Lion has written a lot about his need to be spanked. He’s also written about how spanking affects him with regard to rules. He almost never spills food on his shirt. When the coffee pot rule was in effect, he almost never forgot about it. Does this mean that Lion is motivated by spanking?

Of course, we know he loves thinking about spanking, whether it’s an upcoming spanking or a spanking in the past. The ghost of spanking past and the ghost of spanking future, if you will. He’s not so happy about spanking present. His fondness for the activity disappears when the spanking bench comes out. It’s understandable that actually going through the pain isn’t as much fun as thinking about it.

The problem seems to be that I have no real motivation to spank him. I know it helps him. I know he likes it. I know he needs it on a certain level. I, however, have no need or like for spanking. It’s easy for me to push it off till tomorrow or tomorrow’s tomorrow. My sole source of motivation is making him happy. And that’s usually enough.

If we wait too long between spankings, it’s easier to forget to do it. Lion lets me slide for a while before speaking up. Actually, it’s me letting him slide. I let his forgetting to get his pills slide because one of us isn’t feeling well or it’s been a really long day or it’s too cold/hot. I say I’ll do better. I need to do better. I need to get back on a rhythm.

We’ve tried doing “Just Because” spanking. We’ve tried having me spank him on specific days. Since the move, I’ve really been slacking off in both spanking and orgasm departments. If I’m not unpacking, I’m thinking about unpacking, or putting up the curtains or the pictures, or finding a specific item that I swear I just saw in a box somewhere. I let life intrude too much.

I don’t know what the answer is, obviously. I just know I need to give him more attention, whether it’s pain or pleasure.

Adult spanking, at least the way we practice it, is a consensual activity. I asked Mrs. Lion to spank me. I’m far from alone. I haven’t discovered any consensual spanking couples who started because the spanker wanted to paddle her spouse. Disciplinary spankings are initiated by the person who is to be disciplined.

The fantasies that drive us to ask our wives to spank us are almost always the opposite. The scenario is that a wife is tired of her husband’s disregard of his duties or his disrespect for her. She gives him an ultimatum: Accept disciplinary spankings or the marriage is over. Consent is present, but she is demanding it.

As I said before, I can’t find a single real-life case when this happened. There’s a good reason it hasn’t. What wife wants to believe that her husband needs that kind of discipline? What husband is so irresponsible that he can’t sustain a marriage without being spanked? I’m sure that there are marriages where the husband is out of control. I’m also sure that the last thing his wife is considering is spanking him. She’s calling her lawyer.

Once we accept the reality that adult spanking is initiated by the person who is to be spanked, we can think about what really goes on in disciplinary marriage. Mrs.Lion and I have been in one for over ten years. She has not evolved into a benign dictator who rules my life. She has no interest in taking on that role. How many wives do?

The way it works here is that Mrs. Lion considers what she wants to enforce with her paddle. For her, the easiest are rules centered around things I need to do around the house. Other rules cover behaviors that she wants to change. She isn’t interested in making me into a different man. But since I want her to spank me, why not correct some annoying habits?

Well, that last bit is easier said than done. She has no problem spanking me if I forget a chore. It’s actually fun for her to catch me. The spanking itself isn’t necessarily fun for her to administer, but she doesn’t mind beating me. Her fun comes from catching me. She takes pride in delivering an effective spanking that properly reddens my bottom and makes me yelp.

It turns out that she has a lot of trouble punishing me for interrupting her. I don’t fully understand why that is a problem, but it is. Based on what she’s said, things get complicated in her mind when it comes to deciding to punish me for annoying her. Was it really my fault? She hates the idea of being unfair. This sort of thinking stops her almost every time. I’ve said that I don’t mind if it turns out to be unfair. I want her to spank me anyway.

We can’t seem to get past this problem. Currently, she will give me “Just Because” spankings if I’ve gone too long without earning a punishment. When she delivers a “Just Because” spanking, she almost always says that I earned it by interrupting her. It seems to me that it is a small step from “Just Because” to “You interrupted me.” It isn’t for Mrs. Lion.

I know that I’m overdue for a spanking. Mrs. Lion told me that I interrupted her and forgot to get my medicine packets (a chore she tracks). However, the spanking(s) haven’t come. There are good reasons they haven’t. Mrs. Lion has an overwhelming list of things needed here. I get it.

We are much happier when Mrs. Lion consistently enforces my rules. It may seem odd, but we feel closer and more connected when she frequently uses her paddles. I don’t want her to spank me, but I need her to do it anyway. We need to restore the balance we both love.

wife spanking husband cartoon

I am not in the mood to be spanked. Am I ever in the mood for that? Well, if I’m thinking about being spanked, the answer is “yes.” But if Mrs. Lion says she wants me to mount the spanking bench, the answer is almost always “No.” Surprised?

In her post, “A Day In My Life,” she says that she may get around to spanking me today (Tuesday). It has been nine days since the last time I rode the spanking bench. She pointed out that I’d been interrupting and forgetting to get my medicine packets. I don’t recall interrupting, but I have definitely been forgetting my packets.

Mrs. Lion knows that if she wants me to change, she has to be consistent in punishing me when I break a rule. Mrs. Lion knows this. When she decides to get serious about enforcement, I’ll find out. I’m always the second to know.

Punishment spankings are easy to recognize. Mrs. Lion always takes at least the full ten minutes, and she often uses wood paddles, which are the most painful. When I’m spanked for a reason, it’s always more painful, and the pain lingers for days.

My lioness has been under the weather lately. She may have a cold that just hangs on and on. This prevents her from having the energy to swat my bottom. I understand. Take your time and wait until you feel better.

Given the huge backlog of work around here, it’s no wonder that she isn’t feeling well. The house is still full of unopened moving boxes, and progress in unpacking has been slow. It’s not her fault. Mrs. Lion only has so much energy and hours in her day. Catching and punishing me can feel like too much on top of everything else.

I understand and can wait. Oh yeah. I can wait.

Our weather turned warm today. Mrs. Lion got our AC units set up so we will stay cool and comfortable in the heat. I was surprised that Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me on Thursday. Usually, when I write about a spanking draught, her paddles come out that very night. It could be the pressure of unpacking has distracted her. I’m not complaining. Honest!

I’m busy revising my novel before I try once more to get an agent and publisher. I think that I have to stay positive and believe that people will want to read my novel. The last English class I took was way back in high school. I never had a course in writing fiction. There’s a good chance that I’m just wasting my time trying to write professionally. It’s no wonder that writers tend to be so neurotic. I don’t have anything else to do, so I will soldier on.

It constantly amazes me that Mrs. Lion and I found each other. Neither of us is particularly social. We never went to bars or other places where people hook up. She put her profile and picture on a vanilla dating site. I had my profile there, too. I saw her picture and loved her smile. We exchanged messages for a few days, talked on the phone, met, and mated, all in the space of two weeks. Our first meeting was at a motel. By prior agreement, we undressed and had anal sex. We talked for a while afterward.

We both wanted sex and told one another that we didn’t want complications. We kept meeting at least once a week. Within a short time, we realized that we wanted to be together all of the time. We have been for over twenty years. I spent a long time in the BDSM scene. I learned that relationships formed around kinky interests tended to implode after a year or two. That’s why I decided to look on a vanilla dating site, and give up BDSM for the right woman.

I found the right woman, and she realized that I was unhappy without my kinks. So, she decided to give me a hand and, later, a paddle. It was difficult for her to learn how to bruise my butt without feeling bad about hurting me. She did it. Boy, did she do it!