Even Lion can’t explain why he wants to be punished. Well, spanked. What makes that appealing to him? Is it my power over him? [Lion –Yup.] He could get that in less painful ways. Is it the pain? He swears he’s not a masochist. I know he likes the idea of being spanked. He just doesn’t like the actual spanking. Maybe it’s not the pain then.

I started thinking, right before I started writing, what if I don’t actually spank him? Eventually, it would be like the boy who cried wolf. He’d figure out that I wasn’t really going to spank him and the anticipation would be ruined. Couldn’t it be similar to edging him? He believes he’ll have an orgasm each time, but then I stop. If I say I’m going to spank him, but only do it randomly, would the anticipation still be there?

Like I said, I just thought of it before I started writing. It’s just an idea. Since he can’t really tell me what the appeal is of being spanked, I’m not sure he can tell me why threatening him but not actually doing it would work or not.

I didn’t spank him last night. Doing an hour of chores after work has thrown me off a bit. Plus, he was watching TV/snoozing when I hung up my keyboard and mouse for the day. He always says I can wake him whenever I want to, but that seems mean. It seems especially mean if I’m waking him to spank him. Yes, I could have spanked him after dinner.

My plan for tonight was a boner shot. Maybe I need to catch him when he comes out of the shower for his spanking, and then he can do the boner shot after dinner. I could spank him for an hour if he has any concerns about cutting into my chore time. No concerns? I didn’t think so.’[Lion — Consistency is what makes discipline work. Uncertainty about whether or not I’ll be spanked is almost certainly going to cause problems.]

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