micro watchful mistress male chastity device
Mature Metal Micro Watchful Mistress.

We spent Saturday making the 300-mile roundtrip to Portland and Voodoo Doughnuts. I had preordered nine dozen assorted flavors. Mrs. Lion was exhausted after driving nearly six hours. We were both happy to get home. We each ate one in the Voodoo parking lot and froze the rest when we got home. Mrs. Lion was way too tired to do anything by way of sex or spanking.

We got up today (Sunday) at 7. There was no reason to do this; we just woke up. Mrs. Lion went outside and mowed the lawn before lunch. She said that there was a good chance that sex was in the cards for me today. How nice!

I’ve been trying the Mature Metal base ring with chain waist belt. It’s an interesting innovation. The idea is that the base ring for the male chastity device is held tightly to the body by the chain belt. The only way you can pull out of a male chastity device is by forcing your penis out from behind the base ring. If the base ring is chained tightly to your body, there is no escape. This feature is useful when wearing a very short male chastity device.

The waist chain is a security feature. I’ve never been a big fan of security over comfort. The chain tightly locked (by a numbered seal) around my waist constantly makes itself known. It doesn’t exactly get in the way of my daily activities, but I can’t forget that it’s there.

Since the chained base ring is tight against my body, the cage of the chastity device sticks straight out. If you look very hard,  you can see the outline of the device under my jeans. My Jail Bird device fits on this new ring as well as the micro device (Micro Watchful Mistress) that was supplied with the chain base ring.

I’m pretty famous for advocating short male chastity devices. My Jail Bird is only one-inch long. The Micro Watchful Mistress is half that length, only 1/2-inch long. With or without the chain base ring, it’s a comfortable fit. The head of my penis stays in very firm contact with the bars at the head of the device. I have experienced a  bit of “wandering” while wearing it. This is when my urethra straddles a bar in the device instead of staying properly in position between them. When this happens, pee sprays everywhere. This isn’t a problem with the Micro device. You have to sit to pee when wearing it.

I found the only way I could pee without needing a shower afterward was to hold the device down so the head of my penis was clear of my balls. That way I was able to safely spray the toilet without giving my balls a urine shower.

I know that a lot of guys want high security. They are willing to sacrifice some comfort for inability to escape. I think that the Mature Metal base ring with waist chain represents a very significant improvement. Even with a very short device like the Micro Watchful MIstress, pullout is impossible. Like all Maature Metal products, these items are made to your specific specifications. Measure carefully!

review of 6whips 14-inch classic leather paddle
6-Whips 14-inch Classic leather paddle.

I bought Mrs. Lion a new leather paddle. I wanted to give her something in leather with more power than the ones she has now. She gave me a long-overdue spanking on Thursday night and used the new acquisition. She gave me a full ten-minute punishment spanking. She didn’t hold back! I would say that we gave the new paddle a fair test.


The paddle is made from layers of leather stitched together. According to the 6Whips website, it is ” made with 3 layers of thick leather and spring steel reinforcement in the handle.” I expected three layers of saddle/harness-grade leather. The paddle I received was made with thinner leather. It was much lighter than I expected. The construction was good, and the stitching was very professional.

Because the leather was so thin, the spring steel reinforcement was necessary to prevent the paddle from being floppy. This trick is used by inexpensive leather paddles to keep them stiff enough to swat a bottom. A paddle that costs $75 plus shipping shouldn’t require this steel insert. 6-Whips offers this paddle in three versions. There is one with just two layers of leather, this one, and one with four layers. Joe, who makes the paddles, writes that the model I bought balances thud and sting. It doesn’t.

Road test — where the leather meets the bottom

Mrs. Lion said that she liked using the paddle. She didn’t like the handle’s feel. It is flat and the same thickness as the striking end. She wanted it rounder. I checked it out and agree. I would say it would benefit with some extra layers of leather to give it more of a “grip.” I was on the receiving end of the spanking. This paddle is pretty much all-sting. It felt too light to create a lasting effect. Mrs. Lion said that she hit very hard. After a full ten minutes of spanking, I had a small leathery patch on one cheek. Mrs. Lion said that some areas were a sort of red-purple, but she didn’t think I would bruise. I didn’t.

I expected that this paddle would provide the ability to do some bruising. It doesn’t. The size and shape are good, but the leather just isn’t right for the job. 6-Whips seriousiy oversells this product. I haven’t had a chance to test the four-layer paddle, but I would guess that one would possibly behave the way Joe describes the classic model. It’s too bad. Joe’s workmanship is good. His product is too light and not worth the high price. Also, the shipping is horribly slow. 6Whips is locvated in Canada, so there is a delay for customs. I’ve bought many products from Canada. UPS, for one, offers much faster service to the US.

The Amovibe people have a new and very interesting male masturbator. I’m a hard reviewer of male sex toys. I’ve tried dozens over the years. My last review was for an Amovibe device (the Albertine) that uses suction to provide a fairly realistic blow job. By applying suction and releasing it, you get a nice feeling. Very good.

Their newest device, the Game Cup (I have no idea what they were thinking when they named it.) goes in a different direction. It looks like some kind of robot with two arms sticking out of the cylindrical body. It turns out that those arms are very useful. If you’re like me, you won’t care what it looks like as long as you have a good time.

