Review: Mature Metal Base Ring With Waist Chain And Micro Watchfull Mistress Male Chastity Device

micro watchful mistress male chastity device
Mature Metal Micro Watchful Mistress.

We spent Saturday making the 300-mile roundtrip to Portland and Voodoo Doughnuts. I had preordered nine dozen assorted flavors. Mrs. Lion was exhausted after driving nearly six hours. We were both happy to get home. We each ate one in the Voodoo parking lot and froze the rest when we got home. Mrs. Lion was way too tired to do anything by way of sex or spanking.

We got up today (Sunday) at 7. There was no reason to do this; we just woke up. Mrs. Lion went outside and mowed the lawn before lunch. She said that there was a good chance that sex was in the cards for me today. How nice!

I’ve been trying the Mature Metal base ring with chain waist belt. It’s an interesting innovation. The idea is that the base ring for the male chastity device is held tightly to the body by the chain belt. The only way you can pull out of a male chastity device is by forcing your penis out from behind the base ring. If the base ring is chained tightly to your body, there is no escape. This feature is useful when wearing a very short male chastity device.

The waist chain is a security feature. I’ve never been a big fan of security over comfort. The chain tightly locked (by a numbered seal) around my waist constantly makes itself known. It doesn’t exactly get in the way of my daily activities, but I can’t forget that it’s there.

Since the chained base ring is tight against my body, the cage of the chastity device sticks straight out. If you look very hard,  you can see the outline of the device under my jeans. My Jail Bird device fits on this new ring as well as the micro device (Micro Watchful Mistress) that was supplied with the chain base ring.

I’m pretty famous for advocating short male chastity devices. My Jail Bird is only one-inch long. The Micro Watchful Mistress is half that length, only 1/2-inch long. With or without the chain base ring, it’s a comfortable fit. The head of my penis stays in very firm contact with the bars at the head of the device. I have experienced a  bit of “wandering” while wearing it. This is when my urethra straddles a bar in the device instead of staying properly in position between them. When this happens, pee sprays everywhere. This isn’t a problem with the Micro device. You have to sit to pee when wearing it.

I found the only way I could pee without needing a shower afterward was to hold the device down so the head of my penis was clear of my balls. That way I was able to safely spray the toilet without giving my balls a urine shower.

I know that a lot of guys want high security. They are willing to sacrifice some comfort for inability to escape. I think that the Mature Metal base ring with waist chain represents a very significant improvement. Even with a very short device like the Micro Watchful MIstress, pullout is impossible. Like all Maature Metal products, these items are made to your specific specifications. Measure carefully!

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