My Renovated Erection

My fully aroused Edex erection. Click image to view full size.

I always assumed that an erection is the normal expression of being horny. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Before ED got serious, even when locked in a male chastity device, I would still try to get hard when I had horny thoughts. Mrs. Lion could always gauge how desperate I was by observing how quickly she could get me hard. That’s not true anymore.

For whatever reason, I have trouble producing an erection, and my interest in sex hasn’t diminished. The normal rules of male sexuality have changed for me. For example, Edex produces an erection every time. Whether or not I’m sexually aroused has nothing to do with its effectiveness. I think an Edex erection sans arousal is about 80 percent as hard as a fully aroused one.

I remember that a female top who used a similar injection before doing CBT mentioned that to me. Now I understand it. That 80 percent erection feels a bit odd to me. It’s flexible enough to bend a little but hurts if I try to bend it back against my stomach. A full erection doesn’t hurt if I do the same thing but resists the attempt to flatten it. I guess that the extra blood in my penis changes how it bends. The 80-percent erection is most comfortable, pointing down between my legs.

That unaroused erection is still functional. It’s hard enough to successfully insert into a hungry orifice. I suspect that I could get more inflation with a stronger dose of Edex. Right now, I’m injecting 50 percent of the solution. If I increase the dose, the unaroused boner would probably be harder and last longer. Since the current dose p; produces a two-hour boner, there is room to increase the dose. I’m just not sure why I would try.

If Mrs. Lion had an interest in using my post-ejaculation penis, it might make sense to add more boner juice. Since she doesn’t seem to want to go beyond some pre-ejaculation CBT, changing the dose makes no sense. The combination of Edex and my arousal produces a great erection. It’s every bit as hard as it was when I was in my twenties. It feels great.

It’s taken us a while to figure out the right drug and dose to get me to this point. Now, we’re learning to use and abuse my newly renovated erection. I’m very happy we both decided to take the time to fix it.