Not Exactly Male Chastity Anymore


Our site combines a blog and informational pages about topics that interest us. The blog is about our sexual journey that began with me asking Mrs. Lion to lock my penis in a male chastity device. That was a pretty kinky request but not too odd for me. Since that was nine years ago, we obviously liked it. The problem is that we evolved, and the need for hardware disappeared as we grew.

When we started, I thought that my penis would be locked in a male chastity device permanently. Well, not exactly permanently; it would come out for teasing and the occasional orgasm. For about three years, that was exactly what happened. Then we took a break. It was forced by shoulder surgery. After I recovered, the cage went back on. This time it didn’t stay. Mrs. Lion seemed to lose her taste for locking and unlocking a male chastity device. I was “wild” much of the time.

Eventually, the male chastity device came off and stayed off. It wasn’t just that Mrs. Lion didn’t want to take the time to lock and unlock me. There was no reason to bother. Its original purpose was to assure that I wouldn’t cheat by jerking off. Mrs. Lion’s first rule was that I was not allowed to masturbate. She made that rule in December 2013 and enforced it with a male chastity device. By the time I needed shoulder surgery, I had lost interest in masturbating. It didn’t occur to me that I could do it.

I was trained not to jerk off. If you had asked me if that would result from wearing a male chastity device in 2013, I would have laughed. I knew that the cage would prevent me from getting myself off, but once I was unlocked, I was sure I could go back to jerking off. I was wrong. The only orgasms I’ve experienced since we started were produced by my lioness–almost always with her hand. I wasn’t trained away from hand-made orgasms, just the ones I could do myself. Here I am in 2022, blogging on Male Chastity Journal with a wild penis. I still can’t jerk off, and Mrs. Lion decides if and when I can orgasm. We don’t use hardware to enforce it. I’m pretty sure that I will never be allowed to decide when  I can come. Mrs. Lion is permanently in charge of that.

another big change in direction

It isn’t that we stopped doing kinky things. They’ve evolved. A few years ago, Mrs. Lion began punishing me if I broke the rules. So far, the punishment is spanking. She’s been evolving her ability to spank me until she’s reached the point that she blisters my bottom when I need punishment. It’s true domestic discipline. I almost never get away with breaking a rule. We’ve chronicled our disciplinary journey in our blog.

The name Male Chastity Journal doesn’t fit our spanking posts. They often outnumber our sexual writing. It makes no sense to change our name. Our brand is well established. We don’t need to go through years of building a new one. I suppose that if I had any idea that things would change so much, I would have tried to find a more generic blog name. I did update the current masthead. I’m not at all sure that it matters to anyone but me.

In a way, it’s a good thing we evolved. There’s nothing new in male chastity devices. I thought that 3D printing would open up new vistas in male chastity devices. It hasn’t so far. I’m not surprised. A male chastity device is pretty simple. Ideally, it’s a tamper-proof container for the flaccid penis that is comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean. That’s it. Simple, right? Well, no. Our weenies are sensitive and easily injured. Any device that will be on it 24/7 has to fit perfectly. As far as I can see, nothing new has come along that is more comfortable.

Anyway, we aren’t writing much about male chastity nowadays. We write about male orgasm control and domestic discipline. We discuss what we’ve learned about effective adult spanking. As usual, you get both sides of the experience. Our name may be less accurate, but our kink is alive and well.

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  1. I used to masturbate a lot. One morning, after jerking myself off in the shower, I returned to find my wife all bound up in leather belts. She was hot to trot and I was already spent. I was so ashamed that I could not respond to her rare display of kink that I vowed to myself that I would never waste my ejaculations on myself. I would only cum when with her. About that time I began to learn about male orgasm control and restriction. As you know, there are benefits to not going all the way everytime and prolonging that state of arousal.
    I remember reading a website by a woman who actively restricted her husbands orgasm for several months and was semi serious about denying him for a year. I was shocked and excited. Now I am denied orgasm for months at a time and my wife teases about making it be for a year.
    Then I discovered male chastity devices. How scary and exciting to think of having my cock locked up so I could not masturbate at all.
    I bought a variety of cages. My wife did not share my excitement. I still lock myself occasionally and give her the key, but she usually forgets that I am locked up.
    Yet, I have trained myself to not orgasm without her involvement and (usually) permission. Even while having extremely kinky solo masturbation while at a hotel, I will not allow myself to orgasm.
    My wife is learning that she can whip me very hard with a belt and spank my cock and balls without damaging them.

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