clothespins on lion's balls

Friday night was fun and spanking-free. I did an Edex injection, and it worked like a charm. Mrs. Lion covered my balls and perineum with wood clothespins, jerking me off between finding sensitive spots to place the nasty little buggers. It was like the old days! I was hard as a rock and loved all the painful attention. She took her time removing the clothespins. It hurt more when they came off than when she put them on. When she was done, she offered me a blow job. I graciously accepted. You can read the details of that in her post from yesterday, Boner On Demand.”

In that same post, she mentioned that she forgot to check for my email Friday. She didn’t mention spanking me on Saturday. I guess I’ll have to see what she has planned for me. We slept in on Saturday and had English muffins for breakfast. At about noon, Mrs. Lion did needed yardwork and was back by 1 PM. She is spending time playing on her computer. She needs to decompress. Her job requires a lot of difficult decision-making. She had more training on Friday. That always makes her tense.

induced boners aren’t all fun

The Edex shot took over two hours to wear off. For the first hour, it felt like a normal erection, even after my orgasm. As time passed, my penis remained almost hard and started to hurt a bit. This always happens. I’m not sure why it always gets a little painful, but it does. After about two-and-a-half hours, I got softer. My penis could bend easily. The pain subsided, and all was well. I remained a bit turgid for another hour. This is normal and well within the safe parameters of using the drug.

We’re both getting used to using this ED drug. Unlike Cialis, Edex creates the erection. The pills just make it easier to get hard when aroused. When it works, the drug helps produce better erections. Edex produces erections with or without arousal. It doesn’t matter if I’m turned on or not. I will get hard. This is both good and bad. Of course, it’s good because I want to get hard. The negative side is that an erection isn’t a signal that I’m ready for sex.

Mrs. Lion and I are both used to understanding that if I’m hard, I’m ready to go. It’s confusing when I’m hard and not aroused. The process of setting up and then giving myself the injection kills any sexual arousal I might have felt before I started. By the time my erection is appearing, I’m distracted and not thinking about sex.

This is where we have a problem. We have many years of conditioning that says I’m ready to go by the time I get hard. It always worked that way in the past. Now, an erection means that I’m ready to start getting aroused. Since we have well over an hour to get down to business (biznez?), there’s plenty of time for hugging, kissing, petting, and BDSM play first.

We need to figure out how to do this. Friday night was a great start. Mrs. Lion did a lot of CBT before getting to the main event. It was great. We still need to work on the earliest activity. Mrs. Lion began masturbating me from the very first minute. I was hard, after all. I think we need to work on a slower buildup. My hard penis inaccurately communicated my mental state. We need to work on turning me on after the injection and before serious cock attention.

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  1. It’s great to hear that boner drug is being used for some CBT. From the time you first started experimenting with it I thought it would be great to be made to be hard and then tortured. Of course the reality so often does not live up to the fantasy! Like the eventual pain (not the good kind) after the prolonged erection. Looking forward to hearing more about how this plays out.

    1. Author

      I’ve had that fantasy for many years. The reality is that we can now do it, but it took a lot of experimentation to get the right druge and dosage to produce an orgasm-ready erection that lasts between one and three hours. Now that we have it, Mrs. Lion can continue to pursue her CBT hobby.

  2. Congrats, you seem to have got there, I haven’t read the blog for a while but as I’m now on gardening leave for a month I’ll catch up, fascinated.

    1. Author

      Welcome back! Yes, it’s been a difficult time, but we seem to have finally figured things out.

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