Leather paddle I made over 20 years ago

Sex or a spanking are the two things Mrs. Lion knows I need. When I consider those options, my first choice is sex. In Mrs. Lion’s mind, sex is like dessert. I have to eat my peas first. That means a sore bottom comes first. We’ve never discussed this. It isn’t exactly a rule, but it’s how things work in the world where I live.

Since I know that’s how things are, if I’m horny I understand that I have to ask for that spanking if Mrs. Lion forgets or is too busy doing other things. Once that is out of the way, I have a good chance to have an orgasm later or the next day. So yes, I ask for that painful spanking. I also know that I need the paddling as much as I need the sex; maybe more. It’s how I’m wired, and there is absolutely no sense denying it.

I expect that today’s spanking will be with the paddle I made over twenty years ago. I made it to use on cute female bottoms. I’m not sure if I’ve felt it on my tender butt. [Mrs. Lion — He has.] Since spanking has become so infrequent, I’m not used to the intensity that Mrs. Lion likes to provide. She refers to it as toughening up my rear. No matter how much spanking I get, the skin does not get tougher. My brain becomes conditioned to accept the more intense pain. From my prior experience, at least weekly spankings are necessary to keep me in condition.

I’m happy to say that Our Bottoms Burn is back. The site is now safely nestled in the cloud, far away from the sex nazis at WordPress.com. Bogey, its owner, is busy getting it the way he likes it. Now he can publish pictures that show more than bottoms if he likes.

Mrs. Lion found one of our Dutch ovens so we can make beef stew. I’m excited to try out our new stove. When we moved here, we bought an induction range. Mrs. Lion says it boils water so fast that the food is done before she starts cooking. I look forward to experiencing that myself. I’m hoping that we can make a Voodoo Doughnut run soon. Now that we know that doughnuts can be safely frozen, we can stock up and dole them out slowly later.

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