When Lion came out of the shower, I asked if he needed to warm up. Sometimes he’s cold after being under the hot water. He was ready to be spanked. Well, he wasn’t cold. I’m not sure he’s ever ready to be spanked.

I still don’t like the harness he has. Maybe it’s the straps I don’t like. It takes too long for him to get in it. With the old strap, he gets on the bench and I tighten the strap. This way he has to figure out which way is up and how tight it should be and then there’s the strap. I know he likes it because he said, “Boy, that really holds me so I can’t move” at least twice. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I knew he should be whomped by the paddle he created. He didn’t remember ever being swatted with it. I guess I have to use it more often so he’ll remember. I was thinking I should hit hard to make a point, but I figured I didn’t have to. I’m sure there were reasons he should be spanked but I don’t know what they are. I did set a ten minute timer, but I stopped with about a minute to go. I also didn’t hit him very hard. I threw a few hard swats in every now and then, but overall I took it easy on him.

Area where I saw blister. (Click image to view larger)

When I stopped, I noticed he had two raised spots that looked like they might bruise. I’m sure they didn’t bruise in the sense that he felt them today, but they might look nasty. I wasn’t going for bruises. I would have used a wooden paddle for that. We’ll get there.

Now he’s horny. I guess he was horny yesterday, but I’d already told him I was spanking him. Not that I can’t change my mind. But spanking helps him get horny. I won’t give him sex on the same day as a spanking unless I spank him early in the day so he can recover a bit.

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