Manscaping Is The Clear Winner

Many of us who wear male chastity devices eventually remove our pubic hair to avoid annoying pulling and difficulty getting the device on and off. Some simply like the look and feel or have partners who prefer smooth pubes. I decided to set up a Twitter survey to check up on manscaping. I read several articles claiming that most men either trim or completely remove pubic hair. My survey confirms those findings.

It’s startling to me that over eighty percent manscape. I would have guessed the total would have been closer to half. Of those who groom, half remove all of their pubic hair. I am among that number though I didn’t vote. A scant twenty percent stay wild and bushy.

These numbers reveal a big change in the way men think of themselves. Twenty years ago, a man who removed his pubic hair would be considered effeminate. He might be teased in the locker room. Guys who just trimmed would probably fly under the radar since they had some hair down there. My point is that most of us never gave much thought to how our pubes look. We might be proud of our cocks, but gave little thought to the surrounding territory.

I only had one lover who got upset when I stopped trimming. She disliked pubic hair and thought I was naturally under-furred. The net result was that she shaved me, and I’ve been that way ever since. I think it’s good that men are aware and considerate about maintaining their pubic hair. Women led the charge. It’s unusual to find a woman with a full bush. Now the guys have caught up.

Ironically, women’s magazines are claiming that the bush is back. Women are being encouraged to let their hair grow wild down there. That’s too bad. I never found a big bush very attractive. I can only hope that the ladies continue to groom. I know that I will.


  1. Shaved from my pits to my toes!

  2. I began shaving my whole pubic area when i became incontinent and began having to wear diapers to keep my clothes and our furniture dry. It has made cleanup much quicker and easier. More importantly, having pubic hair if you have to be diapered, offers a great breeding ground for bacteria and odor causing germs. It’s one thing to have to medically wear diapers, it’s quite another to wear diapers around others when you already have a pubic area that smells like you peed yourself because it’s quite difficult to remove all traces of urine smell when you have a full bush down there.

  3. Shave bare maybe once a month. Doing this since becoming a simulated patient teaching medical and nursing students examination techniques of the urogenital area. It cuts down on the hair pulling. After hundreds of students examining me none have made any comments. Many have volunteered that they do the same and the nurses state that they have noted it has become quite common among their patients.

    1. Author

      I’ve been hairless so long that I’ve forgotten about it. I had a kidney stone removed and no one commented or looked surprised. As my survey revealed, about forty percent of men are bare.

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