The Game Cup uses rollers outside of the silicone liner to, well, jerk you off. This is identical to the way the Autoblow works. Prior devices by other makers moved the sheath up and down the penis. I didn’t find that technique very exciting. I have an Autoblow ai. It is very heavy and hard to keep in position. It also has to be plugged into the wall socket. I dropped it, and the controls popped out of the body. My biggest problem was that the squeeze on my penis was too loose.

The Game Cup is a better fit. It’s lighter, and the two handles allow easy positioning. The silicone liner feels wonderful. Be sure to use a good amount of water-based lube. I liked how it caressed my cock. Unlike my Autoblow, the rollers in the Game Cup moved from the bottom of the cylinder to the top. It provided a most satisfying penis massage.

The device also includes vibration from two new-generation bullet vibrators. If you like vibes, the Game Cup delivers plenty. It has a third feature: heat. It will heat the silicone sheath to about 100o F. It takes about five minutes to get there. I didn’t find that feature very helpful. I supposed if you are in a cold room, you will benefit from the body temp warmth.

Both the roller speed (up and down motion) and the vibe patterns are controlled by buttons on the two handles. It takes some practice to use them without looking. There are ten patterns for each function.

I like this device. It’s fun to use. It suffers from the same flaw as the Autoblow; the amount of “squeeze” from the rollers isn’t adjustable. Ironically, just as I started this review, Autoblow sent an email that they have a new version of their device that allows control of the squeeze. The Game Cup could profit from this addition.

The Game Cup is $99 USD at the time of this writing. It’s a bargain compared with the Autoblow. It’s also lighter and quieter. I loved the Albertine with its suction. I would love a device that combines the Albertine with the Game Cup. Combine the Game Cup thrusts with the rollers with the suction of the Albertine. I think that would be the most realistic blow job machine ever. I didn’t find the vibration that helpful. I don’t think the heater is needed at all. The silicone sleeve feels warm without it.

The Game Cup is a bargain. It works as well as my Autoblow at almost half the price. Hey, Amovibe, can you make a combo Albertine/Game Cup? In the meantime, this device is a great ride.

This device was provided to me at no charge for review. We don’t receive commissions or payments for reviewing products on our site.

A short time ago, I reviewed the Holy Trainer Nano V5 (Link). This used to be the shortest model Holy Trainer offered. As I pointed out in my review, the Nano was too long. My penis didn’t remain in firm contact with the front of the device. That meant my urine stream didn’t flow neatly out of the front hole provided for that purpose. It made a mess.

Click image to view larger

Fortunately, Holy Trainer makes a shorter model, the Nub. This device has a shorter tube than all of their other models (see size chart above). Please note that there are two length measurements provided for each tube. The “A” measurement is the length from the top to the tip, including some of the ring. The “B” measurement is less useful. It’s the protruding part of the tube.

The Nano’s “A” measurement is 3.1 inches. My penis, at its most flaccid, is about 2.5 inches. You can see that there is a good reason I don’t touch the end most of the time. The Nub’s “A” measurement is 2.2 inches. Perfect! For years people, including me, have stressed measuring penis length at average softness. I learned through experience that my cock didn’t need a cage the same length as my soft penis.  In fact, some compression turns out to be a good thing. The head needs to be in firm contact with the front of the tube to assure accurate, neat peeing.

When it first came out, many considered the Nub too confining. They were fooled by the “B” measurement and the natural male inclination to overestimate cock length. Sooner or later, even the most diehard long-cage fans had to acknowledge the benefits of a shorter, properly-fitting penis tube or cage. It turns out that the Nub is more than a chastity novelty. It’s the go-to size for a lot of us.

wearing the Nub

It was a little more difficult getting into the nub. The more compact tube left a bit more excess skin to get in the way while putting it on. I can’t complain about the effort. It was only slightly more than I needed with the Nano. Once on, the Nub was supremely comfortable. I think the bio-sourced plastic used by Holy Trainer provides a “softer” feel. The plastic is hard but feels good on my skin.

The V4 and V5 base rings are wider than earlier versions. I find that more comfortable. For guys used to narrower rings, it might take some getting used to. The Nub’s shorter tube makes it invisible, even under tight clothes or bathing suits. The penis nestles between the balls and stays out of sight.

I love the new lock. Unlike any other male chastity device, the Holy Trainer V5 models have a built-in lock. There are no parts or pieces to insert or lose. The device can be put on without a key. That makes travel and long-distance wear more secure. The device goes on, and a simple click of the lock does the job. No key is required. The lock is high-quality stainless steel.

The Nub is very lightweight. I don’t feel that I’m wearing a male chastity device. I remember it when my cock tries to get hard. The Nub makes sure that doesn’t happen.

If you are wondering about what size Holy Trainer to buy, my suggestion is to measure from your body along the top of your MOST flaccid penis. You want to measure when you come out of a cold pool. The trick is to buy a device that will hold the head of your penis against the front of the device. Don’t get carried away. If your most flaccid length is four inches, then get the size designed for that length.

A word of caution is important here. As of now, the cheap Chinese knock-off male chastity device makers can’t duplicate the Holy Trainer V5s because of the integrated locks. At some point, they might be able to do it. Stay away from them. They are made of cheap plastic and don’t fit as well as the Swiss-made Holy Trainers. Aside from the moral reason to avoid knock-offs, the imitators are not as good.

Holy Trainer ships quickly and uses an express service that gets you your device in a few days. I am very happy wearing my new Nub.

The device I tested was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. We do not receive any commissions or other payments in return for reviews or sales of products we link to our posts.