I guess I wasn’t over my fatigue. I was out of sorts on Monday night, so nothing happened. Today, Tuesday seems much more promising. I went back to sleep after Mrs. Lion started work and slept from 8:30 to 11:30. I think that I’m finally rested and potentially ready for action. I’m not sure what that action will be, but it is likely to include the newly uncovered bondage gear.

A small poll on Twitter asks how our readers feel about pictures of my penis (give your opinion here). So far, half of the people like the pictures, about 15 percent are aroused by them, 21 percent are indifferent, and 15 percent don’t like them. That means a whopping 65 percent enjoy the view. That figure surprises me. I figured the number of people who like seeing my penis would be considerably smaller. I’m delighted that a significant number are aroused by the images. How cool is that? According to the vendor of some of our features, we’ve had 5,260,000 views over the time they’ve monitored our site. That’s been about half of our ten-year history. Conservatively, a million of those views were of pages with views of my privates. It’s a relief to know that I didn’t turn off all those people.

One of the drawbacks of being an independent blogger (I don’t use any of the standard blogging platforms) is that automatic lifetime stats aren’t available. It doesn’t really matter beyond bragging rights. I’m happy to know that we have a lot of readers who enjoy our content.

The decision to show my naughty bits was both easy and challenging. It was easy because it would be difficult to identify me using any of that image. My erection is pretty much the same as any other male of Northern European descent. I suspect that Mrs. Lion could pick me out in a “lineup.” The challenge is that this intimate exposure is still humiliating, even with anonymity. What you see is me, not some image I picked up on the web.

Many bloggers Google images and illustrate their posts with them. Some image searches I’ve made reveal that my penis has appeared  (without permission) on quite a few sites. It’s easy to support the presentation of a fantasy as reality if you steal your images. Other sites will just use silly memes as illustrations. It’s a way to appear to illustrate your topic honestly while showing no evidence of its accuracy in the blogger’s life.

Based on that very tiny poll (so far, it has days to run), we are doing the right thing with intimate photography. Since we self-host our blog, we don’t have nannies threatening to shut us down because (gasp) I reveal my penis. Whew!

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