We Make More Progress

Sunday’s orgasm was the first vaginal one in over 18 months. Mrs. Lion barely mounted me when I ejaculated. Last week was exceptional for me. I was in heat almost all the time. Mrs. Lion and I have both speculated on why I was so different. I initially thought it was the boner pills, but I’ve had those for months without anything similar happening.

I can’t believe it had anything to do with the kidney stones. They are pure misery. So far it’s a mystery. I’m not complaining. I love it!

We’re returning to the Box O’Fun. I pick a card from the box. Mrs. Lion has written something to do to me on each one. I don’t know what she’s written nor how many dupes of any particular item are in there. Given her most recent “play” behavior with me, the box should be much more interesting.

For reasons she hasn’t explained, her play has turned decidedly more painful. Again, I’m. Not complaining. I don’t like the pain much, but I love the idea that her direction is toward making what she does something I will most definitely feel. After all, these things are supposed to hurt. If she focuses on maximizing the pain, I will feel much more controlled than if she does things because they turn me on.

Is this Lioness 2.5? Maybe. Or perhaps it is a fuller expression of 2.0. The label is unimportant. The fact that I am getting truly challenged is what counts the most.

I’m settling into wearing the nylon cage. I am carrying a Q-Tip in my pocket to adjust the position of my urethra for peeing. The wider shape of the front of this cage allows things to “drift”. Since the bars are wide, unless I am properly centered, the stream is either blocked completely or becomes an unruly spray. The Jail Bird’s superior design avoids this entirely for me.

The plan is for me to continue wearing this cage at least for this week. We want to be sure that I can wear it when on a business trip. My trips are generally four nights. I started wearing it this past Thursday (5 days ago). It’s working out well. There is no bad smell or red marks on my skin. I can expect to wear it on my next trip.

Meanwhile, things are much more interesting around here. Mrs. Lion continues to grow in her role. I’m very happy about that. Maybe my increased horniness is related to her increasing control. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that isn’t the case.