Male chastity has always been hidden in a dark corner of sexual activities. Before the worldwide web, it was something practiced by a tiny group of men. Sites like ours have made the practice more accessible. Last night, Mrs. Lion and I started watching season three of “Hacks” on Max. If you haven’t discovered this show, it’s worth subscribing to Max just to see it.

It’s a comedy about a young comedy writer who works for an older, established female comic. Think Joan Rivers. There are a lot of laughs in every episode. It’s an adult show including topics not suitable for kiddies. I don’t want to give away the story. It’s too good to spoil. In the second episode of season three the older comedian has a chance to host a late night show. She says that the show is one guest short and brings up a member of the audience to sit on the couch.

He says that he works for the TSA. The comedian asks if he has seen anything unusual in people’s luggage. He answers by telling her that a man went through the metal detector and had a cage on his… This triggers a few jokes. The TSA agent says that the cage has a lock on it. The comedian acts surprised. He replies by saying, “Yes. His wife has the key and she’s in Miami.”

Big laugh from the audience. How about that? It is not only a joke about male chastity but also a punchline that correctly talks about how a chastity device is used. It also happens to be the worst nightmare of anyone who is locked in a male chastity device. Whoever wrote that joke had a correct understanding of male chastity. The producer and actors also had to understand the gag. Hollywood is kinkier than I thought!

I think that this joke is significant. The fact that it was on a popular TV show is one thing. It also means that the people behind the show believed that viewers would get the joke. Something totally out of left field wouldn’t be funny. It would either shock or go over the heads of the audience. This joke was probably included to tickle the hip viewers. The folks in Utah wouldn’t get it. Of course, they probably wouldn’t watfch an adult comedy like this.

It’s impossible to know how the writers and cast learned about male chastity. The writer had to know a lot to create the joke. He had to know how chastity devices work; not hard to learn online. He also had to know about men wearing male chastity devices worry about going through airport security. That isn’t common knowledge. I don’t want to overanalyze it, but it is obvious that at least one person on that show has a working knowledge of male chastity. It’s also obvious that the other writers, producers, and actors got the joke.

Lion decided he’s solved the conflict in my portion of the dice game. There really wasn’t much of a conflict to begin with. But now I’ve thought of another. I don’t want him to buy another set of dice. No more dice. None. We have enough. If the die number one comes up with one, there’s really no need to go further. No sex for Lion. Sad. My question is this: If we roll both dice, how do we know which is which? If it’s a two and a six, is it a two and a six or a six and a two? There’s definitely a difference. I assumed the first die rolled would follow Lion’s rules and the second would follow mine. But if they’re rolled together, which is first and which is second? If they were different colors, we could designate one as first and one as second. Technically, we do have different colors already. The smaller dice are white; the larger are red. We can either mix them or just roll one at a time.

We are probably making this way more complicated than it needs to be. Just roll the damn dice. One at a time or two different colors makes no difference. The important part is to roll them. We didn’t last night because we got our signals crossed again. I propose, for today at least, we meet up at 4 pm to roll the dice. No matter what we’re doing at the time, we stop and roll the dice. Am I in the middle of something? Too bad. I knew the time. Is Lion busy? Too bad. He knew the time. I’d think he’d be perched on the edge of the bed waiting anxiously for 4 pm.

I guess that brings up another question. Are we rolling the dice every time, or is there still room for spontaneity? There are also other possibilities for my die. What about slapping his balls? I don’t do it often, and I’m sure Lion wouldn’t mind if I never did it again. Just thoughts. Whatever winds up working best is what we need to do.

I was very surprised when I read Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday (“Not Going Lion’s Way“). She said that she often thinks about riding me, but I had no idea that she does. The last time she rode me (reverse cowgirl) was in 2018. Has she been considering this for six years? Please do it! I miss being inside her. Sure, all the other stuff we do is fun, but feeling my hard cock inside her is wonderful.

Intercourse stopped when Mrs. Lion stopped wanting orgasms for herself. I’ve given her a few since then, but she still doesn’t want them. I love giving them to her. From a purely selfish perspective, I love how it feels when she rides me. I also wonder if we can try our other old-time favorite position: lion (doggy) style. You may recall that this was how we fucked on our first, second, third, etc. dates. Most of those times, it was anal penetration. Mrs. Lion was always fond of that. We could do that now, too.

We stopped doing it lion-style because I couldn’t remain hard when standing or kneeling behind her. As we now know, this was the beginning of my ED. Now that we have a reliable way to help me get hard, maybe we could do it lion style, too. I have to admit I prefer being ridden, but I would be happy to also do the more traditional way we mate.

It was another surprise when Mrs. Lion came up with her own dice game. Now we have use for both of our new dice. There are two potential conflicts when we use two dice. If Mrs. Lion’s die comes up “IcyHot,” the only kind of sex I can have is a handjob. Given that, if she rolls IcyHot, she doesn’t have to roll the other die. The second conflict comes up if she rolls a “one” on the sex die, and an activity on the BDSM die. My suggestion is that she can either just do the BDSM without sex, or tease me without orgasm. The third situation is if she rolls a one on both dice: snake eyes. I sugges that gets me a spanking and no sex. No more conflicts!

The other night, we tried some lube with Lion humping my hand. I didn’t really expect him to hump my hand right away. He usually does it when he gets close. It’s extremely difficult not to move your hand when you’re used to jerking someone off. Things did not end well. I’m not sure why.

We got a set of dice the other day. I think there are seven smallish dice. I said something about them being small, and Lion decided we needed bigger dice. Do the bigger dice roll differently from the smaller dice? I don’t think so. Like everything else, he has to research and go bigger and better, or just more. To his chagrin, the new dice, along with the original dice, have stayed on my nightstand so far. [Lion — Grrr.]

When we used the lube, I didn’t roll the dice to decide on a hand job. It didn’t seem necessary. I wanted to jerk him off with lube. End of story. If I’d wanted to leave it to chance, I would have rolled the dice. I’m not entirely sure why we need the dice. Is it to add a gaming element to things? Are we supposed to roll the dice every night to see what happens, or only when I’ve decided there’s a potential for things to happen? If I’ve already decided there’s a potential, I’ve probably decided what I want to do. The difference with the dice is the added possibility of no sex or Lion riding. The truth is, any time I jerk him off, I have it in the back of my mind that I could ride him. I thought about it the other night when he was all slathered up. Would he have gotten over the top if I had ridden him? Probably.

sex game
Lion’s one die sex game. Click to enlarge.

Lion mapped out the numbers on one die the other day. Additional possibilities can be achieved with the addition of another die. I’m tasked with figuring out what those possibilities are. They can’t be the same. What if he rolls a three and a one? Does the no sex cancel out the hand job or does the hand job cancel out the no sex? Here’s what I came up with quickly: 1 = nothing extra, 2 = rope (balls tied, etc.), 3 = clothes pins, 4 = IcyHot, 5 = bondage, 6 = anal penetration. Of course, there are problems with rolling both dice. If die number one comes up with oral or vaginal, IcyHot is not practical. I’m sure Lion would say that’s fine with him. He hates IcyHot anyway. It would be absolutely no problem to go without burning balls. What a guy! Making the ultimate sacrifice to go without IcyHot for the sake of oral or vaginal sex. He’s my hero.

I’m thinking of rolling the die (dice) today. What will we come up with? I hope it isn’t snake eyes.