Our weather turned warm today. Mrs. Lion got our AC units set up so we will stay cool and comfortable in the heat. I was surprised that Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me on Thursday. Usually, when I write about a spanking draught, her paddles come out that very night. It could be the pressure of unpacking has distracted her. I’m not complaining. Honest!

I’m busy revising my novel before I try once more to get an agent and publisher. I think that I have to stay positive and believe that people will want to read my novel. The last English class I took was way back in high school. I never had a course in writing fiction. There’s a good chance that I’m just wasting my time trying to write professionally. It’s no wonder that writers tend to be so neurotic. I don’t have anything else to do, so I will soldier on.

It constantly amazes me that Mrs. Lion and I found each other. Neither of us is particularly social. We never went to bars or other places where people hook up. She put her profile and picture on a vanilla dating site. I had my profile there, too. I saw her picture and loved her smile. We exchanged messages for a few days, talked on the phone, met, and mated, all in the space of two weeks. Our first meeting was at a motel. By prior agreement, we undressed and had anal sex. We talked for a while afterward.

We both wanted sex and told one another that we didn’t want complications. We kept meeting at least once a week. Within a short time, we realized that we wanted to be together all of the time. We have been for over twenty years. I spent a long time in the BDSM scene. I learned that relationships formed around kinky interests tended to implode after a year or two. That’s why I decided to look on a vanilla dating site, and give up BDSM for the right woman.

I found the right woman, and she realized that I was unhappy without my kinks. So, she decided to give me a hand and, later, a paddle. It was difficult for her to learn how to bruise my butt without feeling bad about hurting me. She did it. Boy, did she do it!

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