Lion wrote that he hadn’t been spanked in a while and he was probably due. He also said I spank him when he writes about it. I can’t let him thinks he calls the shots so, even if I wasn’t busy last night, I wasn’t going to spank him.

I had to run out for some prescriptions after work. I can’t tell you the last time I went anywhere. It’s been at least a week, maybe two. I do know that the same half tank of gas has been in the car for a few months. With the electric motor getting us most places, I forget all about gas. It will cross my mind at random times and I make a mental note to get some, but then I forget again. When we go on our donut run, we’ll definitely need some.

When I packed, I thought I had put most of the air conditioner hoses and window inserts together. Some of them were too long for boxes, so I made sure to keep them together, I thought. Luckily, I was able to piece together enough to cover the bedroom and both offices. The living room, dining room and kitchen are one big area so they’re more difficult to cool. Plus, the living room is still a sea of boxes. I hope we can weather this small heat wave with fans.

Lion seemed surprised when I agreed with him about going to Voodoo Donuts. He’s been talking about it for weeks. Up until the other day, he always said, “We should go to Voodoo,” and I’d agree. When he asked if we could go this weekend, I agreed again. He said, “Really?” Was I the one holding up the works? I’m not looking forward to the drive, but we love donuts and it’s been a long time since we’ve gone anywhere other than doctor appointments and casinos. I also have to do a bagel run, but that’s more me dragging my feet because I don’t want to drive there either. Eventually, my need for a good bagel will outweigh my need to be a hermit.

I doubt I’ll want to spank Lion or give him an orgasm after driving five hours round trip tomorrow. Does that mean he’ll get one of them tonight? I don’t know. It depends on how we feel after work.

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  1. The only donuts we like are Krispy Kreme. The glazed are good, but I like the jelly filled ones best.

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