Three Strikes

Yesterday I decided Lion should have a maintenance spanking. It’s been such a long time since I’ve spanked him I thought we both needed a refresher course. It didn’t last all that long. I alternated between quick swats and slower, but slightly harder, swats. And I only went until his cheeks were rosy all over. He still complained a little bit.

When it came time to unlock him, I brought out the Box O’Fun. His first pick was for spanking. Nope. Already done. His second pick was for Velcro. If I could have found the Velcro on Sunday I would have used it then. Nope. Strike two. His third pick was figging. I wasn’t in the mood to look for ginger much less peel it. Nope. Three strikes. You’re out.

It certainly wasn’t a problem. Lion was still going to get attention. He still had the memory of his fading rosy cheeks. And he wasn’t going to argue with my hand playing with my weenie.

He was hard almost immediately although he wasn’t as horny as last week. That’s fine. I think last week was an anomaly. He’s rarely that horny. In some ways I’m glad. I could barely touch him without going too far. I need a little bit more wiggle room when I edge him.

I’m trying to abide by Lion’s desire to be locked up right away. He usually asks if I want him to put the ring on when we’re done. Last night I told him to put it on when he was soft enough. Last week he was hard again as soon as he put the ring on. Last night, not so much.

I think I may have cracked the code as far as putting the nylon cage on without pinching him. I have to put my fingers under the ring as I slide the cage on so there’s a buffer between my weenie and the cage. Live and learn. It’s what we do best.