You’re Hard. You Must Be Having Fun

I wasn’t up for anything this weekend. I was tired and napped on both Saturday and Sunday. I suspect it was a reaction to my Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shot Friday evening. Prior to this one, I received the Pfizer version, and it had no side effects. That wasn’t available here right now, and we both wanted to get the latest shop before we go east next month.

I’m back to my old self today. Mrs. Lion emailed me that we will make use of the restraints she unearthed this past weekend. That will be fun, maybe. This will be the first time that I will be restrained while sporting an Edex-produced erection. No matter what she does to me, I won’t be able to get soft. Even if she gives me an orgasm, I will remain hard and available.

This has been true as long as I have been using the injections. Mrs. Lion hasn’t made use of this yet. There is something amazingly. vulnerable about having an erection that is not related to sexual arousal. Just as wearing a male chastity device takes away the ability to get hard, an Edex injection turns my penis into a living dildo that will remain hard for a couple of hours whether or not it is having a good time.

Aside from the restored ability to have sex, erection injections can also be part of a power exchange. Loss of control is hot. Under normal conditions, a man has to be sexually aroused to get hard. That means his erection is a signal that he likes what is happening to him. With the injection, the erection is visible to anyone who cares to see. He must be having a good time, right? You get the idea.

I’m not sure that we have reached the point where we want to play this way. Sexual arousal has always been part of the BDSM picture for me. I don’t think I’m ready to change that.


  1. Like you said, giving up control is hot. Not having control over whether your penis is erect seems hot. I can imagine some fun with humiliation and teasing. I think that there is a matter of some male pride in having an erection. How would it feel to not be able to stop the erection? Yes, that could be some interesting mind games. A different kind of play.

    1. Author

      That’s exactly what happens when I get an Edex injection. Within five minutes I’m fully erect whether or not I’m aroused. I stay erect about two hours, even if Mrs. Lion gets me off during the first ten minutes.

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