Say No To The Bush

Pretty Australian women. Their bushes are unappealing to me

Tastes change. I am a little surprised at myself how much I have. The other day, someone posted a picture on Twitter of a naked woman in Australia. They have full bushes. I was turned off. I’m not saying that nudes with shaved pubes turn me on. They don’t turn me off. They look normal to me. For the record, when naked men are in pictures, seeing pubic hair seems odd.

I haven’t had pubic hair in over 25 years. I can’t remember how I looked when I had hair down there. When I first lost my hair, women (and me, I suppose) had full bushes. Naked women with hair there turned me on. I didn’t even consider hairless pubes back then. My sex life was active. Obviously, my taste in pubic hair radically changed over the years.

I lost mine shortly after my divorce. I was dating a woman who was exploring BDSM with me. It was completely new to both of us. When I first met her, I did a little manscaping. I trimmed my long, unruly pubic hair. I don’t remember why I did it. Anyway, apparently, she liked me that way. As it grew back, she was topping me. One day, when I was tied spread-eagle on my back, she came into the room with a bowl of warm water and a razor. Without a word, she removed all of my pubic hair and a lot of the hair on my stomach and thighs.

This is much more appealing to me.

I was very surprised and not entirely happy about it. After we were done with play and sex, I asked her why she did it. She said that she never liked pubic hair. One of the things that attracted her to me, in the beginning, was my trimmed hair. As it grew back, it started to turn her off. She loved the hairless look. She pointed out that she was naturally almost bald down there. I never gave it much thought until she shaved me.

Shaving was a weekly event. I got used to it quickly. When we broke up, I let the hair grow back. Then, several months later, I met my lesbian couple. One of them shaved as a surprise. It was nice. I agreed to let her shave me. All three of us were hairless for a while. One of them had a problem with ingrown hair, so she went back to a bush. The other one and I stayed hairless.

I never had hair again. I got used to the way I looked with no hair. I remained neutral about the female bush. Over the years, I came to think of pubic hair as a sign of power. Mrs. Lion had a bush. She was in charge so she could have one. I was her bottom, so it would be inappropriate for me to have any. Now, I don’t think of pubic hair in terms of power. It’s aesthetic now. I’m so used to seeing hairless pubes, a bush seems almost dirty. What can I say?


  1. I must agree with on this one Lion! Women who are smooth are much more appealing to me! I would much rather service a shaved women than one with a full bush such as my Mistress/Wife has! Not that serving her isn’t a turn off!

    1. Author

      I agree with one caveat. I hate stubble!

    1. Author

      Neatly trimmed is nice too. 🙂

  2. I’ve been an aficionado of shaved women since the 70’s. (Dating myself). At that time it was rare. I still love it though. My Queen has done it on occasion, but generally she has a small landing strip.

  3. My wife has a very thick bush. She is currently shaving just the area around her labia, mainly for my benefit when I am licking her.
    She has shaved completely a few times, I liked it, she apparently did not.
    She shaved my pubes about 15 years ago, one the most exciting things ever for me. Since then she would shave me about once a year and I would keep it that way for 4 months or so until she told me to grow it out. I had been keeping my cock and balls shaved for over five years now.
    A few years ago she was shaving my pubes and proceeded to shave my legs also. That was very exciting and I then kept my legs shaved during the winter, letting it grow back for shorts season since then. Last year she also shaved my underarms. I am naturally hairless on my chest so it is easy to be in the hairless, feminine state that I love.
    I prefer to see a woman with just a very small landing strip or completely bare.

    1. Author

      I don’t equate hairlessness with being feminine. Interesting that you do and it turns you on. I equate no hair with vulnerability. Hair is visual protection. No hair offers more exposure.

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