No Orgasm For Lion

I tried to take advantage of the nice weather and mow the lawn this morning. I got pretty far before I had to take a rest. I’ll try for more later. As Lion is no doubt thinking, I also have to save some energy for sex.

We ran a few errands yesterday and then both took naps. We’ve been staying up later and, of course, the dog doesn’t understand weekends, so she insists I get up. Lion tends to sleep through this. In his defense, he was awake a lot last night because of his allergies. Yes, I know I have to change the bed and clean up dog toys so we can run the vacuum.

You’d think, if we took naps, we’d be rested and Lion would be ready for sex. He says he was horny earlier on Saturday. He just wasn’t horny at 8 when I wanted to give him attention. The problem is, in part, that he’s like a newborn baby in that he’s got his days and nights mixed up. I can’t play with him earlier on a weekday. I can potentially do it on a weekend, but not if I have to mow the lawn, change the bed, do other chores, etc. The sweet spot for loving tends to be morning or night. He never liked sex in the morning so that excludes that portion of our program. Night isn’t working for him lately, even if he takes naps. I don’t have an answer for this issue.

We got further than Lion thought we would last night when I tried to edge him. I was hopeful that my magic mouth would get him there. No such luck. I know it felt good. I had fun. He just didn’t quite make it all the way. Yes, he could have had an orgasm. Yes, we’ll try again today. Or, more likely, tonight. I’ve got to get back to the lawn so I have time to rest up for the festivities later on. As long as I get the bed changed before bedtime, that part of the problem will be solved.