tied spread eagle to the bed

Restraint is powerful. When I’m naked with my wrists and ankles securely fastened to the four corners of a bed, hormones start to flow. I’m helpless and exposed. My erection betrays my excitement at being helpless and vulnerable. I have no control. When the bed is in a dungeon party, people can walk up and see. I watch them smile as they see my partner applying clothespins to my balls.

The men wince each time a new one is applied while the women smile. My partner asks if anyone wants to help, and a woman I don’t know steps forward. My partner smiles and hands her several. New hands lifted my balls as their owner looked for likely targets for the pinchy clothespins. She smiles at me. I give her an encouraging smile.

What else could I do? My legs were spread wide and firmly locked in place. The woman tried a clothespin on different spots. When she found one that made me wince, she left it in place. Slowly, one by one, the clothespins found painful homes. I tried to diguise my discomfort, but she knew when she struck gold. My partner was smiling. She said something to the woman and then stepped back. The stranger kept up her hunt for new painful targets.

I have no idea how many clothespins ended up on my balls, cock, and perineum. Together, they played a symphony of pain. I had long stopped paying any attention to the small crowd watching my show. My full attention was focused on the woman responsible for my discomfort. Finally, she stopped and smiled.

“Would you like me to take them off now?”

I nodded. She pulled them off one by one. She didn’t bother squeezing them open. She just grabbed the clothespin and pulled it off. I yelped as each one came off. She gave me time to fully appreciate the pain, then she removed another. This went on until they were all off.

Then, she gently grabbed my hard cock and said, “I see you like pain.”

I didn’t respond. I saw her look at my partner, who smiled and nodded. A silent message had passed between the women. The stranger’s hand began moving. It felt wonderful. She was looking into my eyes and smiling. Her hand moved faster. I felt the excitement building. I came with a loud groan. The woman milked every drop out of me. She wiped her hand off on my leg and walked away.

I never saw her again.

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  1. Very enticing story, what a dream to have a woman that I don’t know taking advantage of my helpless vulnerability to give me pain and pleasure!
    I love being naked, restrained and helplessly vulnerable. My wife has complained in the past when I have initiated something like this as she wants it to be her idea. But it is not something she ever thinks about. Most evenings she is sewing or watching Netflix and Youtube. I feel like she is wasting time that we could be doing something sexual. I recently took the initiative and told her that I was going to bed an hour before bedtime to restrain myself and that I would be patiently waiting for her to release me. Gagged and nipples clamped I suffered in self imposed torment until she came to bed. I have done this a few more times since then and am really enjoying it, maybe too much! The last time she tickled me all over my body. I told her afterwards that I would not mind if she tickle tortured me beyond what I would find tolerable if I were not restrained and helpless. We’ll see if she does.

    1. Author

      Incidents like this have happened to me at play parties. I was very active in the BDSM community and well known. I think that encouraged women I never met to feel free to play with me. It was hard to deny I liked it. A boner gives you away every time.

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