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Women frequently refer to “down there” as a synonym for their vaginas. It’s an interesting reference. Something “down there” is obviously far away and not intimately connected to the person referencing it. Guys generally refer to their penises as “my cock” or some other possessive reference; never “down there.”

Why in the world would a woman want to disconnect herself from the center of so much pleasure? As a male, this baffles me. “Down there” is one of my favorite places. It’s a tasty, nicely squishy source of fun for both of us. Sure, it can have an odor. Usually, it’s pleasant, sometimes a bit offputting. My cock and balls can also emit scents of their own. Truthfully, I never think about them. My feelings wouldn’t be hurt if a partner asked me to wash. I’m lucky that way. I don’t seem to have much body odor. I don’t use underarm deodorant, and I’ve never been told that my pits smell.

It’s true that my male equipment is external and not easily subject to the problems that can plague a woman “down there.” As a man, I’ve never been disgusted to learn that my partner has a yeast infection or some other vaginal issue. My perception of her “down there” doesn’t change because of things like that.

Women have visual differences between their legs. Some have small inner labia so that their pussies are smooth, unbroken slits. Others display large inner labia. That’s a very nice added decoration in my opinion. One woman I knew had a vagina that was always open and exposed. The first time I saw it, I was surprised. But it was very sexy too, like an orchid, open and inviting.

My point is that people who are sexually attracted to women are almost certainly going to enjoy seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, and fucking “down there.” Any insecurity on the part of its owner is misplaced. You are making a huge mistake if you hide it. Julie of Strict Julie Spanked said that showing her pussy is humiliating and she is turned on by that.

I get it. Being exposed to strangers who aren’t sharing the vulnerability is humiliating in a sexy way. Showing it to a friend or lover is nice. I don’t think that women, even friends, are particularly interested in seeing my penis. Why should they be? That doesn’t mean it’s ugly or smelly. It’s just not relevant to the current relationship or conversation. If asked, I would show. Why not? It’s standard male equipment. The only possible surprise might be my lack of pubic hair. Ho hum. So what?

The reality is that millions of people have seen my penis. Nobody has said that it is ugly. A couple have commented that it’s handsome and yummy looking. How nice! Julie has published some peeks of her pussy. She gets lots of positive feedback about how pretty it is. Her husband is a lucky man.

How about ending references to “down there” and talking about “my pussy, vagina, cunt, etc.?” Public exposure is humiliating because it is unreciprocated vulnerability. It isn’t because you are ugly “down there.”

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  1. Oh! How humiliating! Miss puss puss is all… out there!
    Seeing this made me feel the same way as if I’ve just been given a spanking.

    1. Author

      Charming and very pretty on display.It’s obvious she is aroused from the swelling and darker pink color.

  2. One can hardly praise the vagina (and the vulva) enough! …or to (almost) quote a famous song:

    Under the “C.”
    Under the “C.”
    Darling it’s better
    Down where it’s wetter
    Take it from me

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