No Butt Pain

lionsleeping narrow

There was another stupid hockey game on TV last night, so Jeopardy wasn’t on until later. We don’t usually watch it if it’s not on at its regular time, so no Zapardy. Lion fell yesterday and hurt his hand. I was tired from another day of cleaning and standing. He snoozed, and I played on my iPad. Today I’m really tired. I guess I haven’t been sleeping well. Lion has been up before six a few days this week. I don’t know what’s wrong with us.

We’re finally in for a few days of sunshine. It’s going to be quite hot from Saturday to Monday. The rest of the country has been broiling while we had rain and cooler temperatures. It figures we’d go from zero to 100 in nothing flat. I need to set up our air conditioners and mow the lawn before it gets too hot. I’m sure I can get some of the lawn done.

I didn’t tell Lion last night because his hand hurt, but he forgot to close the shower door. I didn’t want to add butt pain to hand pain, so I let him off the hook. He never knew he was on the hook, but I won’t punish him for it. We also got a phone call as he was getting out of the shower, which disrupted his routine. I’m sure that made him forget the door. There has been so much turmoil around selling the truck and camper I wouldn’t punish him if he left the shower door open until the sale is done. It’s been frustrating for both the buyers and us. Credit unions are the worst. Why make life so hard? I want to pay off a loan. Take the money.

Depending on how tired we are, I might give Lion some attention. The other night, I snuggled with him and massaged my balls and weenie. I wasn’t trying to get him hard. I just wanted to feel him up. We both enjoy that. Even if that’s all he’s up for, I’m happy to do it. Closeness and a weenie rub? Yes, please.