Lion has a doctor appointment this afternoon and then we’re running some errands. He mentioned going to the casino, but I’m wondering if it will be crowded since most people in Washington don’t have air conditioning and it’s already 77 degrees out. He also wants to find cherries and raspberries. We can’t do everything at once, of course, so we may have to decide what’s most important to him. I have a few chores to do, including mowing the lawn, which I hope to do early in the morning before the heat gets too bad. The rest of the weekend, we’ll probably be hiding out in the house with the air conditioners going.

Our farm is giving us a lot of lettuce. I just picked some last night for a salad and this morning it had grown right back up. Lion says that means we have to eat more salad. Yay. We have flowers on the tomato plants and the strawberries are trying to ripen. Lion is a very good gentleman farmer. What’s funny to me is that I mentioned having an indoor hydroponic garden many years ago. Lion laughed at me and said people would think we were growing pot.

In the relative cool of the house this weekend, we can take some time to play. I don’t know what sort of mood Lion has been in, but I’ve been sore. I know his hand hurts from his fall, but that shouldn’t stop him from enjoying some weenie attention. As a matter of fact, weenie attention should distract him from hand pain. We can certainly try it. Even if it doesn’t completely cancel out the pain, it should feel pretty good.

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