Did She Mean It When She Said She Would Spank Me Twice In One Day?

toasted corn muffin

Mrs. Lion made scones and corn muffins yesterday. They are absolutely yummy. What a great treat. I had a scone as soon as they were cool enough to eat. We had toasted corn muffins for breakfast on Thursday. Toasted corn muffins are a New York specialty. Cut the muffin in half (parallel to the top), butter it, and toast it face-down in a hot frying pan. When the face of the muffin is brown and toasty, it is ready to eat. It’s one of my favorite foods.

Our spanking timer shows that it’s been 31 days since my last spanking. I know that I probably have more than one coming. I annoyed Mrs. Lion several times during our weekend trip. She wrote that she might want to spank me twice in one day. That would be new and very unpleasant. I can imagine how a wooden paddle will feel on my freshly-spanked butt. When it comes to spanking, Mrs. Lion isn’t particularly interested in how I feel about being punished. She sets a ten-minute timer and goes to work. Nothing stops her. I tend to bleed at times. She has a damp washcloth ready to clean up. Then, she goes back to work.

Lion's spanked butt

I can’t complain about this. It’s what I asked for. Recent spankings have been less severe. I haven’t had a sore bottom the next day in some time. I’m very sure that if she does two ten-minute spankings the same day, I will have trouble sitting for days. That’s important to me. it improves my education when I am reminded of my errors this way.

Sitting comfortably at my desk, unspanked for a month, I can write about my need for spanking. Once I’s strapped down on the spanking bench, I will be very sorry I wrote this reminder to my lioness. It’s arousing to think about what is surely coming soon. It won’t be a bit of fun when my thoughts become a reality. I wonder, will she spank me before and after dinner? No point in speculating. I’ll find out soon enough.


  1. I’m very curious, but since Mrs. Lion seemed rather feeling annoyed by you and since it’s been a over month She’s spanked you, I guess you might consider yourself lucky if it’s “only” twice

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