Over The Top After Only Six Days

fortune cookie

On Tuesday night I tried another Edex injection. It produced a good erection that also felt very nice. We snuggled while Mrs. Lion played with it. I enjoyed the sensation, but I didn’t feel arousal growing. That’s the weird thing about injection-created boners: the sensation of arousal doesn’t synch up with the erection. Still, the fondling was nice.

After a few minutes, Mrs. Lion asked me if I wanted a blow job. What man ever said no to that request? I got into position, and Mrs. Lion went to work. I felt myself getting more and more aroused. I waited for the good sensations to stop the way they’ve been doing over the last few months. They didn’t. I was getting more and more aroused. It took a while, but I had a wonderful orgasm. To add whipped cream to the sundae, Mrs. Lion got a nice ejaculation as a reward for her efforts. I was amazed that I could have an orgasm only six days after the one before.

We talked about it and agreed that something in the Trimix and Quadmix injections was to blame. Edex, which is pure alprostadil, is the primary ingredient in all boner injections. Trimix contains other drugs to enhance the effect of alprostadil. The Edex did the job, and I had an orgasm. Ta-da!

i’m not my penis

KDPierre commented on my post, “Just The Two Of Us Again,” that his ED caused him a lot of negative feelings tied in with his loss of ability to have sex with his partner. (Forgive me if I simplified your thought) I can understand that. For some reason, I’ve never tied my identity to my ability to fuck or my career. I can’t explain it, but it never occurred to me that my identity has anything to do with external stuff.

As a result of this, I’ve had several different careers with varying degrees of success. When I started losing my ability to get hard, I treated it as a problem to solve. The problem, as I saw it, was that I wanted to ejaculate, and I couldn’t. It didn’t occur to me that Mrs. Lion would think less of me because I couldn’t get a boner. I have great confidence in my ability to use my tongue to satisfy a woman.

The point is that who I am is unrelated to how hard my cock gets or how well I perform my job. I want to be the best at what I do. I take great pride in my work. Right now I’m trying to be a successful writer. That’s not going very well. I don’t think it means that I’m not a good person. It just means I need to figure out how to sell my writing. I like my work. Mrs. Lion likes it. Other people who have read my manuscripts think I am good. I just need to find an agent willing to read the damn book. If I don’t, my self image won’t be crushed. I’ll just keep trying until I get bored and try something else.

It’s like that wonderful fortune cookie said, “The secret to patience is to find something else to do in the meantime.” It’s great advice.

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  1. “I” do not want to make the “I am my penis” connection. I agree with you. BUT, I have had that sentiment imposed upon me by more than one person. And that’s where the anger and frustration come from. I wrote about this at length over the course of more than one post on my old blog. It’s ironic how we live in an age where you can’t make fun of anything…………………except impotence.

    As for alternates? I’m there. I’ve been told by women who enjoy oral that I am quite good at it…..BUT….not all women like oral. And I have found that something in women around the time they hit menopause makes them change and want things they didn’t want before……namely intercourse. (It’s happened to me twice, and it’s depressing to feel crappy even when they don’t TRY to make you feel crappy, over something out of one’s control. (I feel like sometimes people want you to be able to see their creations or personal beauty…even if you’re blind.)

    Me? I have a sense of humor about it, and I get by, but I often wonder how different my life would have been had I never had that operation in 7th grade that affected my ability to maintain an erection. Still, I managed to father two children and so what the hell. But trust me. I thought I had successfully negotiated this minefield only to find myself stumbling through it again and it’s not a field of my making or imagining.

    1. Author

      You may want to see a urologist who specializes in sexual dysfunction. The shots I give myself produce a serviceable boner that lasts well over an hour. That’s enough for any woman 🙂

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