lion's shaved cock
This is really me. I’ve had no hair for a long time. (Click image for larger view)

I ran an informal Twitter poll about male pubic hair. I realize the people providing answers belong to a less-than-random sample. The results are illustrative nonetheless.

Less than 20% of the men responded that they don’t groom their pubic hair. A third remove it all and nearly half groom but don’t shave it off. I am a bit surprised and glad I am not alone.

I don’t have any pubic hair. It’s been gone for over 20 years. Shortly after being divorced, I was living with a woman I had met online. It was a transitional relationship; not a good idea so soon after divorce. Anyway, prior to living with her, I trimmed my pubic hair. I didn’t have any particular reason. I just liked how it looked.

Once we were together, I stopped trimming. One Saturday afternoon, we were naked in the bedroom. She told me that she was surprised I was so hairy. She thought I naturally had little hair there. She went on to say she liked a man with less hair. She offered to shave me. I agreed. She took it all off along with upper thighs and belly hair. She started to shave under my arms, but I stopped her.

From then on, I kept the hair off. Even after we broke up I kept shaving. For a short while I let it grow back, but I didn’t like it bushy. When I met Mrs. Lion, I was hairless. Apparently, she didn’t mind. Before my rotator cuff surgery, I also got to that underarm hair. I wanted to simplify keeping clean. It’s very difficult to wash the non-surgical armpit after the surgery. The pits are growing back now. I don’t know if I will shave them again. I’ll ask Mrs. Lion how she feels about it.

My point is that the current male body hair modification trend is fairly new. If you look at pictures from the 1960’s, you’ll see that both male and female pubic hair is allowed to grow unchecked. The 70’s were the same. At some point after that, guys began manscaping. If my little survey holds true for men in general, the vast majority now remove some or all of their pubic hair.

That must mean women don’t react negatively to the manicured manscape. My guess is that most don’t care. By now it probably has no social implication to women if a man shaves or not. I’m not sure about guys. If I go to the gym and wander around the locker room nude, will other guys judge me based on my lack of pubic hair?

I’ve been to the doctor who’s seen my shaved nether regions. He didn’t react. He would have if he found it odd. I saw him when I also had a frenum piercing. He asked me how I liked it. I know he wasn’t shy.

At this point, I don’t care what people think. I like to believe I look good there. When it comes to enforced chastity, pubic hair is painful to keep. The hair catches in the device and hurts. I’m very glad I’m shaved when I wear my Jail Bird.

I do wonder what women think about male pubic grooming. If you are a female reader, could you comment and give us your opinion?


  1. Author

    i shave for a couple different reasons, including legs and armpits. i work in a trade that involves lots of outside work doesnt matter the weather, hot and sunny, cold and snowy im outside. found lack of body hair helps with the sweating and in winter when im wearing long underwear it really helps and prevents itching.

  2. Author

    I’ve always trimmed, at least, since my early 20s in the late 70s. This was partly because I’m one of those hirsute guys, and left on it’s own, it was pretty wild. Plus, I used to go commando, and the hair would get caught in my zipper.

    The early CBxxxx cages had a habit of catching stray hairs at random moments, so for a while I was actually shaving, but because the area around it was still hairy, it looked odd. My new cage doesn’t have that problem, but I still prefer to trim because it just looks nicer.

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    I have trimmed since the 70’s as well. I have occasionally taken it all off but for the most part I just shave the balls and a little more while trimming the rest to a short length. My wife had me shave completely for about six months but she didn’t like it. So I’m back to having a man’s version of a landing strip. She likes that.

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