It was cooler yesterday. I was a little chilly sitting at my desk but not enough to do anything about it. By afternoon, I was warmer. Obviously, the sun was out and the day had warmed up, but I wasn’t feeling all that great either. After work, “we” took the chick peas that had been soaking and put them in a pot with some spices. They had to cook for at least 45 minutes. I was going to take a shower, but there was still the matter of an update for the car’s navigation, which failed yet again.

By the time the chick peas were done, I was feeling a little worse. I tore the freezer apart, looking for something I swear was in there. With that option unavailable, we decided to have stew. More running around to get that going and I realized my legs were unhappy holding me vertical. How could I go from being a little chilly in the morning to feeling hot and horrible in the afternoon? When I got up around 2:30 AM to pee, my legs felt heavy, but by morning I was fine again.

Lion, obviously, did not get swatted last night. I never told him he would. He’d had a very nice orgasm on Sunday. The last one, a week prior, was not satisfying at all. This one was. I didn’t get any cream filling, but he was very happy. Very happy. Big silly grin happy. I like making him happy.

Maybe tonight I’ll have enough energy to spank him. He’s been interrupting and forgetting his pills a lot lately. His plan is to collect his pills when he turns off the bathroom fan a while after his shower. Maybe he should collect the pills after his shower. I can always turn off the fan. There’s no rule about that.

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