm yesterday.

Of course, I don’t really think my weenie was affected by other people touching him. I suppose it could be an unconscious occurrence but I doubt it. Lion was under anesthesia for the kidney stone removal and when he had the stent removed he didn’t report any erection to me. And weenies don’t really have minds of their own despite some evidence to the contrary.

Lion has been super horny before but that usually translates to a harder erection and possibly more urgency to have an orgasm. He does not usually have a hair trigger until he’s been edged over and over again. Even after a lengthy play session I still have work to do. This time around I almost didn’t have to be in the room. It was yet another side of Lion. He’s just full of surprises.

He did have to wait a while for this orgasm. In all fairness, he wasn’t consumed with sex while he was battling the kidney stone. But I decided to make him wait so we’d have time to play before he got to come. Most weekends I screw it up by giving him an orgasm Friday or Saturday and then he’s not ready for another one. We miss out on Sunday play.

I don’t have any plans on how long the next wait should be. I want to see how horny Lion gets. I also want to get back to the Box O’Fun (which may very well determine how horny Lion gets). I’m sure Lion is looking forward to choosing the card that puts tiny clothespins on my weenie.