Alexa, Set A Ten-Minute Spanking Timer

This timer costs less than $10. I think the red area showing time left is particularly meaningful.

A couple of months ago, I added an orgasm timer to the information on the right side of our pages. It records the number of days since my last ejaculation. I have no idea if anyone cares, but since this blog tracks my male chastity experiences, I figured it makes sense to provide this data. We also write about our domestic discipline experiences. I’ve been thinking about adding a spanking timer too. It would record the number of days since my last spanking.

If I only get spanked for breaking the rules or annoying Mrs. Lion, the timer would record how long I’ve been a good boy. I’m not sure that is entirely sensible. That’s because I get “just because” spankings if I’ve managed to be good for too long. We need reminders that we are in a disciplinary relationship. The longer I go without breaking a rule, the less likely it gets that Mrs. Lion will observe and punish an infraction. To cure this and to make up for things I might have done and not been caught doing, every so often, Mrs. Lion gives me a “just because” spanking.” She decides when I need one. Since she sometimes forgets how long it’s been, the timer on our page might help her. I guess that decides it! The timer is now on the site!

Speaking of timers, we’ve learned that the Disciplinary Wives Club’s advice of using a timer to assure a spanking isn’t less severe than it should be is excellent advice. The DWC suggests a minimum of ten minutes for a spanking. If more than one offense is being punished, five minutes should be added for each offense. A timer should be used. When the time is up, it doesn’t mean the spanking will end. It means it can end any time after the timer sounds.

Mrs. Lion has adopted this practice. It’s dramatically increased my suffering. Ten minutes is a very long time if your bottom is being paddled. It assures that Mrs. Lion has enough time to make me regret my sin. I had one fifteen-minute spanking. I don’t want another! Speaking of timers, we have Amazon Echo devices in our bedroom. Mrs. Lion sets a timer by saying, “Alexa, set a ten-minute spanking timer.” She replies, “Spanking timer, ten minutes starting now.” Mrs. Lion then begins punishing me. If you don’t have an Echo device, you can get an inexpensive timer from Amazon. You can find it here. There is nothing worse than hearing the timer finally go off, and Mrs. Lion continues her punishment. I was waiting for that timer to go off. It felt like hours before it sounded. Then, Mrs. Lion ignores it and keeps spanking. Poor lion!

I’ve learned that a ten-minute-plus timed spanking is incredibly effective as a punishment. I feel it for at least three days. Sitting isn’t comfortable. So far, Mrs. Lion hasn’t punished me a day or two after a spanking. She won’t hesitate if I earn another. She has said that she might not spank me in that situation and instead do something else I won’t like. Here comes a stupid lion suggestion: If I’m dumb enough to get in trouble so soon after a spanking, a second one is probably the most effective teaching tool. I don’t think anything else is as unpleasant.

I like the idea of the two timers. I want the number on the “time since my last orgasm” timer to be as small as possible. I want the number on the spanking timer to keep getting larger. You can watch them both and see how I am doing. I will also note the reason for my last spanking. I expect the spanking timer will go to zero very soon. Poor lion!


  1. Wow! I really wish you’d record videos of your spankings! Sadly, I have not much of a partner at this point. Maybe you could also put up a picture gallery of your bruised buttocks and maybe other images of you walking around the house naked! Poor lion, honestly!

    1. Author

      I don’t think anyone wants to see me spanked except Mrs. Lion.

    2. I guess we can think about a spanking video. He has enough pictures of his butt that he could probably do a gallery. I’m not sure how entertaining it would be to see him walking around the house naked.

